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Published on 08/30/2009 at Sun Aug 30 16:34.
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Bears   Broncos
Bears (1-1) at Broncos (0-2)
Preseason Week 3
Sunday, Aug. 30 2009 6:00 pm MT
GameBlog starts at 5:30

(Editor’s Note: Gone are the “Live Blogs.” Enter The BT GameBlog. More features, more game details, and more juicy topics for conversation for the die-hard Broncos fan. Live game chat still launches half-an-hour before game time. Enjoy!)

Has there been a bigger preseason game this decade? If so, it escapes me. Jay Cutler makes his Mile High Return in front of what is sure to be a fiery crowd – not to mention a nationally televised audience of millions. Kyle Orton plays against the team that fleeced their draft to get Jay and sent him along with it. This. Should. Be. Fun.

Recommended listening: If you still need to get fired-up for this game, we humbly recommend The Jilted Broncos Fan Jay Cutler Playlist. [BroncoTalk]

Weather: It is pouring over INVESCO as of 4pm MT. Could be a muddy mile high mess tonight! Winds mild. Full weather profile. []

Matchups That Matter

Cheerleaders: The Bears don’t have any cheerleaders! Denver’s Valerie says that’s a lame and epic fail.

Valerie Scott


McDaniels vs. Smith

Edge: Chicago. Lovie Smith coached his Bears to the Super Bowl only three seasons ago, and Josh McDaniels hasn’t coached a game that’s mattered yet.


Orton vs. Cutler

Edge: Chicago. Orton was part of a package that included two first round picks for Cutler, so the scales are certainly tipped in the ex-Bronco’s favor.

What to Expect

Expect the starters on both teams to play into the third quarter. Look for the Broncos to be aggressive on defense and put pressure on Cutler whenever possible. Brian Dawkins makes his Broncos debut tonight, so get excited to see 2009’s secondary for the first time. And cross your fingers for Denver’s first turnover of the preseason!

What not to Expect

We all want Kyle to succeed while Jay’s in town, but the Bears’ defense has kept opposing quarterbacks to the worst preseason passer rating in the league. Orton will have his work cut out for him. Don’t expect to see a lot of running – with LaMont Jordan and Knowshon Moreno out, the Broncos are getting thin at running back and will look to stay healthy.

Finally, don’t expect Cutler and McDaniels to shake hands after the game. GO BRONCOS!

What are you looking for, Broncos fans? Dish it out in the comments and be sure to join us half an hour before kickoff!!

  • anthony33

    Defense looked decent until the end of the half, very reminiscent of last year.
    Orton looks uncomfortable and unsure in the pocket.
    Offensive line had a lousy game, way too many penalties.
    Offense, in general, was totally out of sync. Still can’t punch it in the end zone.
    Bailey not playing anywhere near the level he did 2-3 years ago.
    Did Ayers even play?
    Still hate the hoodie.
    Punt return team. Hester kills us.

    Few and far between unfortunately
    Andre Goodman and Elvis Dumerville
    Again, defense, until the last drive of the first half
    Brandstater did better than I expected and actually looked more comfortable and steady in the pocket than Orton and throws a nice ball. Not a big arm.
    Prater and both punters.

    Bottom Line:
    Rapid improvement needed or it’s going to be a long, long season.
    Hopefully Moreno come back healthy and lives up to his billing.
    Is the QB position back open when Simms comes back?
    I don’t see Marshall back on this team.

  • kerry

    ok if there is anyone who thinks we can win with Orton then you need your freaking head examined. the guy not only sucks but sucks BAD!! i just saw that the Pats are releasing Kevin O’Connell. PLEASE let McDaniels get him!! he knows the system and has good mobility with a much better arm then Orton.

  • anthony33

    Probably not a bad idea to pick up O’Connell, but you have to wonder why NE would release an experienced back up, especially with no Cassel.

    Brandstater could go to the practice team.

  • Scott

    We may be in for a long one boys. We don’t look at all ready for the regular season. We needed this win for some confidence going into the regular season. Our last game with Arizona will not feature any of our starters, so this is what we have to judge by before the Cincinnati game in two weeks.

  • rcsodak

    kerry, ever actually look at O’Connel’s stats?

    Thought not.