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Published on 09/02/2009 at Wed Sep 02 08:15.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall tosses his helmet during the team's 2009 training camp.  (BroncoTalk/Kyle Montgomery)

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall tosses his helmet during the team's 2009 training camp. (BroncoTalk/Kyle Montgomery)

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall requested a trade several months ago and, depending on who you believe, much more recently. Jamie Dukes from NFL Network reported prior to the Sunday Night Football game versus the Chicago Bears that the Denver Broncos had indeed offered Marshall a new contract, but that the contract did not include any guaranteed money. This may be what lead to Marshall acting up and eventually ending up suspended.

Today news out of New York, according to Newsday’s Bob Glauber, is that the New York Jets are at least considering a trade for Marshall.  The article goes on to state the Broncos are seeking at least a first round draft pick for compensation, but he goes on to point out that it is highly unlikely that the Jets would pay such a steep price for the Broncos punter receiver.

There are other possibly interested location for Marshall and as the season approaches and the injuries keep piling up speculation will run wild every time a receiver drops. Among teams that could really use a strong number one receiver? The Broncos! Marshall by all indications has at least agreed verbally to button up and play ball for his remaining time with the team after publicly embarrassing himself.

UPDATE: The Newsday article may have had some authenticity, as ESPN’s Ed Werder is now reporting that the Broncos are monitoring the Jets for tampering. We will keep you posted if things heat up in Denver.

What’s up Nation? Is the damage done and it’s time to get rid of this guy? Or do you believe in second, third, fourth chances? I can tell you, there are definite other places I’d like to send Marshall to, the New York Giants for one Osi Umenyiora and a second or a third isn’t a bad idea. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

  • (dee)

    B Marsh is turning into a joke of a player/human being. Anything less than a first round pick is unacceptable to me. I still think maybe things can work out, but we will see. Chad Ochocinco has been wanting out of Cincy for years and they’ve made that work, even after he supposedly punched the headcoach? So let’s see how this thing play’s out.

  • mark

    Well, I think Marshall is all but gone at this point. So someone recap what draft picks we have for next year for me…

    1st (From Bears)
    5th – Gone to NE for Le Kevin Smith

    It that right? Do we still have a 7th or is it gone? We better get at least two number second round picks for Marshall.

    Kinda sad when I’m already getting a 2010 mock draft going in my head… sad sad sad…

  • Dan

    By Thursday, trade Marsh for Boldin. Get him out of Denver.

  • mark

    Side note, how the hell did I end up with both Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton on my fantasy team… Sheeesh

  • Ian Henson


    I can’t remember for whom, but I believe that we gave up either our 6th or 7th for someone recently.

  • Ian Henson


    I like the Ochocinco justification for Marshall. I can say this, as angry as Marshall can make me… We are a better team with Marshall than we are without him (unless we get a first round for him and that first rounder turns out to be a great team player, just kidding).

  • brett


    As it stands now, the Broncos have a 1st (from Chicago), 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th. They gave up both of their 5th round picks (one for Brandstater and one for LeKevin), their own 1st (for Alphonso Smith), and the 7th they had for about 5 minutes (Russ Hochstein).

  • jun bug

    trad marshal for tavaris jackson and trade 1st round picks

  • Kyle

    Getting a contract offer with no guaranteed money is the same as a slap in the face in this player economy.

    I really, really empathize with Marshall. I understand his point of view. He is a top 10 receiver getting paid less than 100 others.

    BUT act like a professional BMarsh and you would have gotten paid. I honestly believe if he had handled it better, the Broncos would have rewarded with him a contract, right around now. Learn the playbook and perform out there and maybe you can still get some money before the season ends.

    I, for one, don’t want to see the team trade Marshall. It’s a short-term solution with long-term consequences. He’s a piece of a Super Bowl puzzle.

  • J

    So if he goes to the Jets and they win the SB their first will be as good as high 2nd rounder! I’d say 1st , 4th and a player would even up.

  • MiamiMike

    has anyone seen this rumor on Scouts .com? It is now on other sites as well.

    Could the Cards still think about moving WR Anquan Boldin? It sounds like it actually could happen, as talks about a fantasy football type of deal where the Cards would swap unhappy Boldin with another unhappy wide out – the Broncos Brandon Marshall. Here’s the story:

    As Anquan Boldin continues to seek a restructured contract, trade rumors have resumed regarding the three-time Pro Bowl wideout. The latest development includes a potential three-way deal that would send Boldin to the AFC in exchange for another disgruntled receiver. Now with another wideout seeking a new contract possibly on the table, Arizona GM Rod Graves may be considering parting ways with the Boldin camp. Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall is the wide receiver popping up in trade talks and the Cardinals would also be in line to receive another young signal caller. While Boldin and Marshall would be the headliners of the potential trade, several other key players would be included. With both Denver and the Kansas City Chiefs involved in the talks, there would also be a shuffle between quarterbacks.

    Arizona backup QB Matt Leinart would reportedly be headed to the Mile High City with either Brodie Croyle or Tyler Thigpen heading to the desert. Kansas City would in turn get Boldin and Denver would receive Leinart and a second-round draft pick. That would leave the Cardinals with another Pro Bowler in Marshall replacing Boldin, who has proved to be extremely productive during his time in Arizona. In addition, with many questions regarding the long-term future of Leinart, the Cardinals would enter fresh blood in the contest to succeed veteran QB Kurt Warner upon his retirement.

  • alm034

    After watching the new defense, I would be less excited to see a trade involving an gifted offensive weapon for defensive help. Marshall for Boldin + a pick or player would be OK, but doesn’t Boldin have some contract issues of his own looming?

