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Published on 03/26/2010 at Fri Mar 26 19:58.
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Brandon Marshall testifies under questioning during the trial of Willie Clark. (AP Photo/Pat Lopez)

Brandon Marshall testifies under questioning during the trial of Willie Clark. (AP Photo/Pat Lopez)

Welcome back Brandon Marshall, but not to the Denver Broncos unfortunately.

It must be the offseason, Marshall’s the talk of Denver again.

In what I can only describe as in typical Marshall fashion his Public Relations firm EAG released this statement message via Denver’s KDVR Fox 31’s Josina Anderson:

Brandon Marshall is continuing to work out and progress this offseason, and is hopeful that wherever he lands that it will be the right place. Additionally, if it were true that a contract extension commensurate with Marshall’s skills was actually offered, there would be no question as to what team Marshall would be staying with at this time.

Broncos football rule, number 380: Brandon Marshall is shady.

First question, why does Marshall need a PR firm? That’s first.

Second question, this is about as childish as it gets, no? I do not see how any PR firm could agree to release this statement.

Third question, who is going to want to deal with him now? Is this a deliberate middle finger to the Broncos? I mean is he trying to lower his trade value even more? This is worse then the video of him punting footballs at practice.

Fourth question, Marshall has a PR firm? If Marshall hasn’t fired his PR firm by now, he ought to. This is a very poorly written statement (and that’s a major insult if you’ve ever read my columns, because they get scary sometimes) and based on things that have leaked over the last couple of years about him they’re obviously not doing their job (or the more scary version, maybe they are and we haven’t heard anything!).

UPDATE: Miss Anderson (one of our favorites) tweeted that this was a message, not a statement. So that’s cleared up, thank you Josina we’ve struck our above text to correct this. Either way, it means the same thing and in many ways a message is much more important than a statement. In more important ways, EAG sent the only message that they needed to send, that being that Marshall is being completely mismanaged and apparently it’s obvious to everyone but him.

[EAG PR firm statement]

  • awesomeaustin


  • Robert Clark MTFS

    Brandon Marshall needs to hire a personal consultant to help him hire a PR firm. Not only did he do damage to the Bronco's ability to trade him but he damaged the amount of money another team is going to offer him as well.

    He is the last Bronco with a major attitude problem. Can't wait to dump him now as his talents of destruction to everything around him (and himself), clearly outweigh his talents on the field.

  • Jon

    Okay, umm what? That's pretty dumb. Come on Brandon, just sign with Denver stop pulling a Cuter. And MCD just give him some money his skill deserves, it, this is making me mad. Both sides need to grow up, especially Brandon!

  • roshon2411

    Brandon is a very strong human being. Brandon had a reaction to different pills. Brandon has 25 millions reasons why he should be alive.

    But really can they just give him a contract already. Somewhere below Fitzgerald but more than Ochocinco, how hard is that?

  • Roy88

    Marshall is is nothing more than a petulant child. Does he not have a brain in his head? He seems to have enough of one to spout rehearsed hollow apologies and not drool on himself, but not enough to know when to shut his damn mouth. I have been flopping back and forth about whether or not we should trade him, but I am convinced that the best solution for all involved is a trade. I think that the Seahawks will continue to posture until draft day when they will try to trade us back our original pick. That would essentially equate to a direct trade of Marshall for Smith.

  • Ray

    The PR people suck……

    Here is what B Marsh is saying:

    I want to play in Denver, but I want to get paid the amount of money others at my level are making.

  • Ian Henson

    People at his supposed level have elevated their teams to Super Bowl caliber levels (Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Steve Smith, Plaxico Burress and then there is– Brandon Marshall).

    To be the best you have to beat the best, more money's only going to create more power and mess Brandon up even more. Why is there no one in his life to pound this into his head! Rod, why did you give up!?!

    Brandon will be a Bronco next season, unless this was just the last straw for Pat Bowlen, because who the hell is going to want him after this?

    This isn't doing sit-ups in his drive-way, this isn't saying that he'd like to be a Dallas Cowboy… This is a plea for money, this is him saying that money is the object. I understand you've got a certain amount of years and then you're done, but I have friends who will go twenty years of their lives and not make a million dollars.

    Marshall's getting two plus for his fourth year of contributing to a team in the NFL… He turned down ten-million with a back loaded contract last season. No matter what he says, the terms were wrong, it was team orientated, whatever BS he needs to say…

    Welcome back Brandon new team is the same as the old team and you're S.O.L.

