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Published on 06/09/2009 at Tue Jun 09 12:07.
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Just some quick quotes from around the web.

Denver Broncos Official Website

Josh McDaniels on Champ Bailey

As an opposing coach, McDaniels said he would give his quarterbacks simple advice when facing Bailey: “Don’t throw over there.”

Eddie Royal on Brandon Stokley

“He’s been great for me — great in helping me grow as a wide receiver,” Royal said. “Just watching him in the slot every day, they should teach tape just watching him, every route he runs. It’s great getting little tips from him.

Denver Post

Peyton Hillis on Peyton Hillis

“It’s all about how I can help the team,” he said. “I want people to see I can do a variety of roles, not just tailback. Slot me out, dot me in the I (formation), put me on special teams. . . . Wherever they put me, I’ll be happy. As far as my athletic ability, I can pretty much do it all. You can put me at linebacker and I’ll do a good job.”

Josh McDaniels to Woman at Fan Fair

Or the woman who challenged him to get the franchise back on its feet after three consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance. “Are you going to be a good coach?” the woman asked. “Are you going to be a good fan?” responded McDaniels.

“Yes,” the woman said.

“Good,” McDaniels said. “I’ll be a good coach, you be a good fan, and we’ll have a happy ending.”

Ryan Torain on practicing again

“I’m just trying to stay positive,” Torain said. “I’m loving life right now. I’m just happy to be here.”

Josh McDaniels on Brandon Marshall coming to mandatory practice

“He’s expected to be here Friday, just like I expect all our players to be here,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said.

Denver Post on Robert Ayers’ butterfingers

The last player off the practice field Monday was rookie linebacker/defensive end Robert Ayers. The first-round draft pick was not putting in extra time on his pass-rushing technique, or pass-coverage footwork. He was catching footballs from a Jugs machine because he has dropped five possible interceptions during the minicamp.

Ayers was working with the first-team nickel defense at outside linebacker Monday.

USA Today

Champ Bailey on new defensive scheme

“On paper it looks great,” he says. “It’s probably one of the best schematic defenses I’ve been involved with. If we play smart, we’re going to do some great things, because this defense has been successful in a lot of places.”

Josh McDaniels on drafting Knowshon Moreno

“We’re looking for players that are going to come in here and help make our football team better and not make everybody else just feel comfortable that we drafted a defensive player,” McDaniels says.

Brian Dawkins on being a Bronco

“Without overstepping my bounds, I want to help as many guys as I can and help this organization get to the playoffs and beyond,” says Dawkins, who was lured by the prospect of playing under Nolan in “a very aggressive, smart, turnover-oriented defense.”

Josh McDaniels on confidence in his team

“Believe me, I’ve been on teams that people didn’t have great confidence in, and I know this: There’s a way to win with whatever team you have. It’s our job to find that way.”


Charles Davis and Terrell Davis on Knowshon Moreno


Chris Simms on ‘McJayGate’

“It was a crazy situation but it’s the NFL and the NFL is always crazy,” said quarterback Chris Simms, one of 14 free agents acquired by the Broncos since McDaniels was hired in January. “For the most part, after the trade was done, two or three days later, everybody kind of moved on.”

Robert Ayers on Al Wilson

“I could never be an Al Wilson whether I got his number, his cleats, whatever I put on of his,” Ayers said. “I’ll never be another Al Wilson. I’m just going to try to be Robert Ayers and play my game, and bring my type of intensity and do the things I do well. … That’s one of the things he told me, just be myself and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Josh McDaniels on Jabar Gaffney

“Jabar can play really anywhere,” McDaniels said. “It’s a tribute to him because, one, he’s worked his butt off to get to that point where he knows everything.”

Michael Fabiano on Knowshon Moreno

“Buckhalter and Jordan are nice players — and maybe even nice guys. But not one of them is a No. 1 fantasy back. Moreno is — and he will likely show that right from the start.”


Knowshon Moreno on being a starter

“I’m just learning,” Moreno told The Denver Post. “They’ve been in the league eight or nine years. Coming behind them and learning from them and maybe one day making my way up there is awesome.”

Eric Karabell on Denver’s backfield options

“McDaniels could work the rookie slowly into the lineup because he does have other assets at his disposal. Buckhalter has never carried the load as the starter, but he did average 4.9 yards per carry as the Eagles’ second option in 2008, and he’s been relatively injury free the past three seasons. Jordan, who worked with McDaniels in New England last season, has had one big NFL season, when he ran for 1,000 yards, caught 70 passes and scored 11 touchdowns for the 2005 Raiders.”

Pro Football Talk

Broncos COO Joe Ellis on Sponsorships

“That is something we’re exploring as we move forward in 2009,” Broncos’ chief operating officer Joe Ellis said.

Meanwhile, the Broncos are also exploring the business prospects of a potential partnership with the Colorado Lottery involving scratch-off tickets bearing the team’s logo.

“Now that the door has been opened somewhat, we’re in discussions with the state lottery,” Ellis said. “And we’re hopeful we can establish a partnership with them,” Ellis said.

