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My power rankings are fittingly named the ‘Tentative Ten’ because every week it’s subject to change, and erratically at that. Also featured is a Rookie, Defensive, and Offensive Player of the Year Watch, and a Coach of the Year Watch, and Movie to watch this week.

1. New Orleans Saints (7-0)

Sorry rookie Jairus Byrd, the veteran Darren Sharper won’t let you hold the top spot alone. Sharper grabbed yet another pick to close out the game. The Saints not only have top tier talent this season but their coaching and preparation is immaculate week in and week out.

Glaring Stat: The Saint’s secondary has 16 interceptions on the year.

2. Indianapolis Colts (7-0)

I’m really excited for the Colts to start picking one someone their own size. Even though the Colts haven’t played anyone worth writing home to Mom about, I still think they can hold their own against the best out there. Indy has an interesting divisional match up against the Texans this Sunday and then the Patriots the next week.

Glaring Stat: Finally a week where Peyton Manning disapointed his fantasy owners. I despise those fortunate to have him. Joseph Addai had more touchdown(s) than Manning this week.

3. Minnesota Vikings (7-1)

I bet Elvis Dumervil wishes he got to go up against the Green Bay line twice a year like Jared Allen gets to do. That being said, Brett Favre can retire peacefully… we think.

I was ready to write Favre off at the beginning of the year. With Adrian Peterson at running back all Favre would have to do is hand the ball off and make a screen pass to guys like Percy Harvin and Chestor Taylor. Instead he’s throwing bombs and last second game winning touchdowns. I’m sorry Brett Favre, I was wrong, you’re still good… however, you’re still a prick.

Glaring Stat: Jared Allen has 10.5 sacks on the year and 7.5 of them come against Green Bay alone.

4. Denver Broncos (6-1)

Defeat? Something Denver fans have been shielded from for almost the first two months of football. Loosing like this is hard to swallow, loosing in general is difficult to handle. Denver’s offense resembled Stevie Wonder taking his drivers test. Watching Kyle Orton throw screen after screen was like watching the leaked Modern Warfare 2 Airport level. My jaw was dropped while these innocent people were getting massacred and I just couldn’t stop it. Josh McDaniels cannot afford to run an inefficient game plan like that against the Steelers.

Glaring Stat: Despite allowing 30 points against the Ravens, Denver’s defense is ranked second in the NFL for points allowed.

5. New England Patriots (5-2)

New England’s defense has quite the test against Miami’s dynamic offense. New England has had some easy games in the past two weeks so it’s to put up against a team on a hot streak.

Glaring Stat: Miami is 3-0 in the AFC East but 0-4 for the rest of their games. The Pats are playing the kings of the AFC East… but with a worse record?

6. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

Marvin Lewis better have something good planned up his sleeve to sweep Baltimore this year. The offense really is starting to get into sync, Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson, Chad Ochocinco are all having Pro-Bowl caliber years. The defense is surely missing Antwan Odom but they have the depth.

The Bengals could breathe easy in the NFC North race if they win their next two games which are against Baltimore and Pittsburgh respectively; since afterwards they have gimme games against the Raiders, Browns, Lions.

Glaring Stat: Cedric Benson has one fumble in 164 carries on the year that wasn’t even lost.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2)

Ryan Clark won’t be playing this weekend but Troy Polamalu is healthy as they come now. Ben Roethlisberger is statistically having a career year and it will be tough for Denver to stop his reign.

Glaring Stat: The Steelers have lost both of their two games by a field goal.

8. Dallas Cowboys (5-2)

The defense needed to play like that a lot sooner. Wade Phillips is finally getting the potential out of his Cowboys. Tony Romo was efficent and made many great decisions. The offense managed the clock well and the defense made sure Matt Hasselbeck had as few snaps as possible on the field.

Glaring Stat: Miles Austin is averaging 21.7 yards a catch.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (5-2)

DeSean Jackson all day every day. Mike Jenkins is going to have his hands full Sunday night. Brian Westbrook may be out but LeSean McCoy is doing well for a rookie. Donovan McNabb has never had this may targets in life, Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brent Celek have 10 touchdowns and 1,241 yards between each other.

Glaring Stat: Why is Michael Vick on the Eagles? He is 2/6 for 5 yards on the year with only 25 rushing yards on 11 attempts averaging 2.3 yards a rush.

