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Published on 04/18/2010 at Sun Apr 18 13:55.
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Due to the departure of Brandon Marshall the Broncos have landed one more pick in the second round for this year’s draft. This extra pick could provide more depth or even wiggle room for trading back into the first round. For the sake of being practical we will proceed as if Denver did not trade away either of these picks.

Round 2

I’m assuming that the Broncos were lucky enough to select Rolando McClain with the 11th overall pick. So where does Denver start from there? The new forum of the draft allows the second round to be essentially another first start. Teams get to go back to their war rooms and think for another day. The second round is full of gold, so hopefully Denver can claim their fair share. Will Josh McDaniels look to solidify the receiving squad, or select a new center? So who is Denver bound in round two?

Pick 43: Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

Do I like this pick? Not exactly. Is it likely? Yes. This draft is relatively deep receiver wise. When it comes down to the 43rd pick, McDaniels will have to look on the board and see who’s available. Most of the higher rated players on Denver’s board will be gone. I think McDaniels and Xanders are expecting a player to fall such as Sean Weatherspoon, however, that will probably not be the case. So Denver will have to turn to their needs. Demaryius Thomas will have no problem filling the shoes of Brandon Marshall, literally that is. Thomas is 6’3 and 225 pounds. Physically this man is a force to be reckoned with, and he comes from the school that brought Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson to the NFL. Unfortunately, this man-beast has highly questionable route running abilities, leaving some scouts to ask if he’s an NFL caliber receiver. At 43 a lot of the top tier receivers such as Golden Tate and Arrelious Benn will be gone, so McDaniels and Xanders will have to decide if Thomas is worth the project. Cincinnati’s Mardy Gilyard will most likely be available, but I’m not sure it’s smart to draft another Eddie Royal.

Some will argue that a center is needed at this pick but I think McDaniels will wait it out for big guy in a later round. The third and fourth round should provide big centers, especially Notre Dame’s Eric Olsen who is 6’4 and 306 pounds, and should fit well into the new blocking scheme.

Pick 45: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Okay, take a second to scream. Before the hate comments start know that I am not endorsing Tim Tebow, I’m merely exploring the possibility. Now think about it because it’s more than possible. McDaniels believes that Tim Tebow has everything it takes to be a pro quarterback, stating that all the problems he has can be fixed through repetition. Many experts underrate a coach’s liking of a player. Tebow is a quality person and highly productive player, both of these things McDaniels highly values in a player. Most Bronco fans can’t say they knew of Darcel McBath, David Bruton, or Kenny McKinley before the draft last year. They weren’t big names but they produced at their colleges, and they are have great character. So would it be that surprising if Tebow dawns a Bronco jersey this Friday?

This possibility may scare the majority of you, but hell it would make for an extremely interesting preseason. Watching Brady Quinn and Tebow play would be more interesting than Chris Simms and Ingle Martin. Tebow’s arrival would most likely mean McDaniels is giving Tom Brandstater the axe. This is possibly the only reason why Tebow wouldn’t become a Bronco. This draft will show McDaniels’ opinion of the newest TB of round six.

What do you think Bronco fans? Round two has plenty to offer. What will McDaniels do?

  • Jon

    Let me know how dumb I am, I Am endorsing Tim Tebow, I would love to have him.

  • mikebirty
  • Fan From Spain


  • serious1

    Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse, will probably be available at pick 80. Despite his off the field issues, he is a physical Receiver with a fairly high draft grade. As such, he represents a better value at WR than using pick 42. Let's get a Defensive Lineman at 42, maybe Jared Odrick. I'm ok with Tebow, but he won't be available at 45; I think the Saints will take him in round 1. Colt McCoy might be there, or Snead in at 114.

  • ocbronco

    With the emphasis McDaniels places on character, and if he really likes Tebow as much as he has let on, than using our first 2nd rounder wouldn't surprise me (or if we trade down in the 1st and take him there). With that being said, there is just too much talent to be had in this draft and we have too many holes to fill up the middle and assuming McClain is our #1, I expect an OL to be addressed in the 2nd.

  • CJ


  • troyn

    I really think we will trade down in the 1st (hopefully get pouncey) and then what we do in the second depends on who's available ahead of us that Mcd. would want to trade up to get. I like that we are stockpiling picks, one good thing Mcd learned in cheaterland. I just hope we put them to good use.