Patriot All-Star NT Vince Wilfork on contract situation (possible FA in 2010… hint hint)

“It’s nothing personal towards the organization, it’s nothing personal towards my coaches or anything like that,” Wilfork said today on WEEI. “It’s just basically what made the most sense to me at this point in time.

Boston Herald

Spy on Tom Brady falling out of a kayak

“He had to be rescued,” said our spy. “The launch guy went out and got him and got him back in the kayak. He’s been bragging about it ever since. He’s telling everyone he rescued Tom Brady.”

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    I like that all the players’ comments were totally classy– I used to think I appreciated Cutler’s off-the-cuff honesty, but I’m totally over that now. Just say whatever the hell it is you’re supposed to say to the press; that’s my new preference.
    On the other hand, did McD proposition the woman at Fan Day, or am I just a deviant? Happy ending? Really? I’m sure she’d be thrilled with a playoff season and all, but I seriously doubt she’d be THAT happy. Give the lady some respect, Coach. (Kidding. Sort of.)
    P.S.– I noticed that during the two weeks I’ve been out of town, the site had to come up with a “Comments Policy.” (Which I may have already violated.) I hope this was generated by some serious scandal/hilarity which I missed. Nice work, fellow posters. Boy, you leave town for a couple of weeks and…

  • robtink242

    i love that off the cuts honesty. but i do think the guys are just being honest. McD looks like he is a coach. whereby everyone is accountable and the guy that works his butt off the hardest gets rewarded.

    it sad to see we have a comments policy. We should be mature enough to handle comments we dont agree with and not blast out on each other.

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    I don’t mind the policy. If the editors want to keep way-out-of-bounds stuff in check, as is their right, I think it’s best to give everyone fair warning. Also, if they’re letting my “happy ending” humor go unchecked, they’re obviously not trying to be heavy-handed about anything. But I suppose it is a little sad that things were posted which led to posting a policy which probably SHOULD have been able to go without saying… not the first time that humanity has disappointed me.

  • Plato

    As an opposing coach, McDaniels said he would give his quarterbacks simple advice when facing Bailey: “Don’t throw over there.”

    Damn right.

  • Ian Henson

    Nice post East, love it.

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    I believe McD said that, but he’s probably quoting himself out of context. I bet what he actually said was more like: “Don’t throw over there. Why bother– you can throw anywhere else you want on these guys!”

  • Plato

    As sad as that was (stuck in) raiderland… I laughed pretty hard.

    I would have laughed harder if I had seen Tom Brady kayaking.

  • Joe

    Tom Brady is a complete puss. I can’t wait until we play them, and Dawkins comes in on a safety blitz and breaks Brady’s vagina…Than he will have to get vagina reconstruction surgery, and will be forced to retire..

  • Garrett Barnes

    hahaha great post mr. east. it really sums up these past few days well. glad we are working on robert ayers catching the ball if he is dropping all those passes. watching him do that in the game would just kinda piss me off.

  • alm034

    Anyone who was around for the live draft blog can attest to the need for a comments policy. Apparently the detonation code for f-bombs is “Knowshon Moreno”.

  • herc rock

    “Believe me, I’ve been on teams that people didn’t have great confidence in, and I know this: There’s a way to win with whatever team you have. It’s our job to find that way.”

    Which teams exactly were those? Because they sure as hell weren’t New England.

  • herc rock

    There has always been a comments policy.

  • Andpark

    Hillis is the man. I am super excited about having some sort of actual balanced Offense this year. I have been sticking up for you Orton, don’t let me down!

    Stoked on the season to start, I’m in LA and just want this NBA season to end as fast as possible. Going to the SF preseason game, Aug. 14 can’t come fast enough.

  • Roy

    Maybe McD was refering to his playing days in high school and college, or when he was an assistant for Nick Saban at Michigan State.

    I appreciate the high character that the Broncos are starting to exhibit. Maybe it will start reflecting in the actions of a certain #1 reciever…

  • kerry

    East nice article. but im tired of people just assuming Moreno is the starter. and i know you arent assuming that, its just the question that was asked. Moreno hasnt done anything to warrant being the starter. simply being a first round pick doesnt mean he is being handed the job. frankly Hillis should be at the head of the depth chart. he has actually taken a snap in the NFL and proved he can play in this league. we could have saved the 12th pick for something else. i still dont believe Moreno is a pounder or a 20-30 carry a game back. with all these RB’s being signed shows that its gonna be a backfield by committee and certain guys will be used for certain situations. basically we spent the 12th pick for a situational back. but believe Mcdaniels will start him so he doesnt look like a fool for using the 12th pick on a guy that we didnt really need.

    Hilarious that Brady fell out of the kayak. what a dumbass.

    and im saying Wilfork will be a Bronco next year. im sure McDaniels will convince him to come here, if McDaniels lasts that long.

  • MIAbronco

    I met big vince wilfork at UM’s fan fairs back in like 2002, and that guy has the biggest arms I’VE EVER SEEN!

