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Published on 10/28/2009 at Wed Oct 28 13:48.
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Our weekly perusal around the Interwebz for water cooler fodder.

ESPN: 3rd
Coming off a bye, the Broncos have had plenty of time to prepare for trip to Baltimore.

BroncoTalk: 3rd
Glaring Stat: The Denver Bronco defense has allowed 6 touchdowns all year, whereas there were 10 in the New Orleans, Miami game.

CBS: 3rd
They come off their bye heading to Baltimore to face a team that can’t afford another loss. It will be another chance for them to prove all the doubters wrong.

FOX: 3rd
Passing numbers are fun for stat heads and fantasy football addicts. Statistically, there are 13 quarterbacks in the NFL with have thrown for more TD passes than Kyle Orton, and 14 QBs for more passing yards. But Denver’s QB is 6-0 with a consistent, steady approach that is working magic. Coach Josh McDaniels loves that his guy has thrown just one interception in 194 attempts this season, the best ratio in football. 3rd-5th
Eight panelists post their individual power rankings.

USA Today: 3rd
Josh McDaniels can join Caldwell [as first 7-0 rookie coach] if Broncos beat Ravens.

  • Josh Temple

    Umm, how does Jason La Canfora have the Patriots ranked above us? I can see an argument for Pittsburgh having 2 losses but taking down the undefeated Vikings. Glaring fact, we beat the Patriots. This is why I don't follow college football closely.

  • broncos' for life

    Theisman has us 5th?? is he smoking crack?? whats he gonna say when were 8-0 after kicking Pittsburgs butt?.

  • Kyle

    I just wonder if we're the first 6-0 team in power rankings history to NEVER be at #1 for ANYBODY. We've actually beat better competition than the Saints, Colts.

    (But the Broncos are 3rd on my list too, so who am I to talk?)

  • T-Money

    SI power rankings puts us at 3

  • Josh Temple

    I'm not sure how strong I can rate that Giants team this year. They looks great one minute then terrible the next. But after looking over the Saints schedule, they are going to walk into the playoffs. NE and DAL are there only good opponents from here on out. Woohoo, here's to having Drew Brees in one of my fantasy leagues!

  • Mergrath

    Apparently, blowing out two winless teams accounts for more status points than beating the teams ranked above you. Just another reason to not listen and read into these “experts” too much. They are fun to read and listen to…but accurate with information they are not! Enjoy our season and giggle out loud with every win…the crow is in high demand already!

  • MrEast

    That's ignorant.

  • Gary_in_SD

    If the Broncos go into Baltimore and come out 7-0, anything less than the #1 ranking would tell me that these guys are all smokin' crack!