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Published on 12/09/2009 at Wed Dec 09 18:00.
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Wednesday Injury Report for the Week 14 NFL game between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 13, 2009.

Player Injury Wed Thu Fri Status
S David Bruton Thigh DNP
S Josh Barrett Shoulder FP
S Brian Dawkins Ankle FP
QB Kyle Orton Ankle FP

DNP – Did Not Participate; LP – Limited Participation; FP – Full Participation; NL – Not Listed

Colts report, in all its 20-man glory, after the jump.

Player Injury Wed Thu Fri Status
DB Antoine Bethea Rested DNP
RB Donald Brown Chest DNP
DB Aaron Francisco Ankle DNP
DE Dwight Freeney Rested DNP
WR Anthony Gonzalez Knee DNP
T Charlie Johnson Foot DNP
DE Robert Mathis Quad DNP
LB Clint Session Calf DNP
T Tony Ugoh Hip DNP
K Adam Vinatieri Right Knee DNP
LB Gary Brackett Foot FP
DB Melvin Bullitt Shoulder FP
DT Keyunta Dawson Knee FP
G Kyle DeVan Shin FP
DB Kelvin Hayden Knee FP
DB Tim Jennings Ankle FP
QB Peyton Manning Glute FP
G Jamey Richard Shoulder FP
TE Tom Santi Hand FP
WR Reggie Wayne Foot FP
  • Joe417

    Holy cow, thats quite the injury report for Indy….They should have just wrote down who does not have an injury, that would have been a smaller list….I'm hoping that Mathis doesn't play, we gotta keep Orton protected and with Harris out, that can be hard. I can't wait to see this game. This will be a hell of a game. I want Knowshon, Buck, and Hillis tear shit up. And lets watch our recievers do work as well. And on defense, I wanna see Doom be unleashed and take Manning down several times. I'm way pumped for this game. Let's knock off these 12-0 Colts!! Than lets have San Diego lose and we will be tied, than we play Oakland can take the division back!!! But it all starts this sunday. Do work Broncos!!!

  • herc_rock

    I remember when I injured my “rested.” Hurt like hell.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Kyle

    Manning hurt his glute. He just needs an ass-kicking in practice, I'm sure he'll be fine.

  • squeage

    Thats alot to ask for……you might beat Oakland…..but Good luck any way

  • squeage

    Thats alot to ask for……you might beat Oakland…..but Good luck any way