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Published on 02/26/2010 at Fri Feb 26 08:44.
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NFL Combine begins today in Indianapolis, IN.

NFL Combine begins today in Indianapolis, IN.

Jay Cutler stays losing!

Okay, that was a little harsh, but today at the NFL Combine the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Chicago Bears had a coin flip to see who would have the pleasure of drafting 10th overall in this April’s NFL Draft.

The Jaguars won, so the Bears would have drafted 11th, except they gave their pick to Denver last season in the Cutler trade.

This may actually end up being good news for Denver as the difference between a 10th and 11th pick in the first round has recently been $1.5 to $2-million dollars in guaranteed money.

Denver has drafted 12th the last two seasons, the 11th pick in those two seasons ended up being the Buffalo Bills cornerback Leodis McKlevin (2008) and Bills linebacker Aaron Maybin (2009). The last time the Broncos had a number 11 pick they drafted, you guessed it, Jay Cutler (2006).

I’m sure East will have more on this, but I personally see Denver going with a skill position, even in an anemic free agency as far as defensive lineman go. Who do you think nation? I’m going receiver…

  • danhhoang

    I say defense. Stokely, Gaff and Royal are still good hands. I would pick up a bigger OLB opposite of Dumervil.

  • jazmazsta88

    Ayers is the bigger OLB opposite of Dumervil…. If Clausen or Bradford fall, I say take either. Otherwise, McClain would be a beast in the middle.

  • rct930

    How about our 11th pick, our second round pick and next year's' first round pick to Detroit for their #2 pick this year, and we pick Suh or McCoy. I know it's a lot to give up, but either tackle will be a stud for many years to come. And if you think about it, if we have some success next year (and I think we will), we'll be picking later in the first round next year anyway. So we would give up a late first rounder and a second rounder for an impact DT, which is a huge need for us. Furthermore, if the Marshall trade goes as expected, we'll get a late first rounder or early second rounder to replace our second round pick.

    Tihs probably is pure fantasy because I doubt Pat wants to give away $40 million guaranteed over the next six years for the #2 selection. And the deal might not be sweet enough for Detroit. But I think Bronco Nation would be charged up if we could pull off this kind of deal. What do you guys think?

    If we stay at #11 and Dez Bryant is there, we'll probably take him. But we might select the best NT at that slot. I also think there's a chance that we trade down to New England's #22 selection to pick up an extra 2nd round pick (NE has 6 second rounders, I think) and take the best available offensive or defensive lineman at #22. Prediction: C/G Maurkice Pouncey.

  • TJ

    The only guarantee is that the Broncos will do nothing that any of us expect or hope for in free agency or the draft. I don't mean that in any negative sense, just expect to be very surprised.

    The Patriot way which now resides in Denver is to shroud everything they do in secrecy as if they are protecting nuclear launch codes. Don't expect any real news until draft day, folks.

  • Hope gone fishing

    The Denver Broncos should draft a QB they have none what so ever.Kyle Orten sucks,Criss Simms is the worst qb in the nfl.Kyel is the second lousiest qb in the nfl.Orten is going to be the Broncos qb for a long time though i know it.Leav it up to the Broncos to mess up thier franchise.Owe I pray the broncos get rid of those two bumbs Kyel,Simms how bad can two qb get. Lets face it no playoffs until those idiots are gone.

  • Seattleman

    You guys forget that eattle takes Denvers pick? You dont get the 11th. Nice try.

  • Ian Henson

    Seattle got Denver's pick, not Chicago's. You get #14 (I think).

  • Ian Henson

    I love Dez Bryant at #11, then again I liked DeSean Jackson at #12 two seasons ago… (Then I really liked him in the second round, oh well). I think points wise two firsts and a second is a little steep for #2, but I love the idea of picking up a great NT. I thought we were stupid for not doing that for Raji last season, but I guess time will tell on that one.

  • Robert Clark NYF

    McClain and Suh are the two safest picks in the draft. If we can get McClain at 11, we should.

  • BroncoJoe1

    Maybe you should know your facts before tring to diis on other people. The Seachicks get our pick at 14. The 11th picks is the Bears pick we got for Cutler which if you read the post you would know that!!!!

  • jp

    You're an idiot who needs to check the facts first. Nice try.

  • herc_rock

    Nope – Jay Cutler was the 11th pick that year. Lienart went 10th.

  • DenversFinest

    frankly I'm sick and tired of losing to Jacksonville. ooooo Weee, what up with that, what up with that(snl reference, look it up its so funny)! Denvers never going to trade up to get SUH, too much $. I wish though.

