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Published on 03/03/2010 at Wed Mar 03 12:25.
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The Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo has never had the reputation of being a big spender until last offseason where well, you know. Rumor has it that Angelo won’t revert to his old ways this offseason either. The McCaskey family (who own the Bears) have given Angelo the green light to spend the $25 million of upfront money this offseason. What better way for Chicago to start off their offseason by trading for another disgruntled Denver Bronco Pro Bowler?

According to Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun Times, that just might be Chicago’s direction.

One NFL source wagered a steak dinner on troubled Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall being in a Bears uniform by the time training camp opens.

However, the Bears have a lot of needs on both sides of the ball. For starters they couldn’t keep a middle linebacker healthy to save their lives last year. To make matters worse the defense allowed a rusher to gain 75 yards or more in nine games. Offensively the front five couldn’t keep Jay Cutler upright or let Matt Forte see daylight, and Orlando Pace was just cut.

So why start at wide receiver? Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox, and Devin Aromashodu were showing some promise. Tight end Greg Olsen had a career year and really looked in sync with Cutler. Why not draft one of the several promising wide receivers this draft has to offer? Golden Tate, Damian Williams, Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, or even Brandon LaFell? Why spend all the time and effort procuring a wide receiver who has shown serious character issues?

Well, the Bears don’t hold a draft pick until the middle of the third round. Therefore, the idea of drafting an elite wide receiver is out of the picture. Greg Olsen has also asked for a trade in the wake of Mike Martz’s comments about him not fitting into the system. So receiver is a big problem in the windy city.

The problem with acquiring Brandon Marshall is compensation. What exactly does Chicago plan on giving up for Marshall? Marshall will most likely be tendered for a first round pick at the very least. The Bears don’t own a first round pick until 2011. This means Denver would either have to accept a player of equal value (or a player tacked along with a third rounder), or a first round pick in 2011. Adam Schefter is thinking the same thing.

Speculation is just speculation. Denver could make this situation more complex by slapping a franchise tag on Marshall. All I can say is, let yet another tumultuous offseason begin.

What do you think Bronco nation? Is Marshall going to be dealt to the Bears? Dealt at all? What do you consider to be adequate compensation? Is another year too long to wait? A 2011 first rounder would sure sound good if Chicago sucks next season though. Bang it out in the comments!

  • Gary_in_SD

    Of course they want him, who wouldn't? The man is a mad freak who regardless of what you think of him personally, is the kind of player that would improve ANY team in the NFL. And getting better is what the business is all about and what every team in the league should focused on. Not the appeasement of their own egos.

  • steeplebomb

    Won't matter. They have massive wholes to fill in their offensive line and pretty much every position on defense. What's worse, they don't have a lot of depth at any position to use as ammunition build through trades. I think the FO and the owners are picking exactly the wrong time to open up the wallet. They're trying to compensate for the disappointment Cutler has been.

  • cr8f

    Greg Olson for Marshall?

  • dr.gonzo

    Oh yeah im all for it. hahahahah

  • robtink242

    i say we keep marshall. I sorry him and McDaniels need to get over there differences this offseason and lets move forward. Our true offseason concerns should be how can we get eddie royal involve more. Jabar Jaffney is decent but i would love to see eddie doing some of the stuff welker does. seeing that eddie is faster, and i proven to have sure hands.

  • Tom9798

    Marshall is gone . . . the best you can hope for is that he is not in the AFC West, ie, the Dolts . . .

  • steeplebomb

    Eddie Royal's sophomore slump was one of my biggest disappointments this year. I thought he would be a great slot receiver but for some reason the round peg refused to fit in the round hole.

  • blueragoo

    Da Bears could trade their disappointing QB for BM. Just kidding.

  • bears22


  • kenny7014

    bronco “fans” wanting to get rid of marshall… i just dont get it. i've read over and over the dislike for this guy. who cares if you like him, we're not running a pagent here, we are playing football. oh my. he is a great receiver and help the team in every way (other then moral) but again, we need all the help we can get on the receiving core. not wanting marshall… will forever be scratching my head on this one, fellow “fans.”

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