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Published on 09/01/2009 at Tue Sep 01 20:05.
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Jeb Putzier in 2005

Jeb Putzier in 2005

It’s clear after listening to Jeb Putzier‘s interview with Scott & Al on FM 104.3 The Fan Tuesday afternoon that the veteran journeyman is disillusioned with the Denver Broncos, and the NFL in general. Released along with three other players this afternoon, it must have been difficult for Putzier to keep his composure and not reek of sour grapes, and for the most part he succeeded. But when asked about the state of the team, the picture he painted was none-too-pretty.

Saying that overall he was appreciative and didn’t want to burn any bridges, Putzier dropped this nugget midway through the ten-minute spot:

“It’s not the same 13-3 team I was on three years ago when we went to the AFC Championship Game, I can tell you that much. It’s going to take a lot to turn around this organization from where it was at, and it needs to start in that locker room. It has a long way to go.”

No one is confusing this team for the Broncos that were a game away from the Super Bowl in 2005, but Putzier’s candor was revealing. And worrisome.

Putzier also voiced his frustration about being cut. He didn’t name names (ahem Brandon Marshall ahem), but he compared his work ethic to others on the team, lamenting the fact that his professionalism wasn’t rewarded.

“You put in a lot of work and a lot of hours. You sacrifice a lot of time from your family. Anyone who knows me understands how much of a professional I am at this, and how I take this wholeheartedly compared to a lot of guys. Every practice, every meeting, how I eat, how I sleep, things like that, where you can’t say that about everyone. So from that standpoint it’s a little frustrating.”

Is some of it sour grapes? Sure, absolutely. He just got released, and he’s only human. But saying it’s still “going to take a lot” and that the team has “a long way to go” is far from a vote of confidence in a team that he admits might be calling him right back if they suffer an injury at tight end. Maybe he should have been more careful not to burn those bridges.

Audio below courtesy FM 104.3 The Fan

  • Dave Simon

    Unfortunately for Jeb, he’s not blessed with natural talent, so he has to work harder than some to be in this league. That isn’t a knock on him. Thing is, he puts in the time, and its kept him in the league that long.

    I’m sure the locker room is a mess right now. How do you have confidence when nobody has confidence in you?

  • broncobobmeridian

    I wonder what his response would be if he wasnt cut AGAIN?

  • AtomicLeo

    “Maybe he should have been more careful not to burn those bridges.”

    …..Or maybe he just doesn’t want to be back here.

    His comments do not surprise me. I knew Shanny had lost the team when it couldn’t even get the win in KC and clinch the division after the team found out SD lost. That’s a bad bad bad sign. Throw in the Hillis injury in that game and well … I stopped watching after that. We have a lot of new guys on the team, but I think we still need to get rid of a few more.

    Here’s some to chew on: Maybe (just maybe) all the screaming and yelling by Cutler at the end of the season was frustration at not everyone (ie Marshall) being professional. I’m not saying that it was appropriate or professional behavior, but it’s something to think about. If he doesn’t do the same thing in Chicago, maybe (just maybe) it’s because the team has it’s collective sh*t together.

    Wish you well, Jeb even if you’re a Boise State Alum ( I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go Go GO!) :-)

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I will fully admit to being biased, but I think we should have kept Jeb. All I know is that Quinn better be worth what we gave up for him.

  • soxbigdog

    The locker room stuff he mentioned is not surprising… there doesn’t really seem to be anyone on the team that is rising up, calling out the guys that are slacking off (yes, you Brandon)… and being a true team leader… I kinda agree with Chris Speilman, that when the video of Brandon Marshall came out there should have been other players getting on him for his behavior, VISIBLE ON THE TAPE, I think he said kicking his ass, but I wouldn’t go that far… but someone needs to step up and take it by the horns… and not someone just watching from the sidelines…

    As far as Jeb goes, I was surprised they brought him back… a nice hard nosed football player.. but I just dont think there was a spot for him to begin with… he should catch on elsewhere… (I would think)

  • Roy

    I am not surprised that he said what he did about our lockerroom. When the turnover is that great, and you have punks like Marshall, it is going to take something serious to make this a cohesive group. There needs to be more accountability at practice, not after when reporters are looking for a quote.

    Jeb has givin our team a lot of himself, and I wish him nothing but the best for his future.

