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Published on 09/22/2009 at Tue Sep 22 19:40.
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Good evening Broncos Nation, how does it feel to be in sole possession of first place in the AFC West? It’s been two days. Hows it feel? Feels great! Makes it easy to breathe this morning! Feels like a song!

Makes me want to open up every window in the apartment! Feels good! Feels maybe too good to be true.

Our supposed “hard as hell” schedule starts week four after Oakland. A schedule that includes the 1-1 Cowboys, the 1-1 Patriots, the 1-1 Chargers and the 1-1 Steelers. I’m not saying what you think I’m saying, all I’m saying is they’ve each lost a game. They are beatable. Something to remember, especially on this day, a day when the undefeated Denver Broncos lead the division.

We too are beatable. It feels good now, to say “HA!” to all the naysayers, to shove it in John Clayton’s 3-13 predicting face, and that’s always enjoyable isn’t? Shoving stuff in other peoples faces? So, let’s enjoy it. Just not too much. Because, as my good friends –
Jeff: “They might be the worst run organization in the NFL, including the Raiders”. He wants you to read this.
Tom: “They’re despicable”.
JD: “They might go 0-16”.
– said of their beloved Brownies, they stink. Click on it!

Last week Kyle and I called out the O-Line, Kyle Orton & Brandon Marshall. At Least two out of those three improved dramatically since week one.

The O Line played great, especially in the second half. Clady and the boy’s opened holes for Moreno & Buck , allowing them to pick up 75 a piece . They also showed great pass protection, giving Kyle enough time, and more importantly room to actually step into a few throws( that toss to Gaffney in the third look pretty). The tremendous line play helped Ort find his rhythm, and in his rhythm, we were able to see the first real showing of what this offense has the potential to become.

Richard Seymour doesn’t play for the Browns. Hopefully the line will keep it up while keeping him and the rest of the Oakland pass rushers at bay in the black hole next weekend.

Brandon Marshall, what is there to say? He contributed positively towards the success of the offense, and McDaniels vows that #15 on the sideline is nothing more than rotational business, yet something makes me feel that Brandon still lacks an overall awareness of what his role is supposed to be in this offense. Perhaps the same could be said of Eddie and his lack of production. Perhaps this is just “the new way,”* where no one man will be stacking up stats.

Who stunk:
Peyton Hillis cannot, CANNOT fumble that kickoff. The good thing, he knows that. I assume he was given this assignment because of 1. his power and 2. his ability to protect the football. Mistakes happen, but this mistake against a good football would have put us in an immediate hole, score & momentum. I love Peyton, I love the bringing back the Mile High Salute, but isn’t time we found a good returner? Eddie doesn’t count because we can’t afford to keep him back there.

Matt Prater/Prayer showed us early this year what all of us Broncos fans found out late last season, how inconsistent he is. BLUSTERY BLUSTERY BLUSTERY BLUSTERY. The wind at Mile High should be part of our home field advantage! Come play us, but you might have to deal with our crazy wind, that even our kicker has trouble with. No. Blustery should be a word that our opponent fears, but remains to us just another underused adjective.

Let’s not give mother nature all the credit. Prayer is Mr. Inconsistent, you all know about the extra point he missed in overtime in the 2005 Hawaii Bowl to lose it for the University of Central Florida right? The final score 48-49. His leg was the reason there was an overtime to begin with, but…I mean…it’s like…you get my point. I saw Kyle’s post about Broncos to work out 3, and I would have sworn that a kicker was going to be involved. Doesn’t it seem like field goals will play a big part in this new brand of Bronco football? I miss Elam. Shanahan deserved to be fired for that alone. Last I checked Matt Stover was still available, he made 81% last year. And while he may not have the monster boot any more, he’s sure to knock in FG’s > 40. HEY! There’s an idea, keep Prayer for the long ones, and let Stover kick the short ones that Prayer would miss.

What’s Jon Bon have to say about it all?

Damn. Acoustic double neck.

We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
cause it doesn’t make a difference
If we make it or not
We’ve got each other and that’s a lot
For love – we’ll give it a shot
Whooah, we’re half way there
Whooah Oh-Livin’ on a prayer

No. Wrong. It does make a difference if we make it or not.
Cheesy 80’s songs, you stink!

Actually, you know what, come to think of it, you’re not bad. Especially if you start to play randomly at a party and everyone is drunk and sings along. Then it’s pretty fun.

