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Published on 03/15/2010 at Mon Mar 15 22:48.
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As draft day approaches, we will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft.  Based off of the Broncos working him out last Thursday, today we showcase UMass Left Tackle / Guard Vladimir Ducasse.

Ducasse is a standout left tackle for the UMass Minutemen.  In the first video you will see highlights/lowlights of Ducasse from the Senior Bowl, mainly because scouts only want to see the lineman perform on a larger stage against better competition than he typically faced during the season coming from a smaller college.  You will notice that Vlad is playing at left tackle for the duration of the first video, this isn’t quite as important to focus on (especially in regards to the Broncos) as pro scouts have recently labeled Ducasse a guard at the NFL level due to his poor position performance at the Senior Bowl.

Ducasse highlights/lowlights from the 2010 Senior Bowl

He is said to be completely raw, only playing football from his junior year of high school on.  Make sure to hear what Michael Lombardi says about this in the NFL video.  It was said that Vlad had too much trouble covering ground at a higher level (thus the guard label) but could be brought along to play tackle eventually.  Those negative do not overshadow that Ducasse is one of the top guard prospects in this year’s draft.  This is important for the Broncos as they look to beef up their interior line, but versatility is always useful.  Case in point: the Ryan Harris injury of 2009.   The second and third videos are not game footage but rather interviews and background information.  Still a good bit of scouting to be gleaned from these clips.

Vladimir Ducasse NFL Network Senior Bowl Feature
ESPN Interview with player background information