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Published on 03/14/2010 at Sun Mar 14 15:49.
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Well, do I really need to cite a source? All I can say is wow. Denver has given up Peyton Hillis (essentially a 7th round pick), a 2011 6th round pick, and a conditional 2012 pick for well you know, Brady Quinn.

I cannot even begin to process an opinion, because I’m full of questions. What does this mean for Kyle Orton? Is Quinn a backup or is he going to compete for the starting job? What are the details of the conditional details? Adam Schefter reports that the conditional pick is a late round draft pick.

Right now I don’t consider this to be too much of a compromise. Peyton Hillis didn’t really pan out in the offense and I wasn’t a fan of his fumble-itis, a 6th round pick all that big, and if the conditional pick isn’t higher than a 5th rounder it could work out well.

Question!: What number do you think Brady Quinn will take as a Bronco?

  • robtink242

    I'm still holding on to the little faith i have in the Broncos drafting Dan LeFevour. He can work the spread, has decent mobility, and a good arm. But something deep down my soul says Quinn is going to start for this team.

    In any event put and extra bullet in the barrel.

  • kerrysucks

    why don't you just keep you mouth shut and find a new team because everyone is sick of hearing you cry like a little bitch about EVERYTHING

  • Gary_in_SD

    Worth the gamble I would say.

  • Josh Temple

    “There, now I’m done.”

  • birchbronco

    anthony33…..You have to remember this little tidbit. Brady Quinn played for the freakin' Browns. How can you have shown any potential playing for the second worst team after the Raiders. You tell me how he could show any potential? No receivers, no line, nothing. I'm not saying I'm thrilled about this trade. I'm not sure what to think. All I know is it is really hard to judge him when he played for the Browns. You do make a good point and it makes me wonder why Holmgren wanted to get rid of him.

  • Tom

    Give the kid a shot! He is beginning his fourth year and his completion percentages, even though far less attempts, are comprable to our great John Elway. We’ll know soon enough.

  • Paul

    Whoever was saying that Brandon Marshall isn't the WR we need and he doesn't open up the game is smoking something good. Brandon Marshalls stats for the last three years are top three in the nfl…and bmarsh will drop a couple now and then but when he is solid he is solid and who else in nfl history caught 21 in a game….nobody but brandon….screw dez bryant…he hasn't played a down….there is a reason other teams want brandon marshall and that should be the reason we keep him because in some eyes he is the best wr……..and by far the hardest to bring down…

  • anthony33

    Fair enough brichbronco… the Browns have been terrible across the board.

    Hey, I hope it turns out great. I like the Steve Young analogy someone spelled out earlier. With no long term solution in sight… why not make this move. Like I said, he will DEFINITELY be an ungrade to Simms if nothing else.

  • AtomicLeo

    I don't think he's anointed Delhomme the starter. I think Delhomme is better than anything the Brown's had at QB and Holmgren made the move to improve the team. Even if the Brown's land a QB in the draft, the O-line is horrible and a rookie would get killed. Let Delhomme take the beating.

  • MrEast

    Holmgren hasn't officially given Delhomme the starting job, and he's giving Wallace a chance to compete as well. However, he is still paying Delhomme like he's the starter, and that's just stupid.

  • mattymo21

    Are you guys fucking serious?!? This is probably the best thing McHoodie has come up with since wild horses. I'm going to list all the reasons why this trade rules:
    1. We gave up a bag of dog shit for a QB with potential God status. I loved Hillis but unfortunately it wasn't happening for him here in Denver
    2.The Charlie Weiss Connection. Not only did Quinn play for Weiss, Weiss made him a star at Notre Dame. Before Weiss came Quin was merely a prospect. So it's pretty obvious Brady Quinn could adapt to that Pats style offense that McHoodie lives and dies for
    3. IF he's good enough to start, back comes Eddie Royal. Eddie Royal is as good if not better than Deshawn Jackson. That being said he dident fall off last season because he isnt good enough he feel off because Kyle Orton's baby dick arm couldent get it to our best and possibly the NFL's best deep threat. Whoever is saying Brady Quinn doesent have a big arm has never watched football hes got a fucking cannon, its his accuracy that should make you shit your pants
    5. He's big and fast. Brady Quin is essentially a younger Jake Plumber with a shit ton more potential
    6. At worst its an upgrade over Simms just because a trade isnt a blockbuster does not mean it blows
    7. This is 10 times better than just handing over the starting the position to a QB we all know can't win the super bowl. For real nobody really knows how good Quinn is because the Browns suck ass in the worst way they lost 11 of their first twelve last year. They had much bigger problems than there QB. Quin could be awful, but quin could be good and the idea of having a star QB in Denver defiantly makes makes my dick hard
    -Honestly there is a good chance this trade wont mean anything but it's worth a shot because we gave up nothing for a guy with a lot of upside. In my eyes a QB (with good intangibles, and I think Quinn has them) really needs a good team to be successful and we can all agree that the Broncos are atleast better than the Browns. On the Broncos Jay Cutler was a pro bowl QB, on the Bears he is a futile little bitch. On the Browns Brady Quinn was a futile little bitch, on the Broncos…Well we will just have to wait and see
    BTW: I know nobody else thinks B-Mash is gonna stick around. BUT I know for a fact that Pat Bowlen loves Brandon Marshel so I think hes gonna stay in Denver. Brady Quinn has never had an elite wideout at the pro level so that alone could make Quinn a good starting QB in the pros

  • Jack


  • BHD4444

    McDaniels has a way with Quarterbacks,to remind you all.In New England he seemed to know what he was doing with Tom Brady, and when Brady went down he turned Cassel into a starting QB(Cassel is not too great in KC, but not the point)..McDaniels has a great offensive-oriented mind and everything he seems to do has a plan behind it. Brady Quinn was a good pick up for Denver because every Denver fan knows that we have to get Orton the hell out of there.. Sure he went 6-0 in the beginning of the season;But he bombed the rest of the season by going 2-8 down the stretch because all he can do is throw the short throws, and Defensive Coordinators picked up on this. We need that same deep threat that we had in Elway years ago. The good thing with Quinn is that he is young and very coach-able… He has many good years ahead of him, and you all will see Orton riding the pine soon…. All us Bronco fans can do is hope for this, Orton is a bum and needs to sit the bench….

  • justwin60

    Hello Denver, just following Brady Quinn. Brady will get the job done. He has a lot of upside. Cleveland staff never made a decision on their QB's. I am looking forward to seeing the growth of Brady in the Denver system.
    As a fan getting out of Cleveland is the biggest reward.

  • justwin60

    Hello Denver, just following Brady Quinn. Brady will get the job done. He has a lot of upside. Cleveland staff never made a decision on their QB's. I am looking forward to seeing the growth of Brady in the Denver system.

    As a fan getting out of Cleveland is the biggest reward.