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Published on 10/08/2009 at Thu Oct 08 18:00.
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Correll Buckhalter

When asked Wednesday if the Broncos would have to change their game plan if Correll Buckhalter had to sit out due to injury, quarterback Kyle Orton exuded confidence.

“I don’t think so,” Orton said. “We would love to have Correll. He has played great for us. He has been very productive. It is one of our deeper on offense, and we have got a lot of guys ready to go.”

When asked if Orton felt rookie running back Knowshon Moreno was ready to carry the load, Orton responded simply, “No question.”

Do you agree? If Buckhalter isn’t ready to go — he missed practice Wednesday and Thursday, and word is he could miss one to two weeks — will the offense be the same? Will the committee approach of LaMont Jordan and Peyton Hillis be enough to make up for the loss of Buck? We’re interested in your thoughts; dish it out in the comments.

  • MrEast

    This is Moreno's time to shine. If the rook can handle the load against New England he'll certainly prove that he should be a serious candidate for ROY.

  • Rob_Bronco

    I am way more concerned about Dawkins. He's become such a key part of the defense. If he doesn't play on Sunday, it will definitely knock our Defense down a notch.

  • Peter P

    I think besides Moreno, Hillis will take this opportunity to get out of McD's doghouse and really explode.

  • Andpark

    Yeah totally. I think it's less on Moreno, although he will get a ton more carries but this is time of Hillis to get back into it.

    Orton HAS to get the ball to Marshall and Royal more. If and when we win, it will be matching the scores that Brady will get. We need Orton to keep it tight all game.

    I heard Dawkins is fully mobile just taking it easy. I hope I heard right. Huge part of the early success this team has had.

  • steeplebomb

    Pretty much agree with everyone here. Dawkins is a cornerstone. His tackles at the third level have been crucial in not giving up big plays all season. If Bucky is out, I want to see Hillis catch LOTS of passes out of the backfield. Given the right set up, he's a runaway train. LJ will probably get decent reps for blocking too.

  • DenversFinest

    I saw Buck running routes today on DP. I wouldn't be suprised if he is in there a lil bit.

  • stav

    Fred Taylor isn't playing Sunday so they cancel each other out. If he can manage a few plays then we're fine but otherwise Hillis has to step up finally this year. In the limited time he's been given he's been incredibly ineffective, fumbling, penalties, and simply not getting the job done. Between him and Moreno that should present a formidable running game for the Pats to deal with.

    Anyway, 23-21, Broncos. I'm starting to get that dominant feeling about this team as in I know the Pats are good but we can definitely beat them. We matchup very well with them and as their offense is obviously better than our offense, our defense is waaaaayyyy better than theirs. I see it like this:

    Offense – NE
    Defense – Denver
    Special Teams – Even, maybe a slight edge for us due to Prater (so far)
    Moss v Champ – Even
    Galloway v Goodman – Even, slight edge to us as Galloway has done nothing so far
    Welker v Smith/Williams – ???? I think this is the make or break matchup for the game

    On the flip side I think our receivers win the matchup vs the NE DB's – but Royal has to step up in this game in order for us to win. He needs to make a huge ST play or emulate Welker's production.

    Running Game – Denver

    I won't get into QB's

    O-Line – Denver, Brady's been getting hit, ALOT. Hopefully alot more Sunday.

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