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Published on 10/19/2009 at Mon Oct 19 08:51.
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  • Both the Chiefs and the Raiders won Sunday.  Mind the flying pigs on your commute today.  [ESPN 1, 2]
  • But tonight, the real contenders in the division face off.  [ESPN]
  • The Broncos have adjusted well to every opponent they faced.  [ESPN]
  • These adjustments happen in-game and during the week.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • While the Chargers hope to wake from their early season slumber.  [Denver Post]

  • Team Post breaks down the matchups, makes it clear the Broncos look a lot better, then 4/6 pick San Diego anyway.  Can’t take exception to that – that’s exactly what this game feels like to me, too.  Toughest game of the year.  [DPO]
  • The Gazette says defending the deep pass will be paramount.  [CSG]
  • The official site takes a look as well.  []
  • Hoping tonight’s events don’t wind up on this list, or the top 50.  [CSG]
  • Vonnie Holliday is wary of Ladainian Tomlinson.  [DPO]
  • Lovin me some Jon Gruden in that booth, too.  [DPO]
  • This article makes Bill Belichick appear icier than the conditions in Foxboro yesterday.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Jim Zorn relieved of Skins‘ playcalling duties.  Isn’t that just delaying the inevitable?  []