  • Ian Henson

    By the way, a big up to Josina Anderson for all the twitter love this week and for breaking this. You're a sweetheart, I know you're reading you can keep it quiet though =)

  • Black Wolf

    I gotta agree with you on this…. Brandon, if you want to get more money, you gotta play more better and more harder. Last season ya you did play great, making unbelievable catches, but there are still some improvements that you need. You cant be forgetting practice, or sit out at games and still demand more money. You are one of the top recievers in the league, just play it out again with another contract, and if you dont improve, then go ahead and leave….. McDaniels should at least reason with Marshall…. we cant afford to lose him to another team, and go against him in the future. Although if he does go to another team, we will always have da best CB to guard him…. da no. 1 CB in the league CHAMP BAILEY!

  • Big_Pete

    I think this is a statement/message that had no reason to be released. Really? You hope that if you get traded, it's to a good team? Really? You hope that if you stay in Denver, they offer you a real contract? WOW, stop the press, this is a real “Bombshell”……
    This didn't help or hurt his trade value in any way. It is just stating the obvious. Every player on the trading block says this very thing. It isn't news worthy, and it certainly isn't anything to worry about. Look at all the players (Haynesworth, Peppers, et al) who have said much worse and landed record deals. Brandon is just following suit. It isn't like he pulled a McNabb and said “If I were to be traded, I want to go *here*.
    Just ease up on the guy. Yes, he's a petulant child, but he's OUR petulant child. We'll trade him if the right deal comes along, and keep him if it doesn't. We can always franchise tag him next year if needed, so we essentially have 2 full years to find the right deal.
    Also, don't hold Alphonso Smith over his head. It wasn't his fault we crapped the bed with that trade last year, and it's way too early to label Smith a bust. He might be 100x better than who we would have drafted with #14 this year, or have we forgotten about our 1st round busts (Marcus Nash, Ashlie Lelie, Jarvis Moss etc..)
    If we get the #14 back, maybe we'll draft well BECAUSE of the lesson learned from the Smith draft pick.
    Just don't look at it as a failure, because we can nit pick all day, and we all have done boneheaded stuff that set us back, and we all wish we could get back our mistakes. Well, getting our #14 pick would be a way of getting back our mistake. Jettisoning Cutler in hind sight didn't hurt us at all, maybe the same can be said about ridding our team of Marshall. Maybe it will be addition by subtraction, much like teams after Terrell Owens.

  • guest

    send him to washington for the 37th pick- which we ought to take colt mccoy (yes even though we got quinn). then swap third and fourth round positions. or maybe try to pry their fourth. that's about the best we can hope for.

  • goliathslayer24

    Two things:
    1) The man/child is listening to too many people. He's not doing himself any favors.
    2) Who wrote this “message”? My ten year old daughter could do better!

  • Paradisimo

    Well it's pretty apparent that Brandon didn't write this “message” himself since I can guarantee he's never heard of/nor used the word commensurate.

  • Dan


  • dogheadbrew

    I think Brandon should get paid. I'd like to see him stay in a Denver Uni. This message makes both harder. I know you have to advocate for yourself, especially in the NFL as a player, but it seems to me that every time Brandon attempts it, he just hurts himself.

    I'm no expert, but if another team out there thought Brandon was the caliber of player to put them over the top (ie Superbowl berth within two years) wouldn't they leap at the chance? Steelers, Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, or even the Jets or Packers? A proven WR that will instantly improve your deep ball and YAC? I can't help but think his antics and attitude (along with the Goodell and Plaxico factors) are killing his own value.

  • TJ

    If the Broncos don't keep B-Marsh, the terrorists win.

  • KMA

    I am typically a reader and not really a contributor, but I have to chime in on this and agree with you 100%! Marshall needs to go, somewhere anywhere, I don't care if he has Jerry Rice ability, at least Jerry Rice was a good team player. Also, if McD drafts Dez Bryant I think I will just puke.
    Sorry had to chime in, I'll go back in my hole now.
    Nice post R. Clark MTFS!!

  • mikebirty

    Jamarcus Russell weighs 290. Schadenfreude.

  • dcbroncos

    I'm starting to think the best thing that could happen is some other team signs B-Marsh, we get the 1st rounder, and then as he obviously will at some point, he gets arrested for dog fighting or shooting himself in the thigh or DUI or whatever it is that diva semi-retard Ghetto-Trash WRs do, and we don't ever see him in the NFL again.

