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Published on 04/06/2010 at Tue Apr 06 16:49.
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One over Orton.

One over Orton.

Kyle Sonneman (a good friend of the site) just published at The Official Page a few of the numbers that the new Denver Broncos will be wearing:

Brady Quinn – 9
Alphonso Smith – 22
Nate Jones – 33
Baraka Atkins – 58
Dustin Fry – 62
Jarvis Green – 93

As you can see Quinn has one upped Kyle Orton in taking number nine (Orton wears number eight). I’m just joshin’ you of course; this is nothing like when Kobe Bryant took the number twenty four.

Alphonso Smith switched out of his old number (thirty three) and took Peyton Hillis’ abandoned jersey, then Nate Jones snatched Smith’s old number up.

  • CJ

    cmon quinn you gotta have a better number than 9

  • Doom92

    6-8-9… Hate'm all…lol. I was hoping he would stick with 10.

  • dogheadbrew

    I'm super awesome! I think some one owes me a beer!

    Just scroll down

  • herc_rock

    I can't believe they let some nobody like Nate Jones wear Larry Bird's old number!!!!

  • Electronic Cigarette Girl

    Im going to surprise the fuck out of my boyfriend with one of these new number jerseys :D


  • Ed

    Jarvis Green should have a big season.

  • Ed

    Jarvis Green should have a big season.