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Marshall lined up on scout team offense for Denver last week. (AP Photo)

Marshall lined up on scout team offense for Denver last week. (AP Photo)

NOTE: Brandon Marshall is appearing on ESPN’s NFL Live to talk about his practice behavior.  10:30 p.m. MST (8/27/09).

Who does this guy think he is? Jay Cutler? Just kidding. Sorry, I’m being hissed at by thousands of fans, I can tell. You’d think just in the sense of team spirit that Brandon Marshall would want to suit up to play his buddy Cutler in those prime time Sunday night lights. Instead, given the opportunity, he’s attempting to outshine Cutler’s return to Denver and the media highlighting that. He’s giving his best effort of being bigger than the game on his own, without even playing.

I’m guessing that by now you’ve seen the footage from showing Marshall, punching passes instead of catching, walking through running drills and overall just being about as disruptive as possible to practice. Here’s what we’re forgetting and maybe Marshall is as well, no one wants this kid. He’s been on the trading block, ESPN’s John Clayton reported back when Marshall Saga first opened that the Denver Broncos never received anything over a fourth round draft pick offer for the brain dead wide receiver.

Kyle linked to a story earlier today over at The National Football Post titled ‘Is [Marshall] killing the [Broncos],’ (sorry they have two misspellings in the title). In which Matt Bowman stated that it’s time for Marshall to put his contact behind him, but I think at this point, we’re even past that. Marshall might as well put his career behind him and hope that his degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida can sustain his new career as a real estate agent. Who is going to want this guy? He’s damned, even if he’s not a trouble maker, trouble finds him! In nearly every aspect of his life, I don’t need to go through his rap sheet here- you all know the multiple stories… We’ve all defended the man, but he has just become indefensible. The man is a loser and it’s time for Denver to suspend him.

It’s almost painful to say as a Broncos fan, because as disappointed as I’ve been in him and as frustrated as I’ve been with the fact that nearly every time Marshall is thrown the ball I’m not sure if he’s going to catch it or drop it. Well, come to think of it, maybe Marshall’s been trying to get traded since 2007… Dropping passes on purpose and there was that incident of him and former offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. I digress.

I have no problem calling the man what he is, a cancer, as Mercutio screamed as he lay dying in Romeo and Juliet, “A plague on both of your houses!”

There is one certainty though, we can live without him, but can we ever live with him again? Sure, fans may point to Jabar Gaffney’s drop in the endzone when Denver played the Seattle Seahawks last week, but did you happen to see Marshall in the Pro Bowl last season at the goal line? Neither Peyton Manning or Cutler could get this guy to catch the ball, and those are two of the greatest quarterbacks in the league!

Let my kids look up to Brandon Stokley before they ever catch a glimpse of Marshall, I’ll take Eddie Royal at his worst over Marshall at his best. Yes, not having Marshall lining up at wide out is going to burn this season, but like a bad relationship that you should have cut off years ago, we’re just going to have to deal. As I’ve mused in previous podcasts and during live blogs I’m looking for rookie receivers Kenny McKinley and/or Nate Swift to step up a lot towards the end of preseason. Matter of fact, at this point we’re at the same place that we were last preseason, not knowing if Royal would step up, we only had Marshall and Stokley at receiver as sure things.

Well, now we’ve got sure things in Stokley and Royal and we’re only hoping that Gaffney, Chad Jackson, McKinley and Swift will step it up. Let us not forget about Tony Scheffler and Daniel Graham, not to mention our extremely talented backfield and the fact that they can catch. There are still only a handful of receiver sets in the NFL  that are more loaded with talent than Denver is, even minus Marshall.

So Nation, save the, ‘Trade Marshall for Anquan Boldin!’ Rants, there are free agent wide receivers as talented as Marshall still available. We’re not going to get anything for Marshall, he’s worth about as much as stock in an American car factory is right about now. We’ve got to stand strong as a team and hope that something brings Marshall to his senses. If he doesn’t have faith in Josh McDaniels, let a couple of wins prove him wrong. This situation isn’t going to turn into a Terrell Owens in Philadelphia thing, Marshall doesn’t have the talent that Owens did at that point. Nor are the Broncos returning from a super bowl loss.

Suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team, I’m pretty sure his lawyer can’t sue Denver, as at one point, if not currently he probably represented the Broncos (he represented Travis Henry two seasons ago as well). Play ball Marshall, you’ve seen what happened to Javon Walker when he tried this and read up on Ashleigh Lelie, because former Broncos receivers go the way of former Broncos running backs. They don’t survive outside the system. Now let’s focus on what’s important here, beating Jay Cutler the Chicago Bears.


Just after publishing this post, Marshall did an interview with ESPN’s Trey Wingo, where Marshall said amongst a lot of ‘truthfully,’s and ‘honestly,’s (which is an indicator that he’s being anything but ‘truthful’ or ‘honest’ ), he started off by stating that he was just being, ‘Truthfully honest,” and that some of the footage was being blown out of proportion. He said that him sitting down and fixing his pants (which do not appear on the video) was blown out of proportion and that punting the ball was, ‘An air in judgement.’ If he could do it again, “I definately wouldn’t have punted the ball…” “Unfortunately yesterday, I kind of let my frustration get the best of me.” “I let my emotions get the best of me, but then again, half of that video was blown out of proportion.”

When asked what would happen if he didn’t get traded, “Well, then I have to be professional about it, I have to get ready for the season with the Broncos. Go out their and put my team in the best position to win… I feel like we have a great group of guys and a great chance of winning.”

He also referred to the fact that he was told that he would be traded, “Way back in the summer time,”

When asked if he would be a part of the Broncos roster when they played the Cincinnati Bengals Marshall stated that, “Honestly, you know what, there’s a lot of things up in the air right now… I can’t predict the future, I can only prepare for it.”

Overall, I felt like Marshall knows that he’s not going to be traded, he’s buckling down, is ‘honestly,’ embarrassed and will play for Denver this season.

But first a big back hand from a man that’s been to a couple of Super Bowls with Denver.

Former Bronco offensive lineman (and current Denver resident) Mark Schlereth followed the interview up immediately by stating that Marshall looked like a petulant child that hadn’t gotten his way and going on to say that,”The Denver Broncos are not Pat Bowlen, they’re not Josh McDaniels, they’re those other guys that you line up with and what you’ve done to them is disgusting.”

  • Steve

    Ian, thanks for the heads up about NFL live, but I doubt we’ll truly find out what the &*(^ is going on. I am ready to move forward without him. This whole thing is sad. He doesn’t want to be here plain and simple. He said that ownership told him they would trade him….hasn’t happened, I guess there not getting fair market value offers.

  • Paul T

    See ya…wouldn’t want to be ya!

    We need to move forward. Sad story.

  • trent

    All I have to say is what an idiot and why havent we suspended him yet?

  • Pat

    Mark S. knows what’s up. You are hurting the team “Women Beater”. Suspend him

  • Paul

    I say we trade him asap for a top of the line receiver like boldin or someone that is really good or sit his @ss for 4 games and take 500,000 dollars from him and then see how he acts

  • olen

    What happens to the money (two mil) if he keeps being an A Hole and showing that he cannot man up and do what he agreed to do originally in his contract . He wants or his agent wants more money. For what ? His third grade antics are fooling nobody . How is the locker room taking all this ?

  • Steeplebomb

    I give up. I’ve always been of the opinion that Marshall’s antics and off the field behavior was outweighed by his importance to the team. I was wrong. That video was outrageous. Dump his ass. He says he wants to “be professional about it” but all I’ve seen is a whiny little child that can’t be reasoned with.

    Let another team’s fans cringe when he tries to explain on national television why he beats his girl friend.

  • BLF

    I say suspend him for 4 games. Then do not suit him for the remainder of the season. Then tender him for a 1st & 3rd and no one will come forward so sign him then suspend him then sit him. KILL HIS CAREER. and let it be known to others that this is what u will get if u act like that.

  • troyn

    glen, you disgust me even more than marshall. can we have that racist comment removed, it is against some guidlines here isn’t it?

  • anthony33

    Agree. Glen should be banned from EVER posting on this site again.

    The Broncos and handling this fine and should not cave in and trade him for nothing. As his current salary they hold all the cards even if he never play another game.

    If BM would have kept his mouth shut and came into camp ready to work his butt off, have a decent year, he would have been in a great position at the end of the year. Instead we get this.