Let’s hear it BT faithful. It’s nice to feel good, but try and be critical, who didn’t play up to your expectations?

Note: First song is from a band called Portugal. The Man.
They put on a great live show, check to see if they are coming around soon and go see them if you can.

*-“the new way” refers to a quote from the film Wet Hot American Summer, if you haven’t seen it I highly reccomend it. You may hate it. You may love it.

  • threeyardbomb

    Its great to be 2-0 however sports radio is full of negative nancies. So much that they make Kerry look like a kool-aid drinker. I'll take the season as it come but if we can beat the Raiders and then the Cowboys, I will definately buy into what Mc Daniels is preaching! Go Broncos!

  • Kyle

    McDaniels is on my stink list as the offensive playcaller. Three straight throws at the goal line? BMarsh not on the field?

    Marshall's still on there too, for that matter.

  • isaiahkyler

    Did I mention how much I hate John Clayton … That guy has no idea what he is talking!

  • MrEast

    Well the Crypt Keeper also reported that Bob Stoops was high upon Denver's radar for the head coaching job probably as Stoops was watching ESPN. It was a surprise for him. Oh those ESPN reporters and their credibility, Mort knows what I'm talking about.

    They're lucky they have Schefter and Jaws.

  • monto

    I'm going to say McD's game management, he's still burning through TOs way too early and sidelining Marshall too much (guy hasn't looked as good as last season but at the very least he'l take the pressure off the other WR's by getting the attention of the D)

    also for the continued use of Lamont Jordan, I know he fumbled but if you're going to throw in a RB to rest Cory and Knowson then why not Hillis?

  • Josh Temple

    I just threw up in my mouth a little reading that Clayton article. The NFC East is going to sweep the AFC West? Righhhttt…. Keep smoking that crack pipe John.

  • TD30isMVP

    How is anybody gonna blast the writers for the dismal pre-season predictions on Denver? You saw the same thing from the fans here, many saying 0-3 wins! Tough schedule, team was blown up and put back together with seemingly weaker pieces, Marshall pouting, Cutler gone, new schemes on both sides of the ball, new coaching staff, etc. Point is, we are better than most thought, and not good enough to take on the powerhouse teams. I do get the impression that we have a positive vibe or culture growing with this team and I feel that is a major step in the right direction. I said it before, just give me a team of guys that I am proud to cheer for, guys that come in and work hard and compete every game, ballers, not bawlers.

  • eljbow

    I'm still wondering where all this “weaker pieces” talk is coming from? The only position that can be argued for being “weaker” is QB, and even then I'd say we're getting along quite fine there. The MSM doesn't know what they're talking about.

  • jibbons

    Mr. Elam missed 2 field goals and an extra point in week 1. If kicking 30-40 yards through gusting winds were easy, I'd be an NFL kicker.

  • JordanKennethKamp

    Jibbons, you mean blustery. If kicking field goals in blustery winds were easy you'd be a kicker in the NFL.

  • jibbons

    I think you mean blustery, I meant a short duration burst of high wind speed, as in a gust. Maybe they're synonymous, but the word I meant to use was definitely gusting.

    I'm not trying to make excuses for Prater, but at the same time I wouldn't say he is terrible because of two kicks that were visibly grabbed by gusts of wind, just like I wouldn't say Elam is terrible because he missed 2 field goals and an extra point in the opening game of the season. Prater may or may not be terrible, but last Sunday was hardly the day to make such a judgement.

    I like the song by the way, Portugal. The Man, they have a good sound. I don't expect to find good music on Bronco's blogs, thanks.

  • JordanKennethKamp

    Jibbs, touche, to his own descriptive wind word.

    I'm not here saying Prater is terrible.
    Once again, let me state that the Stink List is a week by week compiling of players/personnel/plays/things from Denver and around the NFL/World that didn't quite make par. I hope to more refine this idea as the season goes on. That being said, I also wasn't using ONLY last week to pass judgment on Prater.

    Glad you liked the music. I saw them at Bonnaroo this past summer, had only heard of them, but they blew me away. I came back to Brooklyn and immediately grabbed tickets to see them at Mercury Lounge, and much smaller venue, and same, the put on a really good show. I highly recommend the new album The Satanic Satanist. I'll continue to pass along bands/artists. Appreciate the appreciation.