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Published on 08/26/2009 at Wed Aug 26 12:21.
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QB Ingle Martin practices with the Green Bay Packers in 2007.  Sorry, Ingle, that number is taken.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

QB Ingle Martin practices with the Green Bay Packers in 2007. Sorry, Ingle, that number is taken. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Broncos signed free agent QB Ingle Martin Wednesday, Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post reports. The move comes in light of the severe high ankle sprain Chris Simms suffered Saturday in Seattle. Simms is expected to miss 2-4 weeks during recovery.

Martin was a 2006 fifth round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers, who has also seen time with the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs waved the former Florida Gator earlier this month.

Martin attended team meetings and is expected to practice Wednesday, according to the report. He isn’t expected to participate in Sunday’s game against Chicago but should split time during the Broncos’ fourth preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. No word on who the Broncos waived to make room for their new QB.

  • T-Money

    It’ll be interesting to see how this one works out. I only found on highlight of him and it was a nice pass.

    Look how fast Wikipedia is:

  • alm034

    Cause and effect: 1) Backup O-line gets Simms hurt and Brandstater planted, 2) Backup O-line upgraded at several positions with a trade, 3) Sign new QB to take punishment should step 2 prove unsuccessul

  • (dee)

    Look at #4 peering at Ingle from a distance. I bet he is putting a hex on him for even thinking about becoming the starting QB.

  • Rob Bronco

    Wait … this guy didn’t come from New England. How in the world did he get on our team?

  • Isaiah

    The QB position is important to Denver, but what I think is missing is the role that the running game is going to play … In my opinion, I think that Moreno and Hillis are going to be the major cogs to this offense and Orton is going to have the opportunity to manage the game much like Elway did during the 1998 season. This is the reason why Denver spent a high first round draft pick on a running back!

  • roshon2411

    Awesome, another guy who backed up Rex Grossman.

  • robtink242

    hmm still no NT. but hey i guess he’ll put hell on Tom Bradstater

  • Mike D.

    Hillis will not start, it will be Moreno and Jordan, Hillis is not a McD guy, Jordan is….

  • robtink242

    Mike D i’m questioning your intelligence. How, when Hillis is arguably the most hard nose blue collar player we have. I’m sorry between him and Larsen they team would suffer from lack of toughness. Defenses fear Hillis and he probally laid out more people than Jordan has TD’s. It’s so funny you say this but results show that he’s our most effective back on any down. Jordan hasnt shown me anything execpt he can pass block. But, even in that area he isnt better than Hillis. McD doesnt knows what he wants so whiles he’s stuck in confusion we’ll continue hand it off to Hillis.

  • Andpark

    Watching preseason so far the one thing I can say about Hillis is that dude better get a ton of goal line stuff. Kid is bruiser and falls forward 5 yrds. Fav Broncos this year are Royal/ Hillis neck and neck..

  • anthony33

    Since we’re talking QB’s here, how about this hypothetical question:

    Let’s suppose Brodie Coryle beats out Matt Cassel in KC, which is sounding like a distinct possibilty, would the Bronx be wise to trade B Marsh to KC for Cassel?

  • robtink242

    Marshall value is higher than Cassel. and i would never trade him within the division

  • roshon2411


    That won’t happen for the simple fact Cassel got a huge pay day. If this team won’t pay BM it won’t bring on Cassel. Only see another QB coming in if a big name gets cut.

  • Tom9798

    We all hoped that Tom Bradstater would be the ideallic backup . . . . unfortunately . . . nobody told him he might actually have to go into a live game versus other NFL teams . . . . obvious results . . . that is why we had to draft another QB . . . . . I know Chris Simm’s is injured . . . we had to take step’s forward . . . . .

    Chances are that T.B. will not be on the final roster . . . just a feeling . . .

  • robtink242

    Tom thats a strong statement. if he does prove himself by the final preseason game i can understand why. But i realize as much as i would like for this team to get Tebow or McCoy they look like they are going do some dumb F*** in the draft. I pray they get Bradon Spike with our mid to late pick in the draft.

  • flbronc

    robtink, to your first comment… if you lose a qb to injury, you replace him with a qb not a nt. we got this tool because we need someone to play in preseason week 4 when simms will be out, otherwise we would have to play orton if tb got injured. brandstater makes the ps this year at least, and if he develops he sticks around while until something better comes along. martin is gone as soon as simms is healthy.

  • anthony33

    Now that everything is said and done with the Jay – C McD drama, it’s time.

    It’s time to realize it’s over. It’s time to realize McD is our coach. It’s time to realize Orton is our QB.

    Here’s the deal. The MOST innocent principal in this entire mess is Orton. Blame Cutler, blame McD, blame Bowlen (I do), but leave Orton out of it.

    It’s time for Denver to get 1000% behind Orton, he is our guy now. The one guy that nothing to do with him being here. Get behind him, he deserves as much of a chance as Cutler did when Shanny dumped Plummer.

    Get behind the only innocent one on Saturday and welcome him to Bronco Country. He is our guy.

  • robtink242

    I understand why the QB was sign. But the DE, OL, and DB we got from NE isn’t as nearly important to this team like a proven NT. The DE we traded for has to make the team cause it would be a lost draft pick. But he still isnt as talented as M. Thomas or K Petterson. Who had decent depth with D. Reid, Crowder, McBean and Clemons. The OL guy maid the most sense after watching our line got their ass kicked by the Seahawks. But he may crack the second team(has to another draft pick gone). The DB guy just doesn’t make sense besides our starters and Smith, McBath and Bruton. I’m not sure if he’s better than Barret, Williams, Bell, Fox, Carter, Moulton, and Johnson. Have you notice the depth at DB and DE.

    Then our NT’s Feilds and Baker

  • areferee

    Martin is a “stop-gap” player for Simms just as Thigpen was for Moreno and his injury. When Simms returns, Martin will be waived. Brandstater will be the number 3 QB and will, at least, make the practice squad. McD would do well to carry 3 on the active roster.

  • (dee)

    All jokes aside, I just saw a press conference with Jay Cutler … is it me or did he get fatter?

  • robtink242


  • (dee)


    Is that suppose to be happening with his condition? When he was here wasn’t he dropping weight? So is it a good thing that hes “fatter” or not.

  • Brian

    Chris Simms injured! NO WAY! He never gets injured, or has strange medical problems like the Chris Simms of Tampa Bay a few years back.

    Wait it is the same guy?!

    Way to pick your QBs McDo-nothing

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