  • Gary Hatch

    Call me stupid, but I will never forgive Pat Bowlen for two things; 1.) Making out like it was the hardest thing he ever had to do in firing Mike Shanahan, when it became openly known after the fact of Mike’s firing, he was secretly courting Josh McDaniels weeks before… How slimy, two faced, and underhanded is that~! 2.) Pat Bowlen allowing Josh McDaniels to let Jay Cutler get away. How so very very stupid was that! Yes, I know Jay was being quite difficault in not returning the calls, acting beligerent and in demanding a trade. But let me ask you this people; if you found out that your coach had been less than forthcoming about a possible trade, you discovered that he had secretly gone behind your back to try and facilitate this trade unbeknownst to you, and then openly lied about it to your face; would you not feel just a wee bit angry, betrayed, and unwilling to communicate with this so called coach…(that quite frankly, I feel does not know his ass from a hole in the ground no matter what others may say about him) It would have been far better for the Broncos to suck it up and swallow their pride, aggressively woo Jay back into the fold however they could for whatever it might have taken to do so, than to have traded him for Kyle Orton (who incidently is not worth a tinker’s damn.. not now nor ever!) I know this for a fact because I have watched him for play for Chicago, while living here in Wi. And Chris Simms is another lousy worthless washed up quarterback, that what was it, three teams let go because of his pathetic performance on the field? So while the Denver Broncos struggle this year, it will be quite interesting to see just how well Jay fares in Chicago, vs the quarterbacks the Broncos have chosen to go with this year. If the management with the Denver Broncos were not so stuck on stupid, and on such an ego/power trip, and had kept Jay this year, they might have had a chance to win more than just a few games this season. Now however, with the quality of the quarterbacks they have chosen to lead them into battle this season, it will be most interesting to watch week after week to see how well they actually will fare; and all this because of their refusal to use even the smallest of comman sense, to swallow their pride to do the right thing… for the fans who have supported them in the best and worst of times.. As a footnote to this post; just in case you are wondering, I lived in Denver for 30 years going all of the way back to when Craig Morton played for the Denver Bronco Organization. Even though I may presently live in Wi. my heart still beats strong for the Denver Bronco players; just not the pig headed policies that been put in place by the owner, to be carried out by his new rookie, “thinks he knows it all” coach, Josh McDaniels.
    As a footnote to this post; the game against Chicago I think, clearly bears my words out right now. With having two quaterbacks out, and depending upon a rookie to carry their water.. Wow, I bet they wish Jay was in the fold just about right now, right? Naw, they are far too proud and too stupid to ever consider admiting to something like that!

  • Mav_PM

    Looking forward to discussing the Cutler trade every day 10 years from now

  • Mac

    YEAH AtomicLeo! Vandal/Schlereth pride is what i was i like to see on this shit! Watch out though oregon, BSU is gonna be TOUGH. Peep #23 safety Jeron Johnson. Filth ass dude. And Kyle Wilson, i’d love to see either of them on the roster someday.

    Putzier’ll get back on with Kubiak no prob…
    Or in Dallas next year with Shanny.

  • Tom9798

    Jeb Putzier is an excellent TE . . . great blocker . . . great hands . . . has made many outstanding play’s for the Bronco’s . . . . don’t be surprised if he is not on another team in 72 hours . . . . he should have made the final 53 over alot of inexperienced players . . . .

    This guy has played in an AFC Championship game for the Bronco’s . . . was it just because he was not a NE Patriot the last six years? . . . . shame on McD for another blown call . . . .

    Mac . . . he would do the Texan’s, the Cowboy’s or any other team realtime performance . . . .

  • (dee)


    You are not better than Daniel Graham
    You are not better than Tony Scheffler
    You are not more valuable than draft pick Quinn

    The Broncos allowed you to catch on with another team, be grateful. Jeb’s has also been cut by Houston and Seattle I guess their dressing rooms suck as well?

    Jeb the reality is you are a decent player, but you are not better than the other 3 TE’s on the team.

  • Vince_Marine

    dee…Well said. Naturally he is a little butt hurt, but hey he has to get over it.

  • anthony33

    Hopefully they get him on again, would love to hear what he has to say about Cutler. Sounds like he has a lot to say.

    Please post the link if they should do another interview with him. Good stuff.

    BTW…of course in not the same team as 03. 13-3, playoffs, Plummer as QB…duh…what do you expect…this team has not played one regular season game yet.