10. New York Giants (5-3)

The Giants have a big game coming up against the Chargers. The NFC East is a rough division and the G-Men can’t afford to fall to 5-4. Similarly the Chargers are 4-3 and need to win to stay in the AFC West race. This is one desperate match up. Eli Manning and Philip Rivers are both of my fantasy quarterbacks as well. I am in one tough pickle.

Glaring Stat: Despite being known for having a stout defense, the Giants are allowing 5.2 yards a rush.

Coach of the Week

Tony Sparano – I mentioned previously before that the Dolphins are 3-0 in the AFC East. With the Dolphins’ rich history in upsetting the Patriots Sparano could get his team to .500.

Rookie of the Week

Jairus Byrd – Byrd is tied for the lead in the NFL for interceptions with 7, the crazy part is they all have came in the past 4 games. What is even crazier is that in the past three games Byrd has nabbed 2 picks in each game.

Offensive Player of the Week

Chris Johnson – Chris Johnson was a one man show against the Jaguars gaining 228 yards on 24 carries and two touchdowns.

Defensive Player of the Week

Julius Peppers – Peppers came to play against Arizona, he helped Carolina get the upset with a sack and a pick-six.

Rookie of the Year Watch

1. Percy Harvin – A playmaker and a game breaker. What can’t this kid do?

2. Jairus Byrd – Whenever you lead the NFL in interceptions you’re in contention.

2. Hakeem Nicks – Nicks has only 20 catches but they combine for 368 yards and four of them are touchdowns.

3. Knowshon Moreno – Still yet to have his breakout game, but still leads rookies in rushing yards. However with Brian Westbrook out LeSean McCoy could gain some ground on him.

4. Mark Sanchez – He hasn’t been amazing, but hey, he’s still a rookie quarterback. Sanchez needs to fix his interception habit, he’s on pace for 20 for the year.

Defensive Player of the Year Watch

1. Elvis Dumervil – Whenever a referee finally see’s him being held his sack total should improve.

2. Darren Sharper – He provides such a game changing presence on the field. Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter are having career years because of the coverage Sharper is playing.

3. Jared Allen – He leads the NFL now, but he can thank Green Bay’s line for that.

5. Jarius Byrd – He may just be a rookie but since his multi-interception game streak the Bills have gone 2-1.

4. Darrelle Revis – Revis was non-existent in the Jets’ loss against Miami, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Offensive Player of the Year Watch

1. Peyton Manning – Peyton didn’t throw a touchdown but he sure didn’t make a mistake. Right now Peyton is on pace to break Dan Marino’s single season passing record.

2. Drew Brees – He doesn’t have to do it all anymore, but it’s good to know he still can.

3. Cedric Benson – In one game Benson got his revenge and the lead for rushing yards.

4. Chris Johnson – Chris Johnson had was the game changer on Sunday. Sadly enough for Tennessee he’s been playing at that level all year and they still couldn’t manage a win.

5. Adrian Peterson – Every week now I consider taking him off the list. In now way am I saying he’s bad, but he isn’t the game changer he used to be. Maybe now that Favre has his revenge out of his system AD can start seeing some more carries.

Coach of the Year Watch

1. Josh McDaniels (6-1) – I was not very happy with Josh McDaniels this week, not in the slightest. However he’s still performed miracles this year.

2. Sean Payton (7-0) – When you’re 7-0, you’re doing something right.

3. Mike Singletary (3-4) – What a great showing against the Colts. With the Cardinals losing this week the Niners still have a shot at the NFC West.

Who Needs a V8?

Bob Sanders – Bob Sanders doesn’t need a V8 because he did do something stupid. Sanders needs a V8 to provide him with his vitamins, minerals, and whole serving of vegetables to keep him healthy for at least a game.

Unforunate Incident of the Week

Owen Daniels tore his ACL, effectively ending his potential career year. Matt Schaub loved this guy in the redzone… hell any zone.

Movie to Watch this Week

Escape from New YorkWhat a freaking classic. Escape from New York was made for like what, 10 bucks? The late great Issac Hayes rules Manhattan Island turned post-apocalyptic prison and Kurt Russell has an eyepatch. Enough said. The funny thing is that John Carpenter wrote this movie as a response to Watergate, I don’t really see a strong parallel.

What do you think Nation? Any more deserving teams in the Tentative Ten? Air it out!

  • jonkrause

    What, I didn't hear about Owen Daniels! That's so sad, oh man! :(

  • Josh Temple

    I would have Pburg and Cincinnati over the Patriots, but that's just me.

  • MrEast

    It was a toss up and hey it's all tentative.

    I'm excited for the Pats-Phins match up.