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Published on 09/02/2009 at Wed Sep 02 14:15.
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Quotes from the Coach! In order to fulfill our commitment of being your one-stop shop for all things orange and blue, we’re going to provide these to you more consistently. We need a catchy/clever/witty name though. I’d just run with ‘Deep Thoughts’ but that would imply telepathic abilities, which is silly. Help us out in the comments!


On if the Broncos are ready for Thursday’s game against Arizona

“We crammed everything we could cram into two days. You kind of see what your guys are capable of learning real fast because there are some new little things that we have to do based on what they do. Our guys adapted well to it in the last two days.”

On trimming the roster to 53 players

“(General Manager) Brian (Xanders) and I will obviously talk with the staff. We have been talking all of training camp. I don’t think it is good business to wait until the very end and then try to make a whole bunch of huge decisions at the end. We have been trying to evaluate that process ongoing. It is never easy to go through that from our end. I have let players go throughout the year this year, and that is never a fun experience because they come out here and they work hard. You kind of get attached to them. It is not going to be something that I look forward to. I can tell you that much. I am sure there is no coach that looks forward to telling players that they have to be released. It is part of this game. We have to do it, and we are going to try to assemble the best 53 guys we can.”

On how players’ performances in Thursday’s game against Arizona will factor into personnel decisions

“In some circumstances, it certainly will play a role. Everything that they are doing on the field tomorrow, we have a purpose for it for them to be out there, and they are going to play like they have a purpose. We are not taking anything for granted. We are going to look at every player. There certainly are a lot of things that could come into place (with personnel decisions) based on injuries and all kinds of other things that you need to make sure that you evaluate everybody properly. That is what we are going to do tomorrow, and they are going to play like that.”

On missing several players due to injury

“I am not glad we have injuries. Nobody is. I am hopeful that we will field the healthiest team that we can field next week when we go to Cincinnati, and I am hopeful that a lot of the guys that have missed periods of time during the course of training camp and then lately will be also ready to go. That is kind of where I stand on that. I can’t guarantee one thing or another, and I certainly don’t want to put expectations on players in terms of injury rehabilitation that aren’t attainable. We hope we can take the healthiest 53-man roster to Cincinnati, and the guys that haven’t been here, we look forward to having them back soon.”

On trade rumors regarding WR Brandon Marshall

“There are no discussions whatsoever taking place between the Denver Broncos and any team in the National Football League regarding Brandon Marshall. We are looking forward to having Brandon back on the sixth of September and starting our preparation for Cincinnati with him.”

On RB Knowshon Moreno’s status

“Knowshon is doing better every day. I am not sure if we are going to play him tomorrow. He would be capable of playing, but I am not exactly sure if that is the smartest decision. We are going to talk about that here in a few minutes. (We are) taking all of the information into account and making sure we do the smart thing for the player and make sure that we are ready to go next week.”

On if the starters will play in Thursday’s game against Arizona

“Our guys are going to play. (The starters) are not going to play into the second half or anything like that, but there are some things that we want to do better than what we have done. There are some little things that we want to make sure we go out there and try to accomplish. Everybody that plays tomorrow is going to understand the purpose for them being out on the field, and we have a purpose to try to accomplish some things that we want to get done and see tomorrow. We are looking forward to it. We are excited. It is kind of neat that you don’t have to wait too long to play another game. You play one Sunday night and turn around and three days later, you are getting ready to have the night-before-the-game meeting tonight. They will play. They will play tomorrow.”

On his goals for Thursday’s game against Arizona

“We want to improve on some of the things that we did poorly last week. Offensively, we would love to come out of the game with no penalties and no turnovers. Defensively, we did some good things last week in the running game (but) gave up a big two-minute drive, so it would be nice to get into a two-minute situation and play the situation better than we have played it the last two games because Seattle and Chicago both scored on us before the half. There are a lot of little things like that that we are looking forward to trying to improve upon and get better at. We will see which ones come up tomorrow night.”

On how much QB Tom Brandstater will play in Thursday’s game against Arizona

“He will play a long time.”

  • (dee)


    What about “Bronco Buzz”

  • Josh Temple

    Kyle, you need to get a new McD head shot to use, that one is starting to creep me out. It haunts me like little Christian Aguilera monsters.

  • JP

    Hoodies Harkenings

  • T-Money238

    How about something like the Police bottler. DB Blotter

    I want Knowshon to play but I would rather he stays health for the season.

  • Paul

    The Mile High Chronicle! , Quotes from the Coach, Invesco Thoughts, The Fan Zone, The Players Zone, The Coaches House….Hope some of these help!

  • Paul

    The Coach’s House*

  • Jack Burton

    Uh…Maybe Josh McNuggets? Wait…no, that’s just wrong. Back to the drawing board.

  • Kyle

    I thought about McNuggets! But keep in mind these will be both coach quotes and player quotes. :)

  • JP

    Just Josh’in (is he or not?)