  • CompUser

    Kyle (or anyone, really), which national ranking of NFL starting wide receivers has Marshall ranked in the top 10? All the rankings I’ve seen had him somewhere between 13th and 16th (over the past two seasons). Thanks.

  • roshon2411

    I heard a rumor of this trade yesterday…

    similar to what MiamiMike mentioned…

    Arizona Gets: Brandon Marshall
    Tyler Thigpen

    Kansas City Gets: Anquan Boldin

    Denver Gets: Matt Leinart
    KC 1st Round Pick

    If were me I would take that in a heart beat. Leinart, though not good, has more potential than any QB we have now. KC’s first rd pick will probably be a top 10.

    Though MiamiMike is probably right in most like a high second rd instead first. If that was the case than I wouldn’t make the trade.

    Denver needs a first plus something. Hold on to him, I’m sure as we get closer to opening weekend, the offers will come.

  • mikeyfantastic45

    Can’t imagine we’ll get a first rounder for him, and we shouldn’t settle for anything less. If Marshall is smart he’ll play his ass off this year and hope to cash in at the end of the year, praying we don’t franchise him. I think we’ll see him step in line as soon as the season starts with a few bumpy patches along the way, as we are sure to lose a few consecutive games, but in the end he’ll help this year, and he’ll be gone by next season.

  • flbronc

    i’m with roshon- if his rumor was true i’d pull the trigger. wouldnt do it for a second rd pick. it gives us ammo to move up next year if we need a qb of the bradford, mccoy or snead variety. i dont hold much hope for lineart- the offense he couldnt run in arizona is similar to the one here… but maybe he becomes a piece in a trade at some point, or is a decent backup (thinking out loud, doesnt he have a relatively large contract to take on). i do hate facilitating an all pro wr landing in our division.

    all this is kinda a moot point, i dont think that brandon is going anywhere this season.

  • Ian Henson

    Though the KC>AZ>Denver rumors do seem at least feasible, in Cleveland either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn will be a backup this season and they also have a wide receiver who has possibly been awaiting a trade with Braylon Edwards.

    If Marshall is worth Boldin, then I don’t see the point in Denver not getting him. Other than the fact that as far as I can tell, they can’t afford the $10 million a year that it would cost.

  • kerry

    can we trade Marshall for some actual D-line talent? fuck Leinart! how about Darnell Docket or Gabe Watson and a pick or 2.

  • Roy

    I don’t see the Broncos letting Marshall go for anything less than what the Lions got for Williams. Unless Mike Ditka is coaching again, that won’t happen.

    A trade for either Umenyiora or Ngata would be great, but to think we would get a pick too, is fantasy. While I do not condone trading away players just because they throw temper tantrams, trading him may be our best option in the long run.

  • Ian Henson


    Yes, good point Leinart’s contract will be a decent chunk of change (remember he was ahead of Cutler in the draft). Though as far as I’ve seen Brian Xanders is literally a contract genius.

    KC with Bowe and Boldin at wideout… scary, then again they had Bowe and Gonzalez for the last two years and still couldn’t get their stuff together.

  • (dee)


    Its tough for me to emphasize with B Marsh. I agree with you in your opinion that if Marshall had been on the straight and narrow they would have worked out something with him by now, but asking for a new contract a day after the acquittal is really dumb.

    Marshall has trust issues with the Broncos because of his hip which is one incident, but the Broncos who have dealt with close to 10 incidents regarding B Marshall are not allowed to be cautious when it comes to giving him this agreement.

    The issue here isn’t McD, its the owner Bowlen. Bowlen does not want to see his money wasted as it was in the Shanahan years. The latest example was Travis Henry.

    Here are others:

    -Javon Walker
    -Jake Plummer – could have remained as a vetern backup, but Shanny pushed Cutler in tere.
    -Boss Bailey
    -Niko Koutowhatshisface
    -Marquand Mauel(safety)
    -The other stiff we had a safety
    -Brian Griese? Remember that contract

    I’m sure everyone can at least think of 1 wasted contract made by Shanahan

    … oh wait remember Maurice Clarrett?

    anyways what I’m saying is Bowlen is no longer willing to pay for mistakes or busts, giving Marshall what he wants until he can show that he is able to go a football season without getting arrested is stupid. If you believe that Marshall has already done enough to earn a new agreement and we should just pay him, your are saying so because you’re not forking out 20+ million guaranteed to him.

  • Ian Henson


  • Roy


    Don’t forget Dre Bly, and all of the Browncos.

  • rcsodak

    Leinart would DIE, being that far from HollyWood! Simply DIE!
    Why would Denver have a hand in improving a Division rival?

    What nobody else has said, for one reason or another…. how can “2 NFL sources” say Denver would like Harris, while Schefter says the NYJets wouldn’t do that…..all the while, McD say NO TRADE TALKS are on the table?

  • BLF

    Personal Opinion here :
    BM is NO top 10 reciever. Period.
    He had Jay zipping the ball to him about 15 times a game the last 2 seasons (i have no official count of the throws to him but the number appeared very high).

    Watch the bears wr & TE someone will come out demanding a rich contract in a couple of years because of cutler.

    A top 10 WR i bilieve is the packers receiver who beat champ and bly for TDs in the same game a couple of seasons ago. I’ve never seen BM do that.

    I blame cutler for this mess. He put extra focus on BM every snap. The guy catches 50% of them. then thinks hes Fitzgerald or Moss.

    I still say suspend him 4 games then do not drees him the rest of the year. then tender him for 1st & 3rd no one will come forward so sign him then suspend him then sit him etc. Till We Kill His Career Just like he is trying to Kill our Team. Some players just want them selves to be used as examples.

  • Thomas Jones

    Thats what happens when you act so childish over a game, yes its a career but there is a line that must be drawn.