  • NMBronc

    Rather tired of all the drama. Trade Marshall, fire McD and get some adults back in Mile High.

  • Rob_Bronco

    Can't we just trade him for some magic beans?

  • rct930

    Pete, you're right on the money. Well said.

  • jay

    Lets look at some facts.
    1. Marshall hold the record of most catches in a game(also holds 3rd place)

    2. Marshall has had 3 consecutive 100 catch, 1,000 yard season. He even had 10 TD in 09 with a new QB and different system.

    3. He is getting better!!

    PAY THE MAN!!!



  • mr. mason

    B-Marsh has earned a new contract already.He can't pay for his misdeeds all his life.The nfl should have a point system where if you get in trouble it should only stay in your file for a certian amount of time and not your whole career.The only thing stopping the broncos from paying him what he's worth is the fear of a suspension and the seahawks are using that as leverage.

  • mr.mason

    Why do it gotta be ghetto ?Why can't they be from your trailer park?The mental retarded can't defend themselves,but those you're referring to can whup ya a** and you would deserve every bit of the whoopin for that racially motivated comment u made.See how easy it is to get suspended?

  • TD30isMVP

    That's a pretty big “only thing” Mr. Mason. He stands a chance of getting a fat contract then getting paid to be suspended for a year, you would hire this guy? I like Brandon, period…but he is a huge risk.

  • dcbroncos

    Firstly, Ghetto =/= Black, you retard.

    Secondly, Ghetto = Poor, Inner City, Uneducated scumbags of all colors

    Thirdly, I really don't think I'd have a problem dealing with Brandon Marshal or Michael Vick in an altercation because I carry a Glock 26 at all times.

    And unlike you, I can spell.

  • roshon2411

    I would say Brandon Marshall is the only Bronco who has performed the last three years.

    Besides contracts aren't always honored by the team, so why should players be expected to honor a contract they clearly have out played.

  • thmpr27

    As a Bronco fan in Raider territory I am used to abuse, but McD's is killing me. I can understand a new coach making changes and making waves to establish who is boss, but this is getting rediculous. McD has dismantled the 2nd best offense inf the NFL (2007). Denver was allways a team that was loyal to its playes and fans. McD doesn't get that. I have to wonder how long Mr. B is going to let McD throw every player Mike Shanahan drafted or signed overboard. And even Mike Nolan! He took a 29th defense and took it to 7th with new personel and scheme. I guesse McD doesn't like anyone he didn't hand pick. It is going to be a long 3 seasons till his contract expires.

  • guest

    actually people do pay for their misdeeds all their life. ask any felon who goes to get a decent job… not saying brandon is a felon, but it is fully logical why teams are mitigating their interest based on his past. employers want to limit the risk when taking on an employee. he is a tremendous talent on the field, but he is about one off the field run in with the law from a hefty suspension.

  • jay

    @ Laramie Fan Marshall has outplayed his contract. Like roshon2411 said “Besides contracts aren't always honored by the team, so why should players be expected to honor a contract they clearly have out played”.

  • Ian Henson


  • 12508

    Bottom line is Marshall needs to go. A new contract will just fuel his behavior. Look a T Owens. A cancer is a cancer. Ocho Cinco tried this and gave up on it. Ocho got back on the field and shut his mouth. NFL teams dont need Hall Of Fame wide outs to win Super Bowls. Teams need big time qb's, running games, or great defense. Broncos dont have a great qb or running back. We are alot closer to having a great defense. Get rid of this guy and keep building the defense.

  • ETL

    Maybe because well… it's their job.

    If Marshall wants to play this game he can end up like Pacman. Marshall just reeks of a grade A sociopath.

  • Jeremie Roshon

    I believe his job is to catch the football and I think he's been doing just that.

  • Jay

    I am just amazed how you Denver Fans still think your going to get a #1 draft choice for Brandon Marshall. Don't you people have any common sense! If any nfl team though it was a good deal, they would have signed him by now. NO TAKERS! GET REAL!

  • Jay

    I am just amazed how you Denver Fans still think your going to get a #1 draft choice for Brandon Marshall. Don't you people have any common sense! If any nfl team though it was a good deal, they would have signed him by now. NO TAKERS! GET REAL!