    Good guy though, has to brutal to do interviews right after you’ve been cut. Been there, albeit a long time ago, it sucks.

  • anthony33

    Just heard Marcelus (sp) Wiley (espn) say there are several disgruntled players in the Broncos locker room. Not buying to McD’s system.

    This team desparately needs some player leadership to step up right now. The question is who are they? Dawkins has not been here long enough yet, Bailey is not vocal and I can’t think of anyone on the offensive side of the ball that has player cred.

  • (dee)


    Marshall, Jeb, and Jarvis Moss…. I’m not worried about the locker room.

  • bobby

    Switch the topic. Have any of you guys notice how strong Dummervile has gotten he’s putting OT on their backs. That Baker guy does it well but he needs to control his strength. He further opens the hole allow runs cause guards make to the LB’s.

  • kerry

    wait wait wait, you mean there is actually someone who DOESNT agree with what McDaniels is doing?? whoa because for a while there i could have swore everyone here was proclaiming that everybody was buying what McDaniels was selling. i seem to remember all this “LEADERSHIP” we brought in yet the lockerroom is divided? players not buying in? NO WAY! IMPOSSIBLE! i thought everything was great and rosey in Broncoland? i thought McDaniels had TOTAL CONTROL. how can ANYONE be unhappy in the lockerroom. we have such leadership!

  • Mr.East

    Coming from a guy who can’t beat out a kid who hasn’t caught more than 15 balls in the last 4 years.

    It doesn’t matter who you are you don’t say things like this in public even if its true.

    I guess he prefers the softer training camp Shanahan used to run.

    He’s lucky he’s not in the UFL.

  • br0nc0fan77

    Josh McDaniels has thus far been an utter failure, has trashed the reputation of the Denver Broncos and better win pretty darned quick.

    Have not got a clue what Pat Bowlen sees in this clown… then again, maybe Mr. Bowlen cannot remember. Broncos are in for a rough next couple of years.

  • dbroncos

    Anyone other than Jeb saying this and i would say screw you but Jeb is my vision of the perfect team player. And in a lot of ways he is right. I am and have always been a Jeb fan and no one should bad mouth him.

  • Joe DoGG

    I disagree with the cut,but if he thinks that they are going to cut Bmarsh before he is crazy even though Marshall is just being a girl about things. Jeb had two tds in the preseason and that was like almost quarter of the. I am just saying what about one of the other TE like Branson. I did not see Branson in the back of the end zone with 6. I completley disagree with the cut and no I am once again pissed with some of the things that McDing- Dong is doing. Shanahan shanahan shanahan

  • WhidbeyBronco

    He didn’t complain about the other locker rooms did he?
    As usual your logic escapes you!!

    That said… naturally the locker room isn’t in tact just yet. Everything’s new. It sucks that our QB position is so up in the air because we really need some wins before the guys on the fence get on board! Remember, we haven’t had a leader in the locker room since losing Wilson! At least that’s not McD’s fault.

    Just everything else.

  • rcsodak

    One of the best posts was by a girl….

    …way to go, Dee!!!!

    Too bad some of the smartass, don’t-ever-bring-anything-to-the-table posters can’t learn a thing or two from her.

    As for Jeb, he was a good white TE when he first signed on with the team…..but he was never THAT good to be kept over another player.

    You don’t keep players around that can’t beat out other players, regardless of their age, imho.

    McD let him go now, so he could catch on with another team. Seems like a nice thing, to me.

    I’m more upset about Colquitt being cut. 2 punts, both inside the 20, with an avg of 52+yds! He must really suck in practice is all I can come up with.

  • RalphF

    “You are not better than Daniel Graham
    You are not better than Tony Scheffler
    You are not more valuable than draft pick Quinn”

    That’s a fair point, although it just highlights that there is too much talent at the TE position while rest of the team is falling apart.

  • LoveForDenver

    Jeb handled a tough situation very professionally, like he has every year. He understands the NFL, a system a lot of us know very little about. He is the perfect team player. Unfortunately, “blue collar”” work ethic is precisely what professional sports exploits.

    Regarding status of the team, Jeb made an objective statement about the Broncos locker room b/c he knows what it will take to be 13-3. He stated the obvious. All fans and media speculations are accurate. Rookie head coach, disgruntled vets, new offensive and defensive systems…sum, a team with a long way to go.

    No sour grapes, this is reality Bronco Fans.