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Published on 01/12/2010 at Tue Jan 12 08:54.
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Elvis Dumervil

It was a career year for Elvis Dumervil. The fourth-year Denver Broncos defensive end/outside linebacker finished his 2009 campaign with 17 sacks, 49 tackles (42 solo), and four forced fumbles.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press recognized Dumervil’s achievements with a third-place vote for Defensive Player of the Year. Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson won the award with 28 out of 50 votes, and New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis finished second with 14. Dumervil tied for third with three.

Dumervil might not have taken away the league’s most coveted prize for a defensive player, but he did net several other marks of significance:

  • His 17 sacks led the NFL in 2009, making him the first Broncos sack champion in franchise history.
  • That number also placed him first all-time in franchise annals, above Simon Fletcher with 16.
  • His 10 sacks on third down tied an NFL record.
  • Dumervil was voted as a starter in the 2010 Pro Bowl, a career-first.

Congratulations to Dumervil on a remarkable season made all the more impressive by the transition he underwent.

  • broncomaniac

    THAT A BABY DUMERVIL!!!! I have always loved this guy just because i can relate….Im a short football player just like he is but i start varsity….And i will hate the BRONCOS if they get rid of him and BRANDON MARSHALL aka my favorite player

  • Josh Temple

    I think Revis probably deserved it. After looking at his body of work for this season, he really is the most impressive corner in the league and unlike Asomugha he always lines up on the opposing team's #1 WR. There is a new phrase in the NFL for receivers and that's getting stuck on Revis island for an entire game. Just ask Reggie Wayne and Roddy White.

  • coskibum

    I disagree that he should be third. In my eyes he should have won the defensive player of the year. That said, he deserves to be the starter in the PRO BOWL! Congratulations on a great year and may you have many more. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!

  • NMBronc

    Revis was the best Def player all year. No question, no debate. And Doom should have been second. Charles Woodson was not even the best DB in the NFC.

  • rcsodak

    Pretty shitty how 'timing' has so much to do with the game. Remember back a few years ago when Champ lead the league in picks? And how all the anal-ysts said a CB would never win the DMVP, because of the lack of plays they're involved in, versus a front 7 player?
    Pretty shitty.

  • anthony33

    Great year for DOOOOM. Now get him signed for the long haul and build around him.