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Published on 09/13/2009 at Sun Sep 13 03:37.
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Anything less would be uncivilized. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Anything less would be uncivilized. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

So here we stand Denver, backs against the walls, every critic in the world has predicted us to do absolutely nothing this year. As I often say to Kyle, “We’ve got them right where we want them,” because I don’t like expectations. I want three things in life: I want to be the best dressed, most charming and I want to be right. Well, I’ve been a huge success thus far and I’ve got a whole lot more life to live, miles away buddy.

So we lost a quarterback, we gained a team. Not a defense, but an offense, a defense and a special teams… Worth their weight in gold- no more cringing! Seriously…

“One must change one’s tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one’s superiority.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Got it? I don’t know if my mother was mean for this or not, but I’ve never had a drop of kool-aid in my life, never owned a pair of orange glasses, I really just call them like I see them and I’m going to go ahead and slam this flag into the ground right here… Because I’m feeling rather bullet proof and I cannot wait to see what Josh McDaniels has for the NFL. I love nothing more than watching a true freshman or a rookie just go out and beast (no Brandon Marshall). Whether he be Lebron James, a Kobe Bryant or an Adrian Peterson, we’ve got that man Denver. So rejoice.Don’t get me started on Knowshon Moreno.

Who wants some? Seriously... (THE DENVER POST | JOHN LEYBA)

Who wants some? Seriously... (THE DENVER POST | JOHN LEYBA)

So, we’ve got arguably the greatest defensive player in the NFL in Champ Bailey and we gave him, in my opinion, the best available Defensive Coordinator in Mike Nolan to tutor him. We’re not only going to run this town as Rihanna would say, we’re going to run this coast. That being the west. I’ve never eaten crow in my life, but I’ve heard rumors and it’s miserable! This is the thing about the Denver Broncos, I cannot even reference the team, because this isn’t the team that you saw last year. Hell, it’s not even the team you saw in the preseason. Look at that defense, they’re here to dominate.

So, let’s kick ass and take numbers, I cannot wait for the Cincinnati Bengals because it’s tee time and they’re screwed. As Brian Dawkins wraps the tape on his hands, I dare Esteban to go across the middle. I can’t wish harm on anybody, but Carson Palmer will check his knee several times this game unfortunately. Cedric Benson will wish that he was back on that boat and will even make the Bengals defense look better than they really are, before we kill them.

Let’s go Broncos, get fired up, it’s FINALLY Sunday! And I can’t wait!

  • DC

    go broncos.

  • Rob Bronco

    It’s go time! Regardless of the moves made during the offseason, our boys are stepping onto the battlefield today ready to battle. Go Broncos!

  • IraqNavyCMC

    I sure wish i could watch the BRONCOS beat up on cincy! I am limited to whatever games AFRTS shows!


  • flbronc

    Thanks for all you do for us IraqNavyCMC!

    Try to make it here for the live blog… at least you can get some play by play.

  • vince

    i believe……..

  • Kelly in Carolina

    Great motivational speech Ian, I’m right there with you! Reminded me of the speech Aragorn gives at the foot of the Black Gates as they stood against impossible odds, completely outnumbered and surrounded!

    A day may come when the Broncos are utterly defeated and the organization folds and gives in to the expert opinions of those who loath it, but it is not this day!


    (Cue the Horse charge music, because today my friends there will be a massive Bronco horse charge!)

    May we bleed orange as the Orange Crush is resurrected!

  • olen

    It’s “SHOW TIME’ .

  • McgarnagleDB

    That’s a great line. We lost a quarterback but we gained a team.

    Nice article. Go Broncos!!!

  • BH


    You can go to:

    to download and watch the game.

    AFN doesn’t seem to like the Broncos too much. I’m an advisor on the Iranian border. Bronco season is finally hear. It is great to have football to look forward to. Good luck. Be safe.

  • areferee

    You may not be drinking Kool-Aid and your glasses may not be naval-fruit-tinted, but your expectations are orange-tainted. All of us Bronco fans want you to be right Ian, but realistically, no one other than a “fanatic” could predict so young a team to dominate with so tough a schedule in its “rookie” season. But we’ll all be watchin’ an hopin”…

  • nycbronco

    Great post – I’m with you – the fans are disllusioned, I’m a buyer! We know nothing about this team. I take them against the spread today for the FIRST TIME in my 36 year history as a bronco fan..

  • FresBronco

    One of the biggest mistakes McD made was trading up only to pass on Maualuga. Now Rey is making us pay.

  • Ian Henson

    nycbronco- so dinner’s on you tonight?

  • Kelly in Carolina


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