  • steeplebomb
  • Paul

    What makes you so sure that Brandon Marshall is going anywhere? I put 50 on it that he stays…he is in the top 3 wrs in the league…and unlike cutler he is a real talent….we saw cutler fall to who he really was but marshall will end up being the best

  • DenversFinest

    Heres an idea, don't pay Doom or Marshall this year so they get pissed off and become an UFA and leave the team. That will be sweet bowlen. Pay the MEN you cheap F U C K!

  • Robert Clark NYF

    Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

  • Hope and pray

    Some how some way I hope the Broncos get Sam Brandford.

  • broncos19

    What if we traded Brandon Marshall for the Rams first round draft pick. We could then draft Suh or a QB and still have our 11th pick to get Dez Bryant

  • rct930

    I like McClain a lot too. He is a student of the game and a great leader. However, if you watch him on film, he doesn't hit very hard for such a big man and he runs by a lot of ball carriers without getting a hand on them. Supposedly, his speed is suspect also. He also has been criticized for disappearing in big games. But I recall seeing him all over the place in the championship game. So I don't know what to make of some of these critiques.

  • DenversFinest

    I'd do it. I really would be shocked if sUh doesn't pan out. He uses his hands and feet like no dt I've ever seen. I'm 99% sure this dudes legit.

  • ksc7

    I am an alum of the University of Alabama (also a Bronco fan) and I watch every Bama game, McClain is the real deal, and I'm not being biased. I hope the Broncos get him

  • rct930

    Lots of “experts” question whether Brandon Marshall will attract a 1st rounder, much less the number one pick.

    I think the more likely scenarios are that we trade him to Baltimore for the 25th pick, or Tampa Bay for the 35th pick plus a 4th or 5th rounder, or maybe Cleveland in a package to move up to the 7th pick (if they fall in love with someone) or a different deal for their second-round pick plus some other consideration.

  • Nathan

    I don't think Marshall will go anywhere, and I'd assume we'll re-sign Dume or at worst tag him. Marshall will get tagged if we can work out a long term deal with Elvis I think, and than we'll listen to trade offers before the draft, and if nothing blows us away, than we keep him. If we can't work out a long term deal with E.D., than we'll likely have to use the tag on him, and either shell out the big bucks on Marshall, or take the compensation picks for whatever team gets him.

    I'm holding out hope that either Clausen or Bradford(assuming McX like them) falls to 5 and we can package our 1st, 2nd, and possibly a later pick to move up. I've heard KC really wants to move down and McDaniels has a working relationship with Pioli.

    If we don't move up, I'm hoping Mclain is there at 11, if not, trade down to the early 20's and draft Iupati, or Terrance Cody.

  • anthony33

    I like your scenario. If they can move up and snag Bradford, I think that's the play. However, I can't see Shanahan passing him up at 4 and not so sure about Clausen.

    I think we will end up keeping Marshall as you mention and hopefully get McClain at 11.

    From there we need to look at a QB (Pike or Lefevour) in round 2 or 3. Everything else needs to target offensive and defensive lineman.

  • Louie

    Dan Williams in the 1st(11), Colt McCoy in the 2d(45).

  • Nathan

    Colt McCoy is Kyle Orton 2.0. Have people even watched him play? His arm is quiet possibly worse. I'm in the belief that Orton will be fine for another year or two in the system, but why would we take just a younger version of him?

    Also, almost no chance of use taking him, he really doesn't fit McD's system at all, arm wise or size wise. He's undersized and Brandstater shows us what McD looks for in a QB. 6'3+, good arm, smart, hard worker, accurate. Colt McCoy only fits at most 3 of those. McD won't waste a top 3 pick on someone that only fits 66% of his expectations for a player.

  • mikebirty

    Its the bits I read about his intelligence, his learning and the fact that he was calling the signals as a freshman that seems to make him an ideal McDaniels player. The only problem with McClain is that someone will take him before 11. But we said that about Clady.

  • Paul

    The problem with assuming that these guys will pan out or become the NFL players you want them to be is that there is a bigger chance of grabbing a bust than grabbing the real thing….me for one wouldn't let marshall's talent go (have you seen a more physical or harder to bring down wr than him) for the 1st pick or even move up because of the high payouts that these rookies get……..that is why the nflpa and the nfl are still stuck amongst other things

  • King_Louie

    Nathan, I've been watching him play for the last four years. Kid is tough as nails and has the most accurate arm in the combine. Sorry for you but he meets all but one of your criteria. He is ONLY 6'2″. You need some schoolin:

  • MrEast

    The problem with Marshall's physicality is that those plays have been few and far between since his sophomore surge. Unfortunately, what we see often from Marshall is his stupid antics. I think the Broncos should keep him, but I would never consider him a top 5 wide receiver at this point. I could care less about his record, it means absolutely nothing.

