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Published on 10/22/2009 at Thu Oct 22 13:00.
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Our weekly perusal around the Interwebz for water cooler fodder.

ESPN: 4th
This is a very well-balanced team that doesn’t beat itself and has maximized its personnel. That is awfully good coaching.

BroncoTalk: 3rd
Glaring Stat: The Denver Broncos defense has allowed a league low third down conversions (26.9%).

CBS: 4th
And we thought McDaniels was too young and Kyle Orton not good enough. They better get rested during the bye. The schedule after that is brutal.

FOX: 3rd
RPI UPDATE: After their 3-0 start over Cincy, Cleveland and Oakland, cynics said “What’s the big deal?” But with the Week 1 win looking better with the Bengals improved, Denver proved its legitimacy with quality wins over the Cowboys, Pats and Chargers. 3rd-5th
Eight panelists post their individual power rankings.

USA Today: 4th
Can rest on improbable 6-0 mark during bye. Ravens next.

  • Andpark

    We are #2 in Gridiron Experts_

    I think the secret is out. Time to prepare for the Ravens D!

  • Kyle

    A couple of those bigshots seriously still have the Giants over the Broncos. Unbelievable. They got TROUNCED.