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Published on 11/20/2009 at Fri Nov 20 09:30.
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Our weekly perusal around the Interwebz for water cooler fodder.

ESPN: 9th
Unraveling at the wrong time, facing a rematch with San Diego and with backup QB Chris Simms at the helm.

CBS: 8th
It’s amazing how quickly their season has turned around. Now they play the Chargers with a gimpy Kyle Orton and first place on the line.

FOX: 8th
Before all your catcalls to drop the Broncos big-time after their third straight loss, here’s the deal: Denver had basically dominated a first half against the Redskins that would have finished 17-7 or 17-10 if not for giving up a fluky field goal for touchdown. But really, backup QB Chris Simms (3-for-11 with an INT) was so uncomfortably bad that it’s fair to say he cost the Broncos a win. Denver put up 17 points and 269 yards vs. the Redskins in the first half with Kyle Orton, but 0 points and 36 yards with Simms. 9th-18th
Eight panelists post their individual power rankings.

USA Today: 10th
Three-game slide could worsen if Kyle Orton must sit.