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Published on 08/21/2009 at Fri Aug 21 12:48.
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Jay Cutler

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  • Drafting certain players – like Brandon Marshall or Jay Cutler – onto your fantasy football team could have dire karmic consequences.  [The Latest Word]
  • Ryan Harris had a beastly 2008, but he won’t be satisfied until his sack total reads ‘0.’  [Longmont Times Call]
  • Michael Lombardi says Marshall is willing to make it work, and so should the Broncos. [National Football Post]
  • It’s deja vu all over again with Broncos running backs.  [Denver Post]

  • McDaniels isn’t sure if Marshall or Brian Dawkins will play Saturday.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • The team’s official Seahawks game release (.pdf) []
  • It seems the Post puts out a new “Player X is becoming the focus of the offense” article every week.  I love it – it just means we have a horde of weapons.  This week: Tony Scheffler.  [DPO]
  • Final day of camp – practice report.  []
  • For those not familiar with the Knowshon Moreno reference in the title.  [BroncoTalk]


  • Tom Cable could be in a lot of trouble now. [NFP]
  • The best product – on the field or otherwise – the Chiefs have put out this decade.  [ via Arrowhead Pride]
  • Thirty-two teams in thirty-two classic rock tunes.  [Bleacher Report]
  • Rockies finish the sweep of the Nationals, go up 2 games in the NL Wild Card.  [ESPN]
  • But could they push for the NL West altogether?… [Purple Row]
  • Bobbington

    Speaking of that Moreno jersey… have emails for Omega league details gone out yet?

  • (dee)

    Forget about the jersey… post the Bill Williamson article about McDaniels here.

  • Josh Temple

    Love the classic rock songs with the teams, one of the better things I’ve seen written on Bleacher Report.


    Bravo to the Chiefs on that video, it was really well done. Weird though, I never knew that mascot was supposed to be a wolf. Typical Sunday of watching football… “Oh no, here comes that stupid ass looking mouse out on the field again.”

  • Kyle

    I love having the Daily Links back. I hope you guys too. It’s so fun to share the Broncos links, and just as much fun to share the quirky stuff.

    If you have something worth sharing, don’t hold out! Email! :)

  • DB


  • Roy

    I don’t think any league invitations have gone out yet.

    @Josh Temple- “that stupid ass looking mouse” lmao