  • MrEast

    I agree that o-line needs to be addressed. However, a lot of great linemen are available in the later rounds. There's usually a quality guard to be had in rounds 3 and 4. No matter what though I hope they just come away with something.

  • alm034

    Guys, this is the season of lying and misdirection. I wouldn't be surprised if all this talking up isn't at least partly in the hope of having someone picking before the DB in Rd. 2 to pick Tebow instead of someone McX actually covet.

  • Andy

    Who is this Tim Tebow you speak of? Never heard of him?

    In all seriousness, maybe he uses him the way Sean Payton uses Reggie Bush in a hybrid, weird fashion.

  • beastrules0015

    I guess tebow would be like drafting a power running back for short yardage situations.I just think the second rd. is too high for us to spend a pick on him in the first rd. wound make us the laughing stock of the nfl.I'm not saying he won't be a starting qb in the nfl in two or three years and can even be used in the wild horse from day one and maybe even help us win a few games.I guess looking at it from that perspective ,he's actually worth the pick.

  • Stav

    No way no how. Come on guys, Tebow? I respect the hell out of what he did at UF but just because he wore blue and orange in college doesn't mean it'll happen in Denver. #11 should be McClain if he's there, if we don't trade down #43 should be a WR and #45 should be OL or vice versa based on who's available, followed by another OL pick.

  • roshon2411

    If Thomas is there at #43 and Bryant wasn't the pick in round 1, I'd jump all over him, but I think he won't make it to the second or at least not to Denver's first pick.

    If there isn't a guy who has slipped, I think this is the round you trade down.

    Love the potential third round guys…Gerhart, Damian Williams, Eric Norwood, Ricky Sapp, Aaron Hernandez, Koa Misi, and Sean Lee.

    So if we can trade down, pick up an extra third, I'd be all for it…

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  • Ryan

    I agree that ILB/WR are the biggest concerns, and depth at OL can be met in later rounds. But why would Mcdaniels give up on Brandstater this early? The guy has had no time to prove anything and develop. I think drafting another QB is pointless unless the team is going to get rid of Orton and go with Quinn (which is what I think they should do in the first place). The qb i like in this draft is le favor from central michigan, i dont know where he is slated to go, but he would look great in a Broncos uniform. If the Broncos take Tebow anywhere before the 4th round, they may want to call the dolphins to see how things turned out with pat white.

  • broncoinva9986

    Dude we got rid of Marshall so Tebow could dawn Number 15 lol sorry. The only I knew from college was Kenny Mckinley but that is from watching Clemson South Carolina games.

    I really like Thomas as a wide receiver, but didn't marshall have problems running routes at first just a question. I saw McDaniels comments on Tebow so it is very likely. or here is another scenario for ya they get Oslen the lineman and they get a thrid round pick for Sheffler and trade the two thirds for a second to go get Tebow it could happen..

    But I think Offensive Line and defense have to be number one concerns considering we don't have a big sized wide receiver anymore

  • beastrules0015

    I'm not a big tebow fan either stav.Actually i hope he's gone when our young coach picks in the second rd. cause he may consider taking him and i'd just rather he didn't either.I was just saying mcd was running that wild horse with moreno and his thinking may be who better to run it than tebow,since he could actually make the defense stay honest with his threat of throwing out of it.And lord knows we need as many weapons and threats as possible lol.

  • Doom92

    Commenting only on the Tim Tebow question, not when to pick him but I was glad to hear McImmature likes him. No one ever knows if he (or any one else really) will pan out or not but I would like to see us take him, other than all the other positive things already said about him, he is tough as nails and never quits and I like his attitude. Even with all the negativity from some he holds his head up and moves forward, we could use that here…

  • Swing Trading

    Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. My friends will enjoy reading it also.

  • Denverforplayoffs

    I would actully like bringing in Tim Tebow I think he could become a damn good qb, and if Orton goes down it will pressure Brady Quinn to play hard or get put on the bench for Tebow.

  • CB123

    Wow East… even though this is for the second round, you called our first two picks either way! Very nice!

    What's next week's lotto numbers? :D

  • CB123

    Wow East… even though this is for the second round, you called our first two picks either way! Very nice!

    What's next week's lotto numbers? :D