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Every mid-week several fans of the Bronco Nation find themselves aching for some news. Have you ever opened up your browser and wanted something to surf but you’ve already read every word, Bronco Talk, ESPN, Sports Crack, Pro Football Talk, and the Denver Post has had to say? Then this article is for you, ironically… after this you got nothin’.

If you’re in the midst of class, work, or just plain bored inside this article is a checklist of things for you to do to pass the time.

Yes, I know, it’s not mid-week anymore. However, it’s Friday and you’re waiting to leave whatever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy.

The Checklist Begins

1. It’s Not All That Bad

One loss and the Broncos are yet again the foot stool of the MSM. Some “analysts” go as far to say the end is nigh for the Orange and Blue. I’ve heard that Brian Dawkins is out of gas, the defense is losing the point of attack, and Kyle Orton’s neckbeard is silly. Well at least one of those things is true.

Is it really true that after one loss the wheels are falling off the bus? Denver fans I say nay, the wheels are the bus go round and round.

Six and one still is the second best record in the AFC. Denver is perfect in the division and still has the advantage is common opponents. The Mile High Cameleons have only been favorites against the Raiders and Browns this season. I enjoy it when the Broncos are the underdogs with no respect, Dawkins needs to play with a Tostitos bag on his shoulder.

2. Reflecting on Baltimore

Today during my beloved coffee run I bumped into a rare Bronco fan in my area. As we were both wearing an article of Denver Broncos memorabilia we both set out to high five in jubilation that our team is reigning supreme in the AFC West. This jubilant high five turned into a bro hug. I think I have a new friend and several people creeped by me.

Offense: Speaking of coffee, Kyle Orton could have used a ‘Dunkaccino’ (which are fabulous by the way) after a Jeremy Johnson flattening. The protection the whole game was atrocious, and it was obvious that Orton couldn’t adapt to it. This game better be a wake up call for Mr. Boilermaker, the protection isn’t always going to be consistent or solid, just ask Ben Roethlisberger.

My father always told me, “When life gives you lemons, you need to scramble and create a few seconds to hit the open receiver instead of dumping the ball to your checkdown against an elite 3-4 linebacking corp.” Life is full of old adages like that.

Defense: The 30 points Denver gave up is highly deceiving. I wouldn’t call the Ravens game a “blow-out” persay, but more of a “meltdown.” When the offense is consistently going three-and-out the defense will eventually become gassed and the morale will plummet every time the take field in three minute increments. It was clearly evident that during the fourth quarter defense just didn’t have it in them. Thankfully the team gets an extra day to gear up for Monday Night Football, and hey Josh McDaniels has more Monday win(s) than San Diego has Super Bowl championships.

3. Gearing up for Pittsburgh

If there is one team the MSM believes in it’s the Steelers. Go read CBS Sports game preview it’s full of quotes and stats and predictions represented by images.

Harmon Prisco Judge Urbano Madden Richard
Denver Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

Denver fans do you feel the love!? This isn’t really different from any other week though. I remember people taking the Browns in week two.

The responsibility for this game solely falls on Josh McDaniels.

If Denver has any sliver of a chance against Pittsburgh it dwells within his game plan. Mike Tomlin is a phenomenal coach who has the luxury of relying on some of the best talent the league has to offer.

McDaniels is a great coach who patrols the sidelines with a roll of duct tape, patching up the problems he sees. Last week Stevie Wonder could have showed more awareness than McDaniels did all day. Simple screens will not work against an elite 3-4 linebacking corp (I hear an echo).

This stout Steelers defense will be brutally similar to what the Ravens presented.

If the offensive line can’t protect (you will be missed Ryan Harris), and if the ground game can’t get going (the Steelers are 1st against the run) it will be a long day for the Broncos… not a good smell is it?

4. The Solution For Pittsburgh

Offense: Where does this remedy lie? Well if you were watching Sports Soup the other day you’d find the answer… Brandon Marshall.

If there was any game for the beast to prove he needs a fatter paycheck it would be this one. McDaniels needs to extend the field and if he doesn’t trust Kyle Orton to throw it deep, it will be Marshall’s responsibility to make lemonade out short passes.

The stressed coverage on Brandon Marshall will allow players such as Brandon Stokley to do his third down magic, or for Tony Scheffler to be mismatched by a corner.

Special Teams: Eddie Royal needs to have another Monday Night return frenzy. A major chink in Pittsburgh armor lies in their special teams. The Steelers have given up three touchdowns on special teams in the last four weeks.

Defense: Pittsburgh doesn’t have the greatest offensive line but they’re holding strong this year. Elvis Dumervil should be able to get around a tackle or two but taking down Big Ben is where the challenge lies.

This will be a big day for the secondary. Hines Ward is having a career year, Heath Miller is always a threat, and rookie Mike Wallace is already having a huge impact. Fire up Brian Dawkins, get those hands ready Champ Bailey, and I hope Andre Goodman is able to be the guy opposite of Champ come Monday.

It will be vital for Andra Davis to bring consistent pressure up the middle. This should stop Rashard Mendenhall and disrupt Big Ben’s rhythm.

5. Things I Find Funny

1. Will Ferrell Health Insurance PSAI’m not imposing politics, this video is just funny.

2. Ronald Fields – What other 300 pound professional nose tackle do you know tweets about Manbearpig? Fields also responds quite requently to his followers, he replies to me all the time, so get on Twitter and follow BroncoTalk and Broncos players and me… and Josh Temple… and Chad Ochocinco… you get the point.

PRESSURE91 Hmmmm…I think I just saw manbearpig!!!!!……

@Mr_East_BT lmao….dats ignorant….I’m super serial!

3. Duke Players Should Not Make YouTube VideosWait for the Titanic clip.

4. Just be thankful you don’t have this job

5. The Half-Donut Bandit

Well I hope you’re quenched. Feel free to leave any funny links you find in the comments or just to comment as well. Happy Friday Broncos Fans!
  • Josh Temple

    “Josh McDaniels has more Monday win(s) than San Diego has Super Bowl championships”

    My new favorite quote! Also, I freaking hate half donut guy.