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Published on 08/07/2009 at Fri Aug 07 16:08.
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Knowshon Moreno the Broncos #12 pick in 2009 was still in Georgia this morning.

Future ESPNer and current Tweeter Adam Schefter just tweeted that a deal to bring in Denver Broncos other 1st Round Draft Pick Knowshon Moreno is near complete!

We will keep you up to date with any details that surface throughout the evening. We do know that there is a basement for his signing, given that the Washington Redskins sealed Brian Orakpo (the player chose after Moreno in the draft) several days ago.

Someone is about to make $20-million plus and he didn’t even have to score three touchdowns yesterday to do it…

  • T-Money


    “show me the money”

    or should that be for crabtree

  • Ian Henson

    haha, Crabtree’s more like show me the 2010 draft!

  • Bronco_Lover_Forever

    I still believe that picking a RB before the 3rd is a mistake. They do not last. IMO the 1st round should be a QB pick, linemen with size or WR/DB with speed (things that can never be taught).

  • T-Money
  • T-Money

    See you in camp tomorrow Knowshon

  • CJ

    5 Years 22 million isnt at all that bad

  • olen

    Do we all now wait for Knowshon to learn not to fumble the ball or things that happen to rookies eg Marshalltis ? Let’s just hope he is mature and does what he is paid to do both on and off the field .

  • cruz

    I going to the 1430pm broncos trainig camp to day to how are broncos r doing i want to see knowshon handles everything coach J McD gonna throw his way