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Published on 01/26/2010 at Tue Jan 26 08:37.
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According to Pro Football Talk former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees has taken a job in Baltimore as their linebackers coach. Pees was in contention for the Broncos defensive coordinator job after the depature of Mike Nolan, but now it’s pretty safe to say you can cross him off the list of candidates.

This only makes room for more speculation that current linebackers coach Don Martindale is lined up to take the job. The only question is why is Josh McDaniels waiting so long to name a defensive coordinator? I can’t speak for the rest of the Broncos nation but this lingering vacancy leaves me feeling a little uneasy. Waiting this long to name a coach must either mean the search is truly still on or McDaniels is still too hesitant about Martindale. Perhaps this is just to delicate of a situation, too important of a position to rush a hire, too paramount to leave empty for too long.

Who ever is next will become the fifth defensive coordinator in the past five years for the Broncos. Who can name them all really? Quirrell, Lockheart, Lupin, Moody, Umbridge, Snape… Harry Potter joke… sorry.

What do you think Broncos nation? What the frick is going on in regards to the defensive coordinator position?

  • Plato

    Hahaha Dean Pees in Baltimore.

    I so hope the article title was intentional.

  • Kyle

    We are not above toilet humor at BT.

  • OrangePage Denver Broncos Blog

    East, your writing is improving, your last couple articles I thought Kyle was the author… Only thing that gave it away was the formatting, though when I saw the Harry Potter reference I thought it was Josh for some reason =P

    Now to stay on topic, I don't think Pees is taking a linebacker coaching position over a defensive coordinator position unless he either:

    a) Wasn't offered the defensive coordinator position.
    b) Didn't feel healthy enough to take on such a large position again.
    c) Sees a better opportunity to take over a defense in a year or two in Baltimore.

    Either way, I don't know enough about Coach Martindale to say whether or not I like him. I love the idea of hiring a former player as defensive coordinator, someone like a Mike Singletary, but there aren't a ton- Pepper Johnson in New England sticks out in my mind (he should be a leading candidate in NE to get their defensive coordinator job though).

    I wouldn't stress though Bronco faithful, the time it's taking isn't that big of a deal. The season's not even over yet…

  • bla

    Perhaps we are interested in coaches from one of the two superbowl teams…

  • Plato

    I like this epiphany of hope. Now you've got my fingers all crossed.

  • OrangePage Denver Broncos Blog

    Jets just fired five people… Possible that Minnesota could as well, those are some good defenses. I'll take the Karl Dubar (Viking's defensive line coach) as my DC…

  • CompUser

    Or one of the just eliminated conference championship teams. I seem to recall hearing that someone from Minnesota was being considered, but I don't remember the name. Polian maybe? (That's just a guess at the name because it sounds familiar.)

  • cptmorni

    there's a good amount of stuff going on right now in college football as well. We have the Senior Bowl happening, and I think a good amount of the coaches are there scouting players. I don't know if McD is there but very likely could be. He's also in the middle of putting his whole offensive staff in there right places and setting them up. McD has also impressed me with his ability to grab and scout coaches from all over the spectrum all the way to Canada, who knows who he might looking for

  • Roy88

    The thought that we may be waiting to interview someone from the remaining two teams is interesting, but I am not sure who that would be. Frazier would be awesome, but we all know that won't happen. Maybe Pees didn't want to leave the East Coast. Baltimore is only a few hundred miles south of Boston. He did coach for Navy (Annapolis, Maryland) 20 years ago, and he may like the area. The fact that he has ever coached for a team west of Michigan seems to suggest this.

  • Roy88

    This is a really solid point. McD probably is in Mobile, as most head coaches are at this time of year.

  • vince_mairne

    I think McD is going to end up with Martindale as the DC. One thought I have on why it could be taking so long are the financial details. Going from linebackers coach to DC means a raise, just how much is going to be the question. Just a thought. GO BRONCOS!

  • rcsodak

    What's the hurry? Makes more sense that Wink IS the new DC, and he along with other coaches/scouts are all at the Senior Bowl doing what's more important.
    Contracts can wait.

  • cptmorni

    I agree completely there's more important priorities right now.


  • kerry

    ill tell you whats going on. McD is having a hard time finding that next, “bend over and take it yes man” assistant. Nolan wasnt one so he let him go. neither was Dennison or Turner. and what a coincidence, all of them are gone.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Considering who Dennison and Turner worked for previously I would have to disagree with that.

  • Doom92

    I just think that McImmature is waiting for the right robot… He doesn't want any one that has their own way or style. The person that gets the job will be some one that he can Fully control… He is actually worse than Shanny in this area, and I didn't think that was possible.

  • Doom92

    I totally agree. Not that they were not yes men to Shanny but McImmature for sure wants a yes man, as he wants all his players to be also… It will fail unfortunately, he isn't BelliChick.

