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Published on 08/12/2009 at Wed Aug 12 18:19.
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did they really think he was taking Champs #?

did they really think he was taking Champs #?

Good listen. Bill Simmons Podcast review (8/12) of Madden10 in which he brings a buddy on the show to talk about the game, his buddy, it turns out to be, is a Broncos fan. What he has to say may frighten you, although he does sound like an extreme pessimist/realist? Having seen and been appalled by the Broncos ratings, I was prepared for the worst ( I have always wanted a t-shirt that said “Prepare for the wurst!” complete with image of a big juicy brat) don’t try to steal it, I have it copywritten) seriously).

My buddies and I have a tradition of getting the new Madden at midnight on its release date. We live in New York City. We board the train to Manhattan, each of us draped in team jerseys, roll into the Virgin Mega Store in Union Square (now out of business) at fifteen til midnight, we then stop by Taco Bell, hit a bodega to stock up on Mountain Dew and beer, and head back. It usually takes us a solid hour to work through team rosters, tweaking the depth charts and doctoring players’ ratings that were joked. Then we play, tournament style, all night long. We range in skill levels, all with different teams; Browns, Bengals, Bills, Cowboys & Broncs all represented, and my friend Tom usually always wins, but we have fun. It has become less and less about the game, and more and more about getting together with old pals to shoot the bull and have a good time. It’s tradition.

This year we decided the weekday/midnight deal wasn’t going to work. At the ripe age of 27, too many of us have work the next day, and to be real, even if we didn’t, it wouldn’t matter much as most of us would probably fall asleep around 2 or 3am. As an alternative we are starting a BBQ/BEERFEST/MADDEN10 Tourney at 5pm on Saturday night! A dude’s night! A videogame football nerd’s night!

To prep for Saturday I walk into an anonymous GameStop today, wondering how we go about reserving a copy of Madden, do these things really sell out?

Me: What’s the deal with reserving Madden?
Clerk (I think high): You just want one now?
Me: What do you mean?
Clerk (I’m almost positive is stoned): We got them in, they’re in the back, you just want one now?
Me: You can do that?
Clerk (Not high, not high, I feel bad for thinking that, it ends up being his personality): I mean sure, I don’t care.

Money exchanges hands.

Long story short. I have the game a couple days early, in my clutches, so I wanted to play it and tell ya’ll what the Broncs will be like when you pick up the paddles and run with them this year. Note: This isn’t a review on the game, just my immediate perception of the fake 2010 Broncos.

Let me give you the setup about the setup:
I turn the game on: go immediately to Quick Play: Choose Broncos vs. Chiefs at Invesco: I DO NOT change any of the settings, it remains on Pro level difficulty and 7 minute quarters: I start the game.
I black out in a fog of pure Madden bliss. I do not blink once in the next 45 minutes. When I come to, the final score appears before me.

What I saw was not the wurst at all!bratwursts

I end up winning 52-7, and the touchdown they scored was a big broken play, you know, that magic Madden BS in the final waning minutes of the game. So I win 52-0. Chiefs stink.

Orton- If you loved playing with Cutler stick with 09/long bombs are no longer an option/was fairly accurate on shorter routes/slot receivers and TE’s will be his best friend

Marshall- Easy to tell he is one of the best rated receivers in the game/made an awesome over the shoulder catch from Ort/seems to have an automatic 3-4yds for forward progress after the first hit

Royal- Programmers rewarded Eddie/super speed/great hands/awesome kick returner as well, even if he sits them out in real life this year

Moreno- Very quick/makes his cuts and has a nice burst of speed/fairly easy to the ground though

Hillis-Truck stick is made for Peyton/play screen makes it easy to sub and spell in different RB’s, which will be nice when playing with Den

O-Line- Held strong on passing plays, as they should have/didn’t open up many holes for the RB’s, but stood their ground to give enough time for Moreno to find space

Defense- The big surprise/played mostly out of the 3-4/didn’t get much push from the front 3 at all but our fast linebackers were able to put pressure on Cassell resulting in 4 of the 5 picks he threw/Ayers and Phonso each grabbed one and ran it back, both extremely quick at their position/Secondary was on lockdown, Dawkins grabbed an INT and Bailey had a one handed grab that he took the other way

Prater- Despite low rating nailed a 47 yd-er easy

I felt great, the ratings didn’t mean a thing, if you know the team and know how to use them the ratings mean nothing. I was no longer offended, I felt great.

