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Published on 03/19/2010 at Fri Mar 19 10:25.
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Darcel McBath applies pressure to Kurt Warner during a 2009 preseason game (AP Photo/ David Zalubowski).

Darcel McBath applies pressure to Kurt Warner during a 2009 preseason game (AP Photo/ David Zalubowski).

Darcel McBath

2009 Analysis:

I think without McBath the Alphonso Smith pick earlier in the second round doesn’t look quite as bad. McBath was a bruiser on special teams, one of the Denver Broncos better players. In punt formation he served as the personal protector for the punter as well. McBath had better stats than Smith despite snapping his arm in week fourteen; it should be noted that McBath is playing safety to Smith’s cornerback.

It is also noteworthy that 50% of McBath’s interceptions came against Peyton Manning, though young McBath only had two on the season. He benefited from being under the direct tutelage of veteran Renaldo Hill and the great Brian Dawkins the entire year and that relationship will only continue to grow and thrive in 2010.

2010 Outlook:

McBath looks like the leader of the next generation, a total hit in a three pick second round for the Broncos. He’ll be a star in Denver from here until they don’t want him to be anymore. Look for him to improve on special teams, but really look for him to shine in training camp and throughout the preseason. He may even surpass his positional mentor or his fraternal “Big,” as it may be- Renaldo Hill…Richard Quinn

2009 Analysis:

Another, ‘Huh!?’ moment in a much ‘Huhed’ about second round where the Broncos had three picks (hey, it’s the Patriot way). Quinn had twelve receptions in his entire career, AKA the man we gave up our entire third round to trade up and get, AKA Mr. Huh?, AKA Mister, okay I won’t go there. Regarded as the best inline blocker in the draft, Denver certainly felt he was worth forking over for and it’s tough to say that they were wrong. He benefited form an excellent combine workout, with the Broncos dumping their scouts prior to the combine and losing most of it not all of their intelligence prior to the McDaniels take over… The combine was about all they had of Quinn.

There was hope for Quinn, until September 7th when it was alleged the he assaulted his live-in girlfriend, charges were later dropped by the district attorney due to lack of evidence. ‘Big Rich’ bounced back though and contributed where he was intended to, during jumbo formations and on special teams, he participated in all but on of the Broncos games in 2009. He was nearly named a starter in the final game of the season due to the suspension of Tony Scheffler, yet he remained true to his collegiate years and did not record a single catch.

2010 Outlook:

Less of the same really, with Scheffler likely not going to be back Quinn looks to return as a blocking tight end, opposite captain Daniel Graham. Quinn likely won’t be called upon very often to catch passes (which you can see from the game vs. Kansas City in 2009), so his future in Denver is likely tied to his ability to snap defensive ends necks and blind side outside linebackers… Which he’s been just fine at thus far.

David Bruton

2009 Analysis:

Kansas City Chiefs‘ offensive coordinator Charlie Weis called Bruton a ‘freak of nature,’. Bruton served as captain of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with David Grimes (whom Denver signed as an undrafted rookie free agent, but later released). Despite being regarded by most as a top prospect at the safety position coming into the draft the Broncos were able to snatch him up in the fourth round.

Bruton did not play a whole lot in 2009, participating in just seven games in his rookie season; he really only made noise in one game versus the Oakland Raiders, December 20th, he notched four tackles (three solo).

2010 Outlook:

Bruton can probably afford to sit in the shadows one more season, but he’s got to be careful to not get lapped by his rookie class partner McBath. Bruton picked it up at the end of the season and looked good when he was called upon. That’s all Denver can really ask for, but the man has the potential to block punts and really just be a wrecking ball on special teams. Hopefully that potential is realized earlier in the 2010 season.

Next up: volume three

featuring: Seth Olsen, Kenny McKinley, Tom Brandstater and Blake Schlueter.

  • Anonymous

    No comment cause this article was stupid

  • Robert Clark MTFS

    I enjoyed it

  • Carl

    Thanks for the information . Brandstater should be an interesting subject .

  • Ian Henson

    You mean beside that comment, right? =P

  • NMBronc

    Good stuff Ian!

    McBath and Bruton were solid picks. I look forward to them excelling this year under Dawk and Hill.

    Quinn and Smith weren't 'huh' picks, they were 'wtf' picks. I just do not see the upside in either player. Quinn has time to develop as a pass catcher, because this system does not use the TE significantly. Smith on the other hand, they are already bringing in vets to play his role.

    Has McD every answered for these picks? Or does he just do his typical 'who are you to question me' response.

  • MrEast

    He's owed up to last year's draft in the most politically correct way possible. He can't throw Smith and Quinn underneath the bus because they still have future's in Denver. However, he has admitted that he didn't have enough time to prepare for last year's draft.

  • Robert Clark MTFS

    I thought he answered when he openly said he and his staff had only days to prepare for the draft. They had to make some quick decisions, and this year well be a lot different for them.

    Can't write off Smith already though. If every rookie who had a lot of struggles was cut from the NFL, it would be a far less talented league.

    Smith showed a lot of promise when he said he wasn't happy with his performance and was going to work as hard as possible to get it up to par. I'm sure he will be much improved this year if that was true.

  • NMBronc

    Thanks guys. I had heard the 'only days to prepare' statement before, but then why trade a first for Smith in the second if you know you are not properly prepared?

    And, forgive my lack of faith, but I truly hope both players excell. That's would be best for the Broncs.

  • kerry

    i like McBath and Bruton. one ball hawker and another who can lay the wood. Smith and Quinn…………..yeah that silence is filled with Cricket chirps. neither contributed at all. well none of the rookies except McBath and Bruton contributed. i look forward to seeing Seth Olsen get a shot.

  • Dan

    JoeDoGG is right…The better topic would be our middle linebacker. By releasing Andra Davis, we have all but broadcasted our first pick in the draft. It will be middle linebacker Rolando McClain out of Alabama. He is a little slow, but big enough to stuff the run if he is not always taking a bad angle like Davis.

  • NMBronc

    Carter played well the last couple games.

  • kerry

    yeah which makes me laugh even more at McD for trading for Alphonso Smith.

  • Matt Chico

    You naysayers need to watch some college game tape of A. smith. He was a rookie last year guys…a rookie!! He will get his legs underneath him soon and will be a force in the league. Please Stop with the negativity. Quinn is a freakish athlete with unreal o-line like blocking skills. Since when did we write off rookies so quickly? Since you Shanahan lovin', anti-change, malcontents learned how to use a computer!! Go Broncos Baby!!

  • inrodwetrust

    Just saw on we are looking at Kevin Mawae the pro-bowl center, whom despite his age should help improve our o-line.

  • collin bressie

    well for one,charlie weis has no room to call anyone a freak of nature,after what he did to notre dame he shouldnt even be coaching anything,so i know i hate the chiefs i still feel really bad for that team and offense,but yes mcbath will be an awesome player speacily with dawkins n hil stay another couople few years but one thing i do have to say is that brandon marshall better stay and josh mcdaniels,i give you one more year to straighten the hell up or i swear to god youll have a brick threw your window with a ransome note on it well not really but please come threw!!!!!!!!

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