  • Robert Clark NYF

    Very true MrEast. Marshall IS NOT a physical receiver in the slightest despite his size. He throws a lot of jukes and sure he'll run through an arm tackle but he avoids real contact like the plague.

  • WhidbeyBronco
  • Robert Clark NYF

    Great article!

  • kerry

    uh Leodis McKelvin is a CB, now a WR.

    that being said we need to take trench players. either Dan Williams on defense or Mike Iupati at OG. we dont need a WR. and you dont just trade Marshall to use your top pick on the same position. thats a waste of a pick and a waste of value. and who says we even get a first for Marshall anyway? if we dont go trench players, then we need a QB. Bradford or Clausen or maybe Tony Pike later on. but for god sake dont use any of our first 3 picks on a WR. especially when someone like Vincent Jackson is a free agent. we could get a Vincent Jackson and use our 11th pick somewhere else. Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins are my free agency hopes.

  • kerry

    i meant Leodis McKelvin is a CB NOT a WR.

  • Matt

    I dont like Clausen that would be Jay Cutler all over again that dude is a punk!!! Anyway the No. 11 pick should be used on these five players:
    Dez Bryant WR Oaklahoma St: Weather Marshall stays or is traded Bryant is a pretty amazing talent and a big target and Eddie Royal could move to the slot.
    Eric Berry FS Tennessee: Ball hawk like Ed Reed and would learn a lot from Brian Dawkins
    Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech: Calling out Robert Ayers and could generate a huge pass rush opposite of Dumervil.
    Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri: Also could line up accross from Dumervil, with the intent to apply a different scheme and use his speed to stop the run and cover tight ends.
    Maurkice Pouncey C Florida: Fills a huge need and is less expensive, because of the position he plays. Not the best value in general, but may be great value for Denver, due to no notable free agent centers to replace Weigmann

  • valentine19

    Clausen kind of reminds me of Ryan Leaf

  • Ian Henson

    You are correct sir…

  • Hats

    I say go QB. The broncos have the 11th overall, I think there is a good chance McCoy from Texas will be there. If not I like LeFlevour from Central Michigan.

  • Nathan

    King Louie, no offense, but you sound like a homer. I watched the video, and though you bring up some valid points, you can watch highlight videos of tons of bums in the nfl from their college days. I’ve watched 20-30 of McCoy’s games and i’m not bagging him as a college player, he was great there, I’m talking about how he projects to the next level.

    I think Colt McCoy’s intangibles are great, but his size is an issue measuring at 6’1 flat at the combine. He’s not gonna be Drew Brees, they’re way different. There are also concerns about his hand size. And your argument about his arm strength is just untrue. Rumours have surfaced too about the type of injury he has, apparently it can be very nagging for an entire career, usually just sidelining you for a game or two when it is re-aggravated. Not like he’ll have to get surgery every time, but it’s a pretty clean cut no return like in the NC if he gets rocked on it again, which will happen at least every other game.

    I also have to question how much you watch the Broncos, and if you understand our system. McD doesn’t want or need a qb that can run the ball as well as any QB in the NFL, he wants someone who can stand in the pocket, see over the giant line he wants to build, and make the right read.

    McCoy’s accuracy is really all he brings to the table at the next level, he’d be best suited for a west coast offense though that’ll allow him to get out of the pocket and use more play action though. He’s not really a fit for our team, I don’t get what people don’t understand about that. With a project QB you can teach accuracy and how to read a D(with some qbs), McCoy already has those things, but you can’t teach him 3 more inches, or to put 25 more yards on his ball(consistently and accurately).

    The way McCoy throws his deep ball right now is a big liability to be picked off by safteys at the next level.

    QBs i’d take and when in this draft-

    Clausen- Top 10
    Bradford- Top 10
    John Skelton- 3rd-5th rd
    Dan LeFevour- 3rd rd
    Jevan Snead- 3rd rd
    Sean Canfield- 5th-7th rd

    Kerry’s right though, our focus in the first should be on Williams/Cody/Iupati. We have to build up those lines if we want to compete with the system we’re now running on both sides of the ball.

  • WhidbeyBronco


  • 6mo

    look fuck da bullshit denver needs a QB like McCoy or tebow they are real athletes and leaders not like fucking orton i mean no offense to the guy he did good but hes more of a back up

  • 6mo

    look fuck da bullshit denver needs a QB like McCoy or tebow they are real athletes and leaders not like fucking orton i mean no offense to the guy he did good but hes more of a back up