So great I bumped it up to All Pro with 8-minute quarters and took on the Chargers in San Diego.
I lost 21-0.

It could be a long virtual season.

Madden fans, lets prepare for the wurst.

  • Pat

    How could they give Clady an 88 and Jake Long a 90. As i recall clady was way better

  • MIAbronco

    just wait until around the 3rd or 4th week when they’ll update the rosters and have clady as way better then long

  • Joe

    they really do that roster update?

  • CJ

    I thought that Clady deserved to go to the pro bowl and he should be at least 90

  • broncobobmeridian

    off the subject, but DP just posted an article on B Marsh’s court date tomorrow. I have a feeling he’s going to get whats coming to him. If he really is abusive to women, I hope he pays for his actions.

  • DC

    go to and get the game and 24 monthly copies of Madden 10 in any system for 50 bucks. I would have but I already won the game in a Madden Tourney at Game Crazy.

  • DC

    copies of Sports Illustrated my bad.

  • MIAbronco

    yeah, i have madden 09 for ps3 and during the regular season, every 2 or 3, or sometimes even every week, when you go to play someone in an online game, it makes you download un updated roster. look at it like this, I got madden 09 the day t came out, with clady rated like 78 and royal like a 72, by week 17, with all the updates, clady became an 88 and royal an 82. so if moreno comes in and rushes for 200 yards a game 3x in a row, you best believe that his stats will go up . you know what sucks about it though, is that if someone is injured and put on the ir, well they are on the ir in the game when you try to do a franchise with them, but if you play online, you can just sub in the injured players. god i love madden

  • DC

    The San Diego Chargers announced their preseason opener against visiting Seattle will be blacked out locally because the game is not a sellout. The Chargers recently warned that there may be some black outs during the season. Perhaps this is a glance of things to come in San Diego.

  • Kyle

    DC – every year. They get blackout extensions like you wouldn’t believe. Both their regular season opener last year AND their playoff game either last year or the year before were *nearly* blacked out.

    I hate San Diego.

  • Joe

    DC you stole that last post of yours from bill williamson. That’s low lol

  • Mav_PM

    I just wanna know when each time you select the Broncos did a flashing NOTICE or WARNING screen pop-up informing you that, “Your coach will be 33 year old Josh McDaniels, and, Yes he did trade away Jay Cutler, the greatest QB of all time, to the Bears”.

    This is the message I’ve grown to expect when starting any adventure/article with the Broncos outside of Denver blogs…

  • DC

    That was just great news that should be shared. What are you my English Prof, sorry my work cited page will be on my next post. All of us that read this website read all the other websites that have bronco news. Here “The San Diego Chargers announced their preseason opener against visiting Seattle will be blacked out locally because the game is not a sellout. The Chargers recently warned that there may be some black outs during the season. Perhaps this is a glance of things to come in San Diego.” by Bill Williamson AFC West writer for and D-bag.

  • Joe

    Ha no DC I meant it was just low because bill williamson is a lazy ass dude who just copies and pastes things from other sites. Unlike other writers that actually put info in their own words and give their own opinions about it. Bill is to dumb to do that. He has to copy and paste. That’s what I meant.

  • Mr.East

    Great post J. Kenn!


    I remember when you had to be “blacked out” to watch a Chargers game.

  • (dee)

    You bastard! I want one now …

    I was debating this year to pick one up or not, but now that others have got it and played it , I think I need to pick it up. 21-0 against the Chargers … hmm thats rough … what are the ratings for our safeties speed wise?

  • herc rock

    I’m still rocking ’08. Sad.

  • herc rock

    The chargers will be back in LA within five years.