    BTW Brandon, you left out one word in Bowlens statement I’m sure…”try” to trade you. You’ve now made that nearly impossible and you’ve done it to yourself.

  • ryan

    Glen you should be ashamed of your self for calling Brandon that. Is the kid dumb? Yes. But this is really just a game. To call someone that speaks very damningly of your character.

  • ryan

    BTW I say leave Glen’s comments up but put “racist” next to his name in italics.

  • Dario

    Finally we are going to get some national media coverage… it’s been a whole 12 hours or so…

    This team needs to get out of the news

  • bw53

    Lesson 19,873: Character counts! Always, always, always.

    McD is onto something getting high character guys in and cry-babies out!

  • (dee)

    I dont really buy into Marshall’s comments about now being professional, but we’ll see. He’s not going to get traded and he needs to shut up and play.

    Glen S.

    Your comment speaks volume of who you are as a person.

  • Tom9798

    Glen S . . . . . hope to see you never on this blog again . . . .

  • (dee)

    The Denver Broncos suspend Brandon Marshall.

    Stay strong McD… we can win without him.

  • Robert

    Every time that guy opens his mouth he makes me more angry. I wonder what his teammates really think about him now. I guess it could be worse though, we could have traded him to move up and grab Crabtree :)~

  • Isaiah Kyler

    Marshall is not a idiot … he is going to miss 2.2 million dollars … he will play!

  • Kyle

    It goes without question that Glen’s comment was deleted, I’m only sorry we couldn’t get to it sooner. He’s been placed on the banned commenter list. Carry on…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    “Stay strong McD… we can win without him.” You mean we can win without McD I hope!!! He’s the cancer.

    Pay Brandon or trade him! He deserves to be paid(incentive based!) and was promised to be traded! No wonder he’s pissed! I would be to.

    Ian, you should go write for MHR.

  • Kyle

    I disagree with anyone blaming McDaniels for this. He can’t be wrong both ways – he was wrong for trading Cutler and wrong for putting up with Marshall?

    And as someone else mentioned, his issues with the Broncos have history that goes well beyond McD. The coach inherited this mess.

    I was defending Marshall before, mostly because I didn’t believe the MSM. I believed the player and coach when they said “all is well.” Marshall took it to another level and got caught. This suspension HAD to hapen.

  • OC Bronco

    I really can’t understand for even one second where you are coming from. Yes we have had the craziest offseason in history but blaming McDaniels for not giving every player what they want and for trying to create the “team first” mentality that has clearly worked in NE? I don’t get you.
    Yet you want to pay him? Clearly this is not your money and I would be surprised if you are responsible for paying other people to do any work (not a slight just a paradigm). I just don’t know understand how you can side with him. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that but I just don’t see where you’re coming from that’s all.

  • Jakeums


    McD is a putz for lying to Broncofans and Cutler via the media about looking at other QBs. McD is also a putz for the way he deals with his players. It’s not that McD is indulging one player and not another, it’s his method of trying to gain control of the locker room.

    McD is too young to be coaching the Broncos, the players know it. I’m sorry to say the fans will know it when our season looks like the Lions.

  • greatfish

    How is it possible for a coach to take over a team and so alienate its two most talanted players to such extremes?

  • Bryan

    I’m on board with McD here. I like the mentality and persona he is giving this team.

    I’m just glad I didn’t spend my money on a BMarsh jersey.

  • kerry

    wow. my computer started spewing bile and vomit at me after reading this article. what a bunch of kool-aid filled bullshit!! Gaffney, Royal, Swift, MCKinley and all our TE’s are deeply talented?? dude!! im sure every single team on this planet would take one Larry Fitzgerald over our entire setup of WR’s. we have ONE excellent WR in Royal. Swift wont even make the final roster, McKinley has already shown he cant take a hit without fumbling on returns, the TE’s arent hardly used in this offense so their “Talent” will be severely limited. and what freaking talented backfield are you talking about?? after Hillis who do we have?? Buckhalter and Jordan are talented?? PFFFFFFTTT Moreno is injured and not even back to practicing and its been reported on Rotoworld that he wont even be full speed by week one. Darius Walker?? Marcus Thomas?? get real man!! after Hillis we have NOBODY that can be relied upon. been hanging on the MHR much??

  • bblack

    What is up with him�he can�t allow himself to lose control�not now