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Published on 09/13/2009 at Sun Sep 13 15:56.
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The Immaculate Deflection: Brandon Stokley‘s 87-yard catch off a Leon Hall tipped ball leads to the Denver Broncos‘s 12-7 Week One victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Clip of the amazing play — perhaps the play of the season — below!

  • Pete

    My girlfriend said “don’t worry baby, they’ll get a hail mary and you’ll be back in it” I told her to shut up, and that she didn’t know what she was saying. I said we were fucked and that I was gonna be pissed the rest of the week…….
    THEN THAT PLAY HAPPENED! I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a swing of emotion in my life. These plays always happen AGAINST Denver, never FOR Denver. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy!!!

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  • Tom9798

    We won one of the easy one’s! . . . . I screamed and yelled and am thrilled! . . . . Geez . . . we sure made it look easy . . . eh? . . . we are now 1-0 . . . . undefeated . . . .

    To Mike Nolan . . . hat’s off . . . our defense did everything I hoped it would . . . hold the other team to less than 17 points and give our offense a chance to win . . . . although keep the QB pressure on . . . .when we actually gave Carson Palmer the time to make the throws . . . . guess what . . . . he did! . . . .

    Offensively . . . . both field goals were jaw-dropping!

    We desperately need a QB . . . . Kyle “The Statue” Orton . . . . when he took a sack and dropped us out of winning field goal range . . . . even McD gave him a ration on the sidelines . . . .

    If this is the offense that is going to play the Brown’s, Steeler’s, Cowboy’s, Giant’s, Patriot’s, Raven’s, Eagle’s, Redskin’s and the Colt’s . . . not to mention the Charger’s, Raider’s and Chief’s twice . . .

    I can only hope we make it look so easy the next time . . .

  • Mike 11

    Is it too late to go get Jeff Garcia?

  • soxbigdog

    This has got to be right up there with Ed McCaffrey’s multi-tipped catch at the end of Vikings game in 1996 and John Elway’s hail mary to Rod Smith against the Redskins in 1995 as my favorite regular season game enders…

  • aaron

    I am proud of these guys! They never stopped fighting, I saw them quit to many times last year. I like what I see. To all the Orton haters remember the dude is playing with a jacked up finger on his throwing hand. Go Broncos!!!

  • aaron

    This was also my sons first bronco game. I told him to get use to this, his old man has been putting up with this for years!

  • broncoNM

    Soxbigdog… the first thing i thought of was the hail mary to rod smith against the skins… Good call!

    Pete… I hear ya on the swing of emotions… its a trip to go from so low (thinking about next weeks game and starting 0-1) to the ultimate high of winning a game that was out of reach. Unbelievable!

  • mark

    The Detriot Lions scored 27 points with a rookie quarterback.
    The Chiefs put up 24 on one of the best defenses in the league…
    McDaniels will learn, it’s not the system… it NEVER is… it’s always the players…

  • Gary in SD

    Awesome start to the season, hopefully something special to build on… Go Raiders tomorrow night!

  • jibbons

    @ mark
    are you watching Cutler, the player, throwing to the cornerbacks for like 4 of 5 of his last throws of the 1st quarter? Is that the player you would rather have?

    Orton had a 100 qb rating with a ton of easy dropped balls. Taking a bad sack near the end of the game is a big mistake, don’t get me wrong, but the guy had a pretty decent game considering his finger injury. I’d still like to see him take better care of his receivers though.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Don’t look now but Jay Cutler has thrown 3 picks….anybody want him back. I didn’t think so

  • NM Bronco

    Thank you Stokely!!!

    The Def was much better than I expected, although the tackling was very iffy at times. Nolan should have them dialed in by mid-season.

    As for the offense…..What initally stood out to me was the dropped balls (jibbons). So I started watching Orton’s throws and they were rarely on target. The receivers were constantly bailing out Orton and frankly I am amazed that there were not more dropped balls.

    The other recurring thought for the entire game was where is Hillis. When Jordan went in, I about made a fire McD sign.

    McAdjective, start Brand, put Hillis in to spell Bucky, let your OL coach employ zone blocking and for the love of the Broncos coach to the level of Nolan. I believe you can succeed, but drop the ego, bench your favorites and coach!

  • Mr.East


    It’s never the system?

    What about Jay Cutler tonight?

