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Published on 09/03/2009 at Thu Sep 03 08:01.
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  • Ben Hamilton is seeing a specialist regarding the back pain that has held him out of back-to-back practices.  [Denver Post]
  • The Arizona Cardinals come to town tonight.  []
  • What to watch for.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • The media consensus is that the Broncos‘ asking price of Jets LB David Harris is too steep for Brandon Marshall.  [Newsday]

  • Vic Lombardi says that a Marshall trade isn’t likely, pointing out that the WR is working out with Rod Smith.  [CBS4 Denver]
  • Tonight is crunch time for bubble players to clinch a roster spot.  [DPO]
  • Breaking down Denver’s hurried prep for a preseason game four days since their last.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • No blackouts for Denver this year; the 40-year stretch of sellouts rolls on.  [DPO]
  • Now that he’s getting the attention, Tom Brandstater sounds mighty impressed by Josh McDaniels.  [CSG]
  • Woody Paige has given his prediction: 4-12.  [DPO]


Jay Cutler Michigan mag
  • Jay Cutler: Too sexy for Colorado. [Michigan Avenue Mag]
  • Peter King gives his predictions too, with the Broncos finishing 5-11 and both the Chargers and Bears losing to the Patriots en route to their 7,000th Super-Bowl-on-paper.  [Sports Illustrated]
  • The Cowboys are the league’s highest-value franchise, while the Broncos rank 10th at $1.081 billion.  [DPO]
  • Trent Dilfer breaks down NFL quarterbacks.  [ESPN]
  • The Giambino was just what the doc ordered last night.  [NY Daily News]
  • (dee)

    Wow, a I guess a city of city didnt help Cutler’s sense of fashion. Jay you are no Tom Brady, stick to football.

  • Jack Burton

    Woody Paige is a hack. I say six games, but Woody Paige is a hack. That is all.

  • Mr.East


    The Patriots have won 10,000 Super Bowls according to Peter “I love Boston” King.

  • alm034

    Maybe we should draft this guy. He has experience in Charlie Weis’ system.

  • Joe H.

    Why don’t we trade Marshall to Cleveland for Derek Anderson and a 2nd rd draft pick? Anderson has a good arm and he is proven QB in the league and we wouldn’t have to a high price for another 1st rd pick since it’s obvious that Bowlen dosen’t want to pay 2 large contracts to rookies like he did this year.

  • Rob Bronco

    LOL @ East. I think there’s a major love affair with ESPN and the patriots. It’s ridiculous. Um.. didn’t the STEELERS win the Superbowl last year? But I rarely hear anything about them. But ESPN reports when a Patriots player gets a bug bite. It’s absurd.

    On another note, I am happy to hear that Marshall is working out with Rod Smith. I’m really hoping that Rod has a come to Jesus meeting with BM and gives him some perspective. Marshall has the opportunity to be bigger than life. All he has to do is get his stuff together.

  • robtink242

    LOL the dumb ass (Trent Dilfer) said Orton has a strong arm. this only proves these guys dont have a clue they post any S***. personally i rather hear Kerry give a REAL report.