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Published on 08/26/2009 at Wed Aug 26 10:02.
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  • The Broncos are giving ex-Packer/Titan/Chief QB Ingle Martin a workout. Chris Simms might be out a bit longer than we’d hoped. [The Tennessean] [via]
  • Seven players missing from Tuesday practice, including DL Marcus Thomas. [Denver Post]
  • Some great quotes from Floyd Little on his nomination. []
  • 44 Reasons to Induct #44 into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. []
  • McDaniels tells reporters the notion that Marshall is a distraction is “very inaccurate.” [Denver Post]

  • Marshall is back with the “starters” on the depth chart. As WR4. McDaniels added a position just for Marshall to be listed among the firsts. Seeing this made me laugh out loud: McD is tired of the media dissecting every other move with Marshall, so is just getting that “out of the way.” [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • John Elway speaks, therefore gets a link. Talks Broncos preseason, two videos. [CBS4 Denver]
  • I’m not sure if the MSM can spin this one any more: “Haggan would love to put a hit on Cutler.” [DPO]
  • The Marshall situation might elevate Eddie Royal‘s worth in fantasy. [Bleacher Report]
  • Taking a comedic look at the drama surrounding the Broncos and the NFL. (NSFW language) [Bang Cartoons]


  • Antonio Cromartie is impressing in preseason. [San Diego Union Tribune]
  • Adam Schefter has started a blog on ESPN (Insiders only). [ESPN]
  • Michael Vick makes his preseason Philadelphia Eagles debut Thursday. [DPO]
  • Jets settle on rookie Mark Sanchez. [Shutdown Corner]
  • Another walkoff win for the Rockies as they refuse to be ignored. [CBS Sports]
  • Ruh roh. Nuggets F Renaldo Balkman arrested on suspicion of DUI in Florida. [Denver Stiffs]

Thanks to Joe for links today.

  • Pat

    Mario Haggan is the man! This what he had to say about the next game
    Mario Haggan, “I’d be very nice to hit any quarterback in the league, but for the fans this weekend, it would definitely be nice to get Jay [Cutler] on the ground and give the fans something to cheer about, and something to look forward to as a defense.”

  • (dee)

    Source: Simms has high-ankle sprain per Adam Schefter Espn.

    He’s gone 2-4 weeks , but we will get to see Tom Bradystater in GAME 4 against the Cardinals so its a positive.

  • Steeplebomb

    What kind of name is Ingle?

  • (dee)

    Ingle “Montana” Martin …. signed, sealed, and delivered.

  • TJ


  • kerry


    watch that “bitch” torch our defense all day like the Seahawks did.

  • bw53

    A terrific argument for Little’s induction into the HOF. Simply excellent!

  • Mr.East

    Negative comment.

  • robtink242

    Kerry the only reason I dont see that happening is cause i dont want that happening. i dont know about you but that shit was hard to stomach