  • JP

    How about “From the Horses’ Mouth”….that covers the whole team

  • Andpark


  • TD30isMVP


  • Mav_PM

    Tales from the Hoodie

    Like Tales from the Crypt. It excludes the players but who cares.

  • TD30isMVP

    Guiding Broncos, General Bronco, Days of our Broncos, As the Broncos turn..Broncos, lies, and video tape…

  • Mav_PM

    I agree with Josh Temple… could totally see that McD pic showing up in a SP episode. More Ritalin please.

  • T-Money

    You could do… Hey Look:

    for example

    “hey look! josh mcdaniles just took a s#@! in the woods”

  • robtink242

    common sense says they are gonna give him a new contract. Moreno better play. quick question who’s jersey is safe to get.

  • kerry

    hmmm. McDaniels says no trade talks? well ESPN has reported that the Broncos want LB David Harris for Marshall. so is McDaniels lying again??

  • Linmoo

    I like JP’s “From the Horse’s Mouth” theme. Maybe “Bronco Bites”?

  • broncobobmeridian

    Did ESPN say if it was Harris for Marshall straight up?

  • Kyle

    I’m thinking “Coach Speak.”

    A lot of good ones. I think the Horse’s Mouth has been used before. Just Josh’in made me laugh, if it was just the coach I’d be quoting I might use it.

  • Robert

    Bailey is safe even if he leaves the team he is forever a Bronco. Otherwise , Royal is probably as good as it gets. The kid is a true football pro and symbolizes team spirit and a hard work ethic. No way McDaniel’s gets rid of him.

  • Dave Simon

    “Going to Extremities”

  • kerry


    no they said Marshall for Harris and a pick or 2. not specifice about what round picks though.

  • broncoNM

    Rotoworld is stating that the broncos are asking for Harris and a 1st rd pick from the jets for marshall… Rotoworld seems to think there is no way the jets go for it.

  • Vince_Marine

    Does anyone know about this David Harris? I’ve never heard of him.

  • Bryan

    Broncos, Lies, And Videotape LMAO! That’s classic..

    How about From the Locker Room?

  • Andpark

    Sounds like a deal that could have happened if we were dealing with an adult but since we are dealing with a 6 year old the Jets won’t it give all that up.

    If now there really is no trade then Marshall needs us as much as we need him. Orton can’t get deep but Brandstater and Simms can (probable QBs for Cin). Get in gear Marsh.

  • MikeY55

    david harris is a beast of a MLB. been in the 3-4 entire career still super young. if the marshall thing doesn’t turn out i’d actually be very okay with that trade because him and DJ in the middle are very solid at what they do then after that chicago game when Doom was rippiing it up he looks to be solid at one OLB but that was against a highly overrated pace. then theres ayers and if he pans out all our LB’s would be set in stone and under 30

  • broncoNM

    MikeY- I agree with you… from what i have read he is young, versatile, cheap, with a ton of potential. Him and DJ in the middle would be a pretty amazing duo.

    If Marshall could of held off his tantrum a bit longer he might have gotten out of hear… but this trade would be a huge risk for the jets. They have little depth at the LB position to begin with and to let go of Harris and a draft pick for a ‘problem child’ is probably way too risky for Jets GM. Your right Marshalls recent actions have most likely kept him in denver for another year. He might as well buck up and start playing.

  • Roy

    How about “McQuotables” or “Straight From the Hoodie”

  • broncobobmeridian

    How about ” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest “

  • coskibum

    I vote for – “Read My Lips”

  • Paul

    Since Marshall has been suspended he has been working out with Rod Smith! He reached out to Smith…not the other way around! So he might be coming around after all! If not you all have seen the Transporter movie where he says his daughter will come around and then a couple of minutes later you hear a gun shot and he says well maybe not! I think that is where we stand right now with him…he could come around or get traded….

    Kyle how about THE LOCKER-ROOM HUSTLE!

    Miles the P.I. Inside Gossip Page
    The Josh McDaniels’ Show
    Bronco Tales

  • T-Money

    I vote for : Sounds from the Locker Room, or just… The Locker Room

  • T-Money

    Here’s a nice video about B-Marsh. I’m liking that he is working out with Rod Smith. Maybe he’s finally getting it.

  • T-Money

    “Can you here me now”


    Getting back to the Jet thing:

    From ESPN:

    Let’s kick them in the crotch & ask for Sanchez straight up!

  • BroncoinVA9986

    I would say after cutler left that nobody is safe

  • Joe

    I will lose all respect for mcdaniels if he trades bmarsh after telling everyone they haven’t been shopping him and won’t. This will be the second time that he has screwed everyone over with a lie if he does this.

  • rcsodak

    Rocky Mtn Stories or Nuggets or Notes

    Mile High Stories or Nuggets or Notes

  • Tom9798

    Opey says, ” I didn’t do it,” . . . . .

  • Paul

    Kyle, I believe the Fan was talking about this story on the air and got everything mixed up or just said it to get everyone hyped up!