  • Doom92

    Excellent research…

  • anthony33

    Maybe the defense quit on Nolan in the KC game??? We have been putting most of the blame on McD, but the coordinators are the one's that are much closer to the players on a day to day basis. What happened in that KC is completely unexcusable. The offense, while not very good, showed absolutely no signs of quitting… you can't say the same thing about the defense.

    I am thinking that losing Nolan may not have been all that bad. Plus, now that the post interviews are coming out it sounds like the only reason he chose Denver last year was to stay close to California. He is a decent coach, but I don't think he really ever wanted to be here. So yes, McD does need to find someone who actually WANTS the job long term… you can't blame him for that.

  • robtink242

    “McImmature” i'm feeling that. But i totally agree with you i'm am scared of what next season has in store. seriously this team has as much talent as any team in the playoffs this year, but at the coaching posistion wow. His offense lacks creativity it's boring and plain. Can we go back to the days of bootlegs, I-formation on first down, HB/WR passes.

    I sure we all remember the days of Plummer and Cutler. Say what you want but the offense was always something to watch. So many big plays. 06 Javon Walker runs a reverse for 72 TD then Royal goes for like 77 on his.

  • Plato


    That's McStupid. McSeriously, this team has no McTalent and it's McMazing that the even went McEven.

    Like Renaldo Hill is an all star? Kenny Peterson? Haggan? Fields? McBean?

    Keep in mind that you don't want the bootlegs back, you just want John Elway back.

  • TheTroglodyte

    2006 – 17th (319)
    2007 – 21st (320)
    2008 – 17th (370) *Led the league in redzone interceptions as well as turnovers inside of own 20
    2009 – 20th (326)

    Well what do you know. The Bronco's scored more points in 2009 than they did in 2007 or 2008 and they didn't need Javon Walkers 1 reverse that went for a big play to do it.

  • robtink242

    who doesn't. seriously we need to adress the personel on this team. there are a few guys that should be replaced. Another thing that bug the shit out of me is how can Haggan beat out Doom, DJ and Davis for team captain. He's not even a special teams ace like Woodyard. We need to adress NT cause Fields isnt a beast he's just a big body. McBean and Peterson are pretty solid back ups. You and i Both know that McBath is totally taking Hill spot. Bruton's okay and should get better with time. But overall this team has talent. the true question is are we use are telents to there fullest? NOOOOO

  • robtink242

    Give it a break. This offense was horrible. I never said that Shanny's last 3 offenses were record breaking. Keep bring up stats about how Cutler sucks and other shit. Besides the interception He had a better season than Orton with a worst offense. Shit Orton was given the 2nd best offense stats wise and a O-line that had given up 12 sacks. What did he do?….nothing! TELL ME WHY DID CUTLER MADE THE PRO-BOWL WITH THE SAME GUYS ORTON HAS, MINUS A FIRST ROUND RUNNING BACK? TAKE IN MIND THEY BOTH FINISH WITH THE SAME RECORD. THE GUY WENT THROUGH 12 RB'S MADE EDDIE ROYAL LOOK LIKE A BEAST AS A ROOKIE 91 CATCHES, MARSHAL 100+ CATCHES, STILL AMOUNTED TOP 10 RUSHING. SHEF AND GRAHAM HAD CATCHES. EVEN CHAD MUSTARD CAUGHT BALLS FROM CUTLER.


  • TheTroglodyte

    “Shit Orton was given the 2nd best offense stats wise”

    That is based ONLY on total yards and is about the stupidest argument that anyone can make. Obviously he didn't inherit the #2 offense or it wouldn't have been 17th in total points scored. Is it really that complicated to figure out the #2 offense isn't in the bottom 15 in points scored?

    And as for why Cutler made the Pro-Bowl was ONLY because the fans voted on it and they did so mid-season. Cutler played like absolute crap down the season. ONCE AGAIN he led the league in red zone int's. Pro-Bowl qb's don't do that. Did you actually watch the games or just check out how many yards the Bronco's got between the 20's each game and draw some conclusions.

    Besides all of that I didn't bring up how Cutler sucked. I simply pointed out the offense that YOU said was “FUN” to watch being the “06” broncos scored less points than this years offense which simply means you base your opinions on irrational feelings and nonsense rather than actual facts.

  • Robert

    “Shit Orton was given the 2nd best offense stats wise”

    That is based ONLY on total yards and is about the stupidest argument that anyone can make. Obviously he didn’t inherit the #1 offense or it wouldn’t have been 17th in total points scored.

    And as for why Cutler made the Pro-Bowl was ONLY because the fans voted on it and they did so mid-season. Cutler played like absolute crap down the season. ONCE AGAIN he led the league in red zone int’s. Pro-Bowl qb’s don’t do that. Did you actually watch the games or just check out how many yards the Bronco’s got between the 20’s each game and draw some conclusions.

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