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Published on 08/20/2009 at Thu Aug 20 09:43.
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  • Judge for yourself – does Brandon Marshall really look all that disgruntled? []
  • Taking a wide-lens look at the Marshall saga. [Denver Post]
  • Gotta love what you see on the field from rookie WR Kenny McKinley, and his attitude even more. []
  • Brian Dawkins only needs one hand to make highlight reel interceptions, thankyouverymuch. [Denver Post]

  • PM Practice report (in other words, football talk. Wow, how refreshing). []
  • Some more camp/football talk. [Predominantly Orange]
  • While having experience at nose, Le Kevin Smith says he likes the outside. [DPO]
  • A KC-DEN trade rumor that sent a few shockwaves but really hasn’t picked up steam. [Warpaint Illustrated]
  • John Elway loves him some golf. [Golf Digest]


  • The 49ers defense had their way with the Raiders during joint practices. Yeah, Orton stunk, but give credit where its due – the Niners look like ballhawks out there. [Press Democrat]
  • An old friend is officiating the Chargers‘ preseason game. Hope nobody fumbles (actually, I really hope everyone fumbles, a lot. Drama drama drama). [San Diego Union Tribune]
  • Put simply, Carlos Gonzalez is the man. Rockies 5, Nats 4. [ESPN]
  • (dee)

    Broncos looking good, BMARSH isnt really a distraction because the bottom line is he’s not getting traded and not getting a new contract. He can sulk all he wants. Alot of players have done this (OCHO and PEPPERS ) come to mind. This will blow over once the season starts.

  • milehighs

    Let the qb struggle begain.

  • Triston27

    RE: Warpaint Illustrated article.

    Does anyone have a Scout account to read that article? I’d like to know who they’re talking about in trade rumors.

  • (dee)

    If we had a young WR that was 225 and 6’4″ with Eddie Royal’s professionalism and attitude, BMARSH would have been long gone a while ago, just saying. Until we draft or sign that person… we need the BEAST.

  • Kyle

    I don’t have an account Triston, but the rumors are WR Brandon Marshall for QB Brodie Croyle and a 2nd/3rd round pick.

    No one else has reported this though, so don’t put a lot of stock in it.

  • robtink242

    dee i get what you are saying but Marshall never thru shots at the organization publicly. He remained perfessional and came back to the organization with hopes to patch up this mess. It’s not his fault that front office people are teaching players to be anti Marshall. that was extremely petty on the Broncos behalf. Brandon Marshall clearly stated that it’s hard to be “disgruntal” when he clearly loves the game of football. Marshall is a innocent man technically and should be awarded a decent well stipulated contract. It’s obvious he does want to leave Denver.

  • (dee)


    Marshall also did say that both side’s have “trust issues” that is not the perfect situation to have when trying to bargain a long term solution.

    Look I like Marshall I think he is a great player, I think he’s also less of an @ss that the old #6 was/is. But Marshall needs to put in his work, keep his mouth shut and he will get paid. Marshall wants a guaranteed lottery ticket of a contract prior to this season, I sense that Marshall is afraid his Hip may not hold up or his production will be down and he may not get the same contract next year.

    I think if he just puts in the work he will get paid, I mean Randy Moss has not complained about money or the amount of balls he’s getting thrown to him in New England and I sense Marshall once he gets with the program will be the same way.

    Both sides have skeletons in the closet, and both sides needs to grin and bear it for this year at least… Hopefully the team has a great season and a contract gets done in the spring that is the only outcome I can envison right now.

  • robtink242

    I totally agree with you but as of late the front office hasnt been handling anything in the manner they should. there should never be trust issue on their side. It shows that there are control problems. I don’t hear stories like what we had this office from the well run front offices. I expect this from the Raiders or Bengals. You should never coach player to say things against or no remorce for a fellow player. And feel that its all on the player. BM isnt JC he shows up and out his best foot foward. dont forget the reason AL wilson isnt here now is because Greek and crew effed him over. Tony (TE) got effed over so i dont blame him for hiring his personal crew.

  • mikebirty

    To me Marshall sounds like a guy who is in waaaaaay over his head. My interpretation is that he’s dug himself in a hole with some of the things he’s said and done and now he wishes he hadn’t done any of it. I think he half expected to walk in and be welcomed with open arms.

  • (dee)


    I agree on your point with the medical staff. “Greek” has been in the spot light not enough in my opinion. The thing is it’s tricky because guys like Elway, Smith, Sharpe swear by the guy, and this newer generation of players have had issues.

    Al Wilson playing with that injury was a result of pressure from Shanny trying to save a lost season, and Al Wilson himself. Let us not forget the fire and determination Al played with, he would play on 2 broken legs if he could be propped up.

    I think sometimes today’s superstar athlete feels as though the team medical teams dont have their own best interest at heart and are only there for the benefit of the team? Which is why maybe alot of them choose their own medical treatment and doctors?

  • Rob Bronco

    I’m so tired of our team being in the media for all the wrong reasons. I’m hoping we can pull it together over the next few weeks so that we can cause some upsets this season. At least that will give the media something else to talk about.

  • ThePrairiePrankster

    I think that some in the media is trying to bait BMarsh into saying something that will make for controversy. Instead of letting the team work through some issues, the need for “sexy” headlines often trumps more thoughtful and meaningful analysis. Not everything in life can be boiled down to a soundbite or Tweet.