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Published on 10/11/2009 at Sun Oct 11 21:57.
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For everyone at 5,280 feet, the Broncos’ 20-17 victory in overtime over the Patriots was an incredible moment. And while all of us were soaring sky high, one man was at least a mile higher. No one can touch Josh McDaniels.

As commenter DenversFinest put it

Man I almost cried today when McD thanked the crowd. We gave him every thing we could. I don’t know what came over me. This is the first TEAM ive seen in 11 years.

It’s a special season in Denver, and the Broncos have themselves a special coach. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, both near and far. Enjoy it, Denver.

  • DenversFinest

    Cheers Kyle. 5-0!

  • broncoNM

    Love it!

  • nfljerseys

    glad with the win. i think broncos can get better on. they havent reached their full potential yet…

  • blindfaith

    I'm so happy for McD- he's a professional through and through. If it were me pumping my fist in the end zone, I think I'd fly the ol' middle digit salute to my critics who thought I'd be 1-4 at this point.

    A LONG ways to go, but good for the whole bunch- McD, Nolan, Champ, DJ, Knowshon, KO.. Not enough space to list them all, but you have NO idea how easily I'll rest tonight.

  • JMart100

    I love my boys. Josh is the epitome of what you want a football coach to be… somebody who has not forgotten the sheer jubilation and want of a VICTORY. This entire football team plays like a group who shares that feeling, from Dumervil to Dawkins and Bailey and Williams and (you get the picture on D) right to Orton, Moreno, MARSHALL, Royal, Graham, Scheffler, the line… Nolan. How many guys can I name before it isn't amusing anymore? These guys have given me the best feeling I've had as a diehard lifetime Denver fan who grew up in Virginia and the Carolina since Elway retired on top. This team RULES! Okay that was immature, but that's the way it should be. I love my boys!

  • JMart100

    And no way they've played their best football yet… that's what's so uplifting about the whole thing. None of them have forgotten that there is still a long way to go. Listening to Kyle on SNF proved it, these guys know they have something special going on but they also know there's a longer road ahead. Four point dogs going into the MNF game with San Diego according to Vegas… why not, we've beaten the odds all year.

  • T-Money

    I'm glad that we have a coach that acts his age. I'm sick of the run out on the field and shake hands crap. This guy has a passion and it was intense to watch him go to the stands. I'm still buzzing off this win. 5-0 baby. Look out Phillis, The Pain Train is Coming!

  • sstahl

    I love the youthful enthusiasm McD displayed…This team is starting to remind me of the old day.

  • herc_rock

    Not trying to piss on everyone's parade, because I'm as happy as anyone about yesterday, but the first “team” you've seen in 11 years?

    I recall a 2005 “team” that was pretty good…probably better than this one.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Agreed. 11 years is a bit much.

    I'm just as happy as everyone else that we're 5-0, but let's not tear down the good teams we've had since our SB wins in an effort to inflate this year's group of guys.

  • phallus rivers

    Guys, we are talking about a complete team. We are more balanced now than we were in 2005. That is all they are saying. Only time will tell but so far yes this team is playing better. You can't argue with 5-0

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Well, actually, we CAN argue. You're talking about a GREAT record, but it includes some CLOSE games. Flip our first game and this one and our record is mediocre 3-2.

    I'm not denying that a 5-0 record isn't awesome! I just think it's responsible to keep things in perspective. We won at least two VERY close games that could easily have gone the other way. And we've been playing from behind the last couple games which can bite you in the ass if it keeps happening.

    Luck is a great thing to have, but we'll need more than that to make the playoffs.

  • Kyle

    I think what that shows is that the Broncos' opponent needs to play a perfect game to beat the Broncos. How about that? We're THAT team.

  • Trish

    Patriots fan from Massachusetts; congrats to Josh. Not happy with the loss, but I'd rather lose to him than Mangini.

  • todd

    You can see a “bronco” in the cloud when they kick the game winner….

  • Name

    Been a Bronco fan since 1983 and was devastated when they fired Shanahan. But after yesterday, I am onboard again! I love McD and the new Broncos!

  • brandonsims

    To see Mcdaniels celebrate with fans & family in the endzone like he did with the win against new england , gave me the sense that there is something different brewing in Denver this year. It's a great time to be Denver Broncos fans.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I'm not sure if I'd go that far, Kyle… I think McDaniels does a GREAT job of putting our guys the best position to win. But I still feel like we're a couple pieces short of greatness personnel-wise. I think we are having a serious issue clearing short 3rd downs on the ground and we still struggle to put up more than 20 points per game.

    So, not, I don't think we are playing so well that opponents have to play a 'perfect' game to beat us.

    Right now the 'Tipped Ball of Fate' has fallen our way… that won't always prove enough.

    I seem to remember a season when all the talking heads where babbling on about how Jake Plummer was on a LONG run with no INTs (probably 2005 again). The good luck Plummer was having (which included a lot of near interceptions), ended in the post season when a very good team played well and those 'tipped balls' went to their favor.

    I like our personnel. I love the coach's skill (and passion). I LOVE our record! …I'm just trying to keep it real.

    For me the real test comes on Nov. 9th. If we beat the Steelers without a last minute tipped ball that falls our way, I'll officially say the 2009 team is better than the 2005 Broncos.

    That fair? :)

  • CompUser

    It's a good thing that neither the Miami Dolphins or New England Patriots had any CLOSE games that could easily have gone the other way, or had any lucky breaks during their undefeted seasons! Why is it that if the Broncos win a game after being on the receiving end of a few lucky breaks, they were just lucky. But if almost any other team wins the same way, it was because that was a great team, and great teams find a way to win? Just curious.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I don't know if some 'old timers' could fill us in, but I've never seen a coach that outwardly PASSIONATE about winning here in Denver during my time watching them. I know Shanahan was passionate about winning, but he never showed it like McDaniels did Sunday.

    Honestly, I liked seeing it. It makes me think that Josh would be just as loud as I am when watching football games! :)

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Hey… I admit the greatest teams in football history had BOTH talent and luck. You gotta have a health amount of each to make it to the big game.

    I just think that to start declaring our current team (only five games into the season) the best Bronco team to take the field would be a bit premature. :)

  • Rob_Bronco

    Wow, it's good to see so many people who have stepped down off the ledge after such a crazy offseason. McD and the team took the approach we all prayed they would – they ignored all the naysayers and prognosticators who said they would go 3-13. They ignored the majority of the state of Colorado who were calling for them to be burned at the stake when Cutler left. They simply went out and played their f'ing hearts out.

    That moment at the end of the game wasn't a celebration of a win, or a fist pump for 5-0. It was a massive roar from the head coach to anyone who was still doubting the '09 Broncos. The message was clear – we're not who you thought we were.

  • Nick_Shadow


    Everyone has close games, did you see the numbers on Brady's Q4 come backs?
    The difference is how often you win vs lose those, but they are baked in the cake. Now having said that, it would be much more comfortable and I would have finger nails, if we had some breathing room.

    BTW, I think (someone step in please if I am wrong) Elway had the all time record for Q4 come backs when he retired.

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