  • kerry

    id trade Champ Bailey for Vince Wilfork RIGHT NOW! without any significant pass rush then Bailey will be way less effective, but with a better pass rush and that big body in the middle, our current CB’s(without Champ Bailey) can be more effective. big Wilfork taking up space allows for a better pass rush and would make our CB’s better. i mean really who is confident with guys on the D-line like Ron Fields and Marcus Thomas?? neither is really any good (especially Fields who just sucks) Wilfork= instant improvment on defense.

    ok now that ive said that let the bashing begin. come on everybody. tell me how much of a fair weather fan iam for wanting to trade an older CB for one of the top 3 NT’s in football. a guy who had 66 tackles last year as a NT! thats astounding. he had more tackles then any two of our current DT’s combined last year. that would be a great trade. the guy is only 27. we could dump Bailey’s big contract and give some of that money to Wilfork.

  • Katch22

    I’ll right I’ll bite Kerry. I would like to get Wilfork but for Champ? No way, Champ is our only proven CB and a future HOF. I wouldn’t trade champ for anybody. Wilfork is a great player but he has a strong line on both sides of him. You take that away from him and you never know what might happen, just look at Jason Taylor…… I would rather give up a hundred yards a game on the ground than 300+ in the air without Champ.

  • robtink242

    thats true there are a lot of things the opppsing offense have to worry about when facing NE D. Ty Warren, Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork. hey maybe next season but hey lets give our guys a shot first. I think Cris Baker Will succeed in this league.

    not just Kerry but to many people think that this team will have another committee season in the back field. i seriously doubt it, he is to talented to take carries away from him. only way i see it if its a Peterson/ Taylor.

  • Tom9798

    MIABronco . . . . the largest arms I ever saw on an individual was Don Baylor, a baseball player . . .

    I nicknamed him Don “Arm’s” Baylor . . . MVP in the AL for Cal in 79′ . . . played for a half dozen teams in the AL including the N.Y. Yankees . . . . met him in 83′ . . . his arm’s were larger than my neck!

    Any size bat looked like he was swinging a toothpick! . . .

    just thought I’d throw in my big arm’s vote! . . . lol . . . . T

  • Roy

    I don’t know about arms, but I remember meeting Shannon Sharp in ’98 and thinking that he was one of the biggest guys I had ever seen. He was 6’2″, and only 230 lbs, but with not an once of fat on him. Granted, I was 17 then, but he seemed larger than life.

  • Mr.East

    When I was 4 or 5 I met Toni Kukoc, he was 6’11. It was insane.


    I wouldn’t trade Champ for Vince because Denver has the possibility of having them both next season. I also think Moreno can be that 20-30 carry a game back. This all depends on McDaniels’ running game though, I think he’ll give Moreno more carries than the rest but expect Correll Buckhalter to get a good amount as well. Lamont Jordan is a wildcard because he’s used to the system and has had success in it.

  • kerry

    Moreno is not gonna be a 20-30 carry a game back. McDaniels used alot of RB’s in New England when the situation called for it. he didnt stick with one guy and didnt give anyone 30 carries. McDaniels will play Moreno more based on the fact that he wouldnt ever wanna look like an idiot for spending the 12th on a RB and not playing him alot.

    and here is the thing about Wilfork, and better pass rush makes the secondary better!! history has proven that over and over again. but a better secondary does NOT make the Pass rush or run stopping better. give me a dominant D-line that will force the QB into making mistakes over a secondary who is gonna get beat anyway because the QB has all day to throw because the pass rush isnt there.

    im sorry but Bailey is not gonna be as effective back there wehn he has to run all over because the QB has all day to throw. and seriously if anyone here is laying their hopes on Chris Baker to be effective this year then you are so dillusional. the guy wont even start. i mean really you guys are comfortable with Ron Fields at NT? HAHAHA. Marcus Thomas?? Carlton Powell?? thats sounds like the worst 3-4 D-line in football.

    and here is what pisses me off the most about McDaniels, its not that he traded Cutler (that does piss me off immensely though) but its the fact MCDaniels came from a team whos strength on defense was the D-line. yet McDaniels ignores the D-line in favor of the secondary. ridiculous! McDaniels should know that the D-line is where it all starts.

  • Mr.East

    McDaniels will play Moreno more based on the fact that he’s good and deserves it, given Moreno pans out. He didn’t stick with anyone in New England because the only thing close to an every down back he had was Lamont Jordan. Don’t assume that McDaniels will play him more to not look like an idiot, thats something you don’t know.

    A better pash rush does make the secondary better, but Bailey is still invaluable to the team. Look at the Giants, their defensive line is the best if not one of the best in the NFL. However, their secondary is not so great and that caused the Eagles to beat them in the playoffs. Yes, it all starts up front but Wilfork is just one of three men. Don’t knock Marcus Thomas or Cartlon Powell either. Especially seeing how Powell hasn’t even played a down yet. In college Powell allowed -13 yards rushing. Yes that is a negative. Thomas has been highly underutilized and he should do well in this system. Had Thomas not been kicked off the national championship Florida team he would have been a top 5 pick.

    McDaniels is doing what he can about the defensