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Published on 02/05/2010 at Fri Feb 05 13:00.
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Tim Tebow

This is the next piece in the BT Staff tryouts, this time coming from Sam Walter — enjoy!

Tim Tebow.

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen his resume. He’s won a Heisman Trophy, two National Titles at Florida, was a two-time First team All-America QB and has garnered more national media coverage than any other college player in recent memory. He leaves Florida with a record of 48-7, 145 combined touchdowns (rushing and passing,) 9,286 passing yards and an additional 2,947 yards on the ground. He is considered by some to be the greatest player in College Football history…

And I want absolutely no part of him in a Denver Bronco uniform. 

Sure, Tebow was an amazing college quarterback, but I have some serious doubts about his ability to translate to the NFL game. He has struggled to take snaps under center, he has trouble reading defenses and he makes some questionable decisions in the pocket. He might be able to get away with his slow delivery in college, but I’m already having nightmares about Nnamdi Asomugha licking his chops as Tebow telegraphs another pass in his direction.

I’m not saying that Tebow won’t eventually turn into a decent NFL quarterback. He has that leadership and drive to succeed that could help him develop in a couple years. The problem is that the Broncos already have a developmental quarterback on the roster in Tom Brandstater. If the Broncos re-sign Kyle Orton, cut ties with Chris Simms, and draft Tim Tebow, then they would go into 2010 with two project QB’s backing up an historically fragile starter.

I have to believe Denver is looking to go quarterback in the draft this year. I don’t see Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen dropping to 10/11 and I don’t think Denver would want to trade up to get either of them. Colt McCoy, Tony Pike or Dan LeFevour are all going to be there in the second or third round and any of them would be better than Tebow in the short run.

One direction Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders could go would be to take a flyer on Northwestern’s Mike Kafka in the seventh round. Kafka and Tebow ran similar spread offenses in college and are similar style quarterbacks; runners with big arms. Take a look at both of their post-season scouting bowls (East-West Shrine game for Kafka, Senior Bowl for Tebow.) Kafka looked very sharp in leading the East team in the two-minute drill, throwing a game-winning touchdown with 5 seconds on the clock and was named offensive MVP. Tebow struggled all week in practice and looked downright awful in the game itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Kafka is going to go on to have a better career than Tebow. I just think that Tebow is going to take at least four to five years to develop into a legitimate NFL player and Denver just doesn’t have that kind of time to wait around. Kyle Orton probably isn’t the franchise quarterback that will take the Broncos back to the Super Bowl. But they can’t afford to take a second round pick on a QB who won’t be a legitimate threat until 2014. Some NFL team will take Tebow and quite possibly succeed in developing him into a solid player, I just hope it’s not Denver.

  • dogheadbrew

    Agreed. But I think most of the NFL is not enamored with Tebow as a QB. He might be a good slot receiver or halfback, but then you mitigate his best quality. Being an inspirational leader. But some one will try. Then again Flutie didn't do too badly, and no one thought he'd pan out.

    I like the idea of McCoy, especially in the third. Decent arm strength, great accuracy, familiar with four and five wide sets, and seems to study hard. Then again McD likes his QBs big, and Colt isn't 6-5 220.

  • mikebirty

    They'll kick the tyres on Tebow like they did on Pat White but (I hope) most of it will be a smoke screen. It'll probably make some team move up in front of the Broncos to take him. My money's on him going to Buffalo in the second. Or maybe Miami will line him and White up next to Ronnie Brown in WildCat 2.0

  • Josh Temple

    To think of it, Tebow with White and Brown in the backfield all together plus a good tight end and receiver would be difficult to scheme against. I don't think it's going to happen, but it would be fun to see.

  • monto

    I'm betting he'l end up in Jacksonville in the 2nd round, he's not good enough to be drafted as a QB and he's unproven anywhere else but he should draw in a crowd for them … that said the Miami scenario sounds better every time I think about it :p

    I agree theres not much point us drafting him, he's not a franchise QB, but if he falls far enough McD might consider taking a pop on him and run some wildcat or something but hopefully not

    In terms of us drafting an actual QB it depends on how Brandstaters developing, I like the sound of McCoy or even Pike in the 3rd/4th as long as they're good value and we've already got the O-line on the right track

    Great post btw

  • Sayre

    Jax has no second round pick, so that's not an option.

  • altpwr1

    Nice article…….Im not worried about us getting Tebow at all…. i think he should go mid 3rd round, but fans dont realize that coach Mc D views QB's like Mike Shanny viewed RB's…….. I think he will always get a sleeper in the late rounds and groom him like he was used to seeing in New England… saw him take Moreno first round last year…..Mike Shanny probally would have picked a Shonne Green , or a Jamall Charles in the later rounds and we would have gotten very good or decent production from the zone blocking scheme. Brandstater will be ready for us one day…..stop being so eager to give up on orton…we only need him for mabe one more year (if price is right)….. get offensive line and defensive line baby….. zone blocking only won 2 super bowls (us)… moreno would run all over teams if he was on the Cowboys or Titans o get him o-line and watch goal line touchdowns soar!…..GO BRONCOS!

  • Matt

    I cant wait to see what Tom Brandstater is capable of. I thought i saw some talent last preseason and he has a longer and deeper range then Orton.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    excellent piece sam, I agree on every point… have you been here before? Don't recognize the handle.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    don't see him ever excelling here but it'd be nice

  • rrococco

    How do you think Tebow compares to Vince Young or Michael Vick? I've been thinking that kind of player would be the prototype for Tebow.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Vick = Absolute garbage as a qb. Young = Vick with a better work ethic but is still below average. Tebow is not fast enough or elusive enough to be either of those guys. He isn't strong enough to run with real power at the pro level either so take that trick out of his bag. He might make a great qb one day but he is a 4 year minimum project.

    Good article.

  • Olen

    I understand that Tebow had problems any time that he went up against a team that was coached by a former NFL coach . He lost those games .

  • tiredindenver

    At this point, anybody would be better than UNIMPORTANT ORTON! I'm cool with giving Brandstater a shot, he did have a good preseason and showed some potential. But if Orton comes back for another year, I might have to shoot myself in the head! I cannot stand to watch this guy play another game for Denver. Please God, give me a Quarterback that can play this game the way Broncos fans expect.

  • anthony33

    Agree… after seeing what transpired during senior bowl week you cannot come to any other conclusion. It is mind boggling though that maybe the best college football player ever will not cut it in the NFL.

    Lefevour and Pike are interesting. Heard a long interview with McCoy the other day and I am starting to change my mind about him… great mental make up, good person. Any of those guys as a late 2 or 3 would be worth a shot. Still hoping Brandstater is the answer as he does have a year under his belt.

  • steeplebomb

    I think the most optimistic comparison you can make is Tebow and Donovan McNabb. I don't necessarily think he will ever be that good, but its happened before. Dual threat QB's can succeed in the NFL only if their passing is good enough to last on its own. From that perspective, I don't see Tebow having a great deal of success at the next level. He'll probably be drafted in the mid range by a Florida team looking to cash in on his massive southern following.

  • steeplebomb

    Brandstater showed poise if nothing else. He didn't do that great, but damn he stood tall in the pocket.

  • T-Money

    Just a side note for anybody that cares… Floyd Little is in and Sharpe is out for the Hall of Fame

  • herc_rock


  • drose

    Former nfl coach lane kiffin lost to tim tebow and former nfl coach nick saben with that great nfl defense was beat by tim tebow on a 4th quarter comeback in the 2008 sec championship without percy harvin due to injury.

  • drose

    Bill Belichick loves tim tebow's football abilities, but that's just bill belichick. He doesn't know anything about football right?

  • kenny7014

    i cant believe i'm hearing bronco fans talking about tim tebow and colt mccoy (bias as a trasplanted native coloradian in oklahoma), tim tebow was a good college qb, but will never ever be a nfl qb. bottom line and i will put 1,000.00 dollars on it! he WILL be a flop. he coming to the broncos will be a complete let down for bronco nation. colt mccoy, will not even start on that guy, he may be a good person, but again, not a nfl qb, and good people and personalities dont win superbowls. at least the last time i looked. neither of those selections are better then orton.

  • broncomania

    Mcoy sounds way on pike i say bring back plummer

  • broncomania

    kenny 7014 thats crazy coming from a bronco fan colt mcoy will not be a bust i think it would be a great pick.if youre a fan of orton then youre fine with 8-8 and in denver thats unexceptable.bottom line we need a qb.

  • drose

    Tebow is a work horse and will most likely be the hardest worker in the entire nfl. Nobody knows what this guy will become with the right coaching the sky is the limit. He's a beast, he dominated high school, dominated college. Coming out of high school people said he wouldn't be anything in the sec and now he is considered by many to be the greatest college football player of all time. He's proven himself time and time again and whatever team selects him(hopefully the broncos) will find themselves winning a whole lot of football games.

  • alexnelson

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Tebow would be great here in Denver. Better running game, high powerd wildcat (wildhorses), and even a better passing game. Nough said, draft Tim Tebow Josh McDaniels!!!!

  • neildsim

    I have a gut feeling on Tebow and I would take him. The guy is a winner. Thats all he has ever done. He isnt the best to watch when he throws but look at Brett Farve when he came in the league. Look at all these QBs who come in the league and look so good on paper then turn out to be just plain bad.
    The broncos need a winner on their team. We need leadership. WE dont have an onfield leader or a real team leader. He is the guy i would want on my team.
    And just so you know i am not a florida fan i am a Ducks fan. But Tebow is an amazing player. IMO

  • Dick7181


  • Mcdion4

    It is great fun to read this a year later.  Big Fan of Tebow and I think he will continue to improve and do awesome in the NFL.

  • Mcdion4

    It is great fun to read this a year later.  Big Fan of Tebow and I think he will continue to improve and do awesome in the NFL.