    What about Randy Moss in Oakland?

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Kyle Orton was 17/28 why are we doggin him again please….Jay Cutler is 8/22 and three picks come on guys..

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Kyle Orton was 17/28 why are we doggin him again please….Jay Cutler is 8/22 and three picks come on guys..The days of scoring thirty fourty points is gone atleast for this year. The era of smart football is upon us

  • Larry C Morton

    Broncoin VA. We are doggin Orton because he does not have the arm strength to to throw the outs or deep passes. He delivery is slow and pocket presence very questionable. Even though Cutler is currently losing by one point despite 3 interceptions, does any doubt he is just one completed pass from winning that game? Orton is not going to get an immaculate reception every week. Broncos are going to have to throw the ball down field to win.

  • Larry C Morton

    All things considered, it was a good road win and something to build on but I hope the coaches take a hard look at the passing game with the Steeler’s, Cowboy’s, Giant’s, Patriot’s, Raven’s, Eagle’s, Redskin’s and the Colt’s in our future. Today’s performance is not enough against that schedule.

  • Kircus Made My Sub

    Gotta love Gus Johnson. I wish he would call every broncos game.

  • Kircus Made My Sub

    And to everyone arguing…lighten up! Today is like a free christmas! Football is back!!

  • NM Bronco

    This is not about Cutler, who is leading his team to victory right now, Cutler is gone.

    Orton is our QB, BroncoinVA, and he is not a starting caliber QB. His stats are good because he cannot throw the ball downfield with accuracy and the Off is adjusted accordingly. If you take away the immaculate reception, his average throw was for 9.1 yards. Which means his average throw is around 4-5 yards. Stats do not always reflect reality.

  • NM Bronco

    Kircus Made My Sub

    Kyle, Is there a prize for best name?

  • T-Money

    WOW… I still cant believe it. I get chills watching it.


  • BroncoinVA9986

    He still didn’t cost us the game that the other quaterback did time and time again in the Redzone… You need to give the Bengals more credit for a decent Defense. Why does everybody feel that you need to play like a Big Twelve Offense. I prefer smart football with short passes and no turnovers. Time of possession is key in winning football games. Kyle Orton was terrible in the first half but got more confident as the game went on. I believe this team is still an six to eight win team… Is Kyle the future probably not but he is Mr. Right now. If you look at the tape our wide Recievers had issues getting open and they dropped passes. The offense lacked Rhythm in the first half…I would rather have issues with offense than on defense sorry crucify me for saying that.

    NM Bronco I mentioned what Jay was doing because some have crucified McDaniels for getting rid of Cutler…

  • Peleni1

    I learned back in 98 never to give up on Denver till the clock ticks zero. Bronco’s & Raiders, I thought I lost a $50 bet. Denver lost the ball with a minute and some seconds to go. I shut off the TV accepting my loss. The next morning before work, I stopped at an ATM to get money to pay my debt. When I walked up to my workmate, I started handing him his dough. Simultaneously he was handing me dough. I thought he was playin. He looked at me surprised and said you turned it off didn’t you. I said yeah, it was over after the fumble. He said, then you missed one hell of an ending because Denver won!


  • Aaron

    I see Cutler still can figure out who is on his team and who is on defense. He still cant win the big games either, can anyone say Jeff George? Wonder how long it will be before he throws his teammates under the bus, will it be before they are 0-2 or after? The Steelers will do the same thing to him!

  • roshon2411

    Orton doesn’t have to worry about mistakes in the Redzone b/c he can’t get us there. Offense was pathetic.

  • mark

    @Mr. East

    That’s right, I submit that “Systems don’t win you games, players do”…

    What about Jay Cutler tonight you say? Exactly, he has a bad offensive line and sub par receivers.

    What about Randy Moss in Oakland you say? Exactly, Moss is a great player that didn’t want to play in Oakland.

    Shannahan only became the mastermind when he had Elway, TD, Sharpe, Niel Smith, Romo, Atwater and on and on…

    If Bill Belichick system was so good how come he did nothing in Cleveland?

    You need a stable full of horses, not poneys…

  • bronco billyjoe


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  • romOno

    You talk to your girlfriend like that? Ass! These plays always go against D? Christ they won their first four games last season on shitty calls from the ref and lucky fuck ups on both sides. Looking forward to watching them luck their way into the playoffs. Go Broncs!