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Published on 03/11/2010 at Thu Mar 11 13:46.
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According to the National Football Post the Broncos worked out both of the key players of Cincinnati’s offense, quarterback Tony Pike and wide receiver Marty Gilyard.

The Broncos conducted a private workout for the Bearcats’ tandem this morning, according to sources with knowledge of the sitiuation.

We’ve been told that the Broncos sent offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and quarterbacks coach Ben McDaniels to the workout.

If this report is valid then it hints that Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders will be more offensive minded this draft due to the recent heavy defensive signings. Working out Gilyard is not surprising with the possible Marshall trade, and I guess it can’t hurt to give Pike a try.

  • NMBronc

    I would pretty happy if we picked up Brown, Lefevour or Pike. Orton is starting, but having one of these guys compete with Stater for the #2 spot this year and #1 spot next would be good.

  • 12508

    i like pike. i believe he is 6'6″

  • casey26

    What about Brady Quinn coming to Denver to compete for the starting job? Heard rumors previously that we were interested in him last year and this year he could come for a low draft pick or possibly nothing at all. Also he could be a very good fit for mcdaniel's system. Wanna hear what everyone else thinks about this….I mean i have no problem with Denver working out Pike….anything is better than what we had last year at #2 we all know what im talking about

  • NMBronc

    He did show flashes in the game against us. I also believe Stater could be our future. In this system, QB's are like RB's in Shanny's system. The defense is looking better daily and with an improved interior O-line, I am will have a little more confidence in out chances.

  • willll

    Pike or LeFevour would be a good 3rd/4th round pick.

  • CJ

    personally i like John Skelton

    Very low grade quarterback with a very strong arm and accuracy

    is only question is his consistency in the pocket.

    He impressed alot of scouts at his pro day

  • kerry

    get somebody in here. Orton is a joke. another LOOONNNGG season of dink and dunks, phantom sacks and just overall lousy QB play is coming. follow that up with knowshon “im slow and i get tackled by air” Moreno, and we have all the makings of another bottomfeeder offense.