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Published on 01/08/2010 at Fri Jan 08 21:19.
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Bobby Turner

The first sign of a Denver Broncos migration to the newly Mike Shanahan-led Washington Redskins leaked Friday, and it involved a rebuffed reunion between Shanahan and his longtime running backs coach Bobby Turner.

The Washington Post reports that Washington requested permission to interview Turner for a position on Shanahan’s staff, but Josh McDaniels, who kept Turner as RB coach when he was hired last January, denied that request.

Now, our understanding of league rules is that the Broncos would be required to allow another team to interview a coach on their staff if the new position involved a promotion. This would suggest that Shanny wanted to bring in Turner for the same role — running backs coach.

Technically, if Shanahan wanted Turner badly enough, we believe he could offer him a job with a minor pay bump and a title along the lines of “Assistant Coach — Running Backs.” Would that be a slap in McDaniels’ face? Maybe. Would Shanahan care? Probably not. Was the Broncos’ denial already a professional discourtesy? Who knows? Are we tired of asking rhetorical questions? Maybe.

If it was a discourtesy on McDaniels’ part, and if the two are expected to scratch each other’s backs this offseason, it’s a poor first impression.

Either way, for now, Turner stays in Denver.

Redskins denied permission to interview Broncos’ Turner [Redskins Insider]

  • Big_Pete

    This happens all the time. It's no big dieal. It just tells Shanahan that we want to keep him on our staff, and it tells Turner that his job is indeed safe. No biggie. Shanahan has denied requests for coaches before when with us.

  • x69bryan10

    the redskins are masters of the “fake promotion” if shanahan wants him expect him to be made assit head coach running backs within the next few weeks

  • jonkrause

    Dude am I glad they turned him down! He's an amazing coach.

  • coskibum

    In a word – classy!

  • Nisse

    my favorit coach of the broncos is the DL coach, he is one bad ass mother F***er!

  • NMBronc

    Thank you Turner for all you have done. Good luck in Washington.

  • milelow

    yes that was a smart move.Keeping Turner is a grate move.He belongs to denver and will stay thier for a long time.Mike got get your owne coaches punk.

  • denverfanindallas

    “no loyalty to McD” i'm pretty sure McD choose to keep him, and HE CHOOSE TO STAY! there is some loyalty to McD. if he wants to go to Washington, he could McD, “I Quit..” its not like he can't walk away.

  • anthony33

    I don't see why not. Do you think McD really listens to him anyway? Hillis had what, five carries all year… do you think that was Turner's call? Hell no.

  • denverfanindallas

    you have proof?

  • anthony33

    No… that's why there are question marks after my statements.

    Do you think McD listens to anyone? I don't.

    As the stench of the last 10 games begins to become a distant memory and things come into focus, I have begun to dislike McD. I have been a supporter of his from day one, but if you look at, it was his big mouth or the way he handled the players that created unbelievealbe distractions for the team.

    Not mending things with Cutler.
    Letting the Marshall thing fester during training camp
    The stupid comments made to that SD player (I think it was Phillips)
    The Thanksgiving melt down. Not that is was necessarily wrong, but then he takes shot at the NFL network and it becomes a distraction.
    Going public with benching Marshall when he didn't need to.
    Going public with benching Scheffler when he didn't need to.

    All of these “issues” may have been legitimate, but the way he handled it with the press turned them into distractions.

    McD needs to:
    Grow up
    Shut up
    Learn how to effectively treat players as in getting them to want to run through walls vs. forcing them to run through walls.

    Cut his pressers by 2/3rd's (we know you know a lot about football)
    Quit talking like every upcomng opponent is the second coming of the '68 Green Bay packers. Did you hear Ryan yesterday? He said the Jets, his team, are a damn good football team and he does not care how they got to the playoffs. He praised his team.

    I am sure I will clam down after a while, but man, the reality is this guy is a rookie head coach and it shows. He is in the same boat as Moreno, Ayers, Smith and Orton as in he better put up next year or he'll be done. Hey, they are his guys afterall.