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Published on 10/05/2009 at Mon Oct 05 20:27.
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Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable‘s days in Oakland might be numbered. Napa police finished their investigation of Cable’s alleged offseason assault of Raiders assistant Randy Hanson and forwarded the case to the District Attorney’s office.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated earlier that Cable wouldn’t receive special treatment. “This is not getting pushed under the rug.”

There’s a very realistic chance that, the next time the Broncos and Raiders meet, someone else is wearing Cable’s sideline headset. Whatcha gonna do, Tom Cable?

  • stuckinraiderland

    C'mon, I think the league should leave Cable alone. Tell me, why SHOULDN'T the Raiders have a head coach with felony assault on his record? Don't tell me it's hurting the image franchise. Hell, nothing is more likely to get the fans to rally around the team than if he gets convicted and does 180 days in county lockup.
    He'd be just as effective coaching where he gets one phone call a day anyway.

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