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Published on 10/22/2009 at Thu Oct 22 20:59.
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How does it feel BroncoTalk Family? How does it feel to be 6 and Ohhh!

"Go Eddie!!!Go Eddie!!!"- Me, in a high pitched shriek.

"Go Eddie!!!Go Eddie!!!"- Me, in a high pitched shriek.

I realized a few days back…
That the Broncos are possessively good.
I don’t want anyone else to like them now. They’re mine. They are the band you knew about before anyone else, and now that band is selling out concerts, they are number one on iTunes, the teenage girl that lives next door is wearing their shirt. Luckily you’re still the only one that knows any of the lyrics.

That the Broncos quickly morphed from being one of the worst teams to play with on Madden to, with the miracle of updated online rosters, one of the funnest teams to play with.

That Eddie!!! has to be the best name to yell at a TV screen. A name we haven’t been able to yell much this season, but feels as comfortable as ever.

That Shawne Merriman is a hologram of Brian Dawkins. A kid trying to emulate a man. He is the “idea” of a team leader, the “idea” of a get em pumped guy, but an actual leader he is not. He is a faker. He stinks.

That Tony Scheffler’s break out game was planned. We have all hypothesized about the offensive identity, and how our skill players would find their way in that identity. We are showcasing our weapons one by one, only showing glimpses of capability, only allowing opposing teams brief sneak peaks at what’s to come. We are all wondering where Peyton Hillis has been…mark my word, Hillis will a big part of a game plan at some point in the next few weeks.
Our identity is an onion. We are just taking our time peeling back the layers.

A heartwarming tale of dumb Jets fans: Click on it!

My friend Sammy is a Buffalo Bills fan, and yes I took a break from our friendship last year when the Bills helped put an end to our season.
This past weekend was his birthday and it just so happened that his Bills were in town to take on Sanchise & the Jets, and it just so happened that the Broncos weren’t winning until Monday night, so, like any good friend, I ripped someone off on craigslist and got us tickets to the game.

Let it be known, Sammy is the dude in a rival stadium that seeks out trash talking. He wears his jersey, which is fine, any respectable fan would, but he also stands up 90% of the time pointing at his jersey, flicking it away from his chest, like he is the one deserving of praise. This being said, he is only in it for the fun. He wants to be your villain.

Now, I have seen Broncos away games, and yes I have openly rooted for the orange & blue, but I always try to keep in mind that I am greatly outnumbered in someone elses home. Yet here I sit, in a sea of green, Sammy, talking T.O. trash, in his T.O. jersey, and me in my orange Rod Smith, quietly enjoying a seasonal brew & the game, we are sitting ducks.

Now, I felt good. I felt safe, because, sure, I may be lumped into his stupidity by spacial proximity alone, but I was an innocent bystander supporting a team that wasn’t even hitting the field for another 24 hours don’t you know. In addition, what kind of shit could a Jets fan talk to a fan of an undefeated Broncos team that just so happened to ruin their season last year?
Jets fans must be official members of the Jamie Dukes fan club because all I heard all game long, were jabs at the so-called fraudulence of McDaniels and his army.
As I stated, I do not start trash talk, but I also don’t back down from it. And to be fair, most people who talk garbage understand the unwritten rules of an honorable trash talker:
1. All talk is, is talk
2. Once your team has lost, the talk stops.
The rules are followed by most, but broken by many, and here is where I get to my #1 entry for this weeks SL. Morons who attend sporting events for no other reason than to pick physical fights, you stink!
It’s only a game folks.


The dude that was so pissed at Sammy and his stinky Bills, for beating his stinky Jets, he didn’t even reach his final destination (Sammy’s face). Instead, he was so drunk he fell down three aisles, as we turned around in investigation of what was responsible for the giant thump (p.s. Giants thumped, they stunk!) he rose, blood running down his nose, rose red, and gingerly moped back to his seat. Of course at this point, even the other Jets fans that were jawing with us were now on our side, and the idiot that had to get physical, was a fan alone. And really, what is worse than being a fan alone?


Alright, enough iiish talk.

Condolence Txt: This is usually a section devoted to apologizing to the friend of the team we just beat. Needless to say…you get my point.


This needs to be put on a t-shirt.

The Brian Dawkins is hurt, I almost crapped my pants moment stunk. Followed by another stinker in the, If Brian Dawkins is hurt our defense might give up big plays down the middle for the rest of the season thought

Phillip River’s I have to be so intense all the time, especially when I’m walking up and down the sidelines, I look like there should be cartoon steam coming out of my ears face has stunk for years, and it stinks seeing it twice a year

The big 34 yard P.I. that was called on Goodman in the 4th Q stunk. Andre, played a good game, but that was enough to give me heart palpitations. Keep your head on a swivel Dre.

Norv Turner’s play calling stunk! Going for it on 4th and 8 with five minutes remaining in the final quarter. What was he thinking? Sure, they punt, we still score, we still win. But that is too much time. He couldn’t trust his defense, so he wanted to win it with his offense, now he can’t trust his offense. What’s good for us, is that the Chargers team hasn’t trusted him for a long time now.

People who ask you: What, so you’re on the Denver bandwagon now? when you’re repping with your hat/shirt/jersey/decorative under eye wear, they STINK.
No chumps, this has been my team for 22 years, and guess what? The Bandwagon’s full.

Realizing a few days back that since I have been posting the SL, the Broncos haven’t lost, stinks. That is a lot of superstitional pressure. Luckily pressure I can handle.

Be good family. Smell ya later.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Sweet writeup

  • scottandlisa

    This sums up my wife's as well as my feelings exactly. My wife went to Purdue while Kyle was there. We have seen every game he has played since his sophmore year at Purdue. When people dogged him, we stood behind him, when Lovie and Jerry Angelo tried to ruin him, we stood behind him… Now all the sudden everyone loves Kyle and we have paid our dues, our favorite College player now plays for our favorite pro team and he is ours… we were just commenting yesterday how the Kyle “love” fest has gone too far… these are the same fans that as soon as they drop a game they'll all jump off the band wagon! Great Write up! our thoughts exactly!

  • kerry

    no that picture of Rivers needs to be put on toilet paper.

  • DenversFinest

    that picture should be called “the changing of the guard”

  • therealch3

    I need a high-res version of that eddie pic stat

  • MeOMy

    I'm pushing off a few of these late comers so my 5 and 6 year old daughter and son can jump on. It's funny watching them fight over my Bronco hats.
    My 9 year old daughter has been on for the last few years. Boy was she mad when I told her there was no game this weekend!

  • robtink242

    no way that would come close to my ass. I'd flush the roll

  • Nisse

    McD watching csi should be on the stinklist, he lost a lot of respect from me there.

    i guess watching csi would be OK, but talking about it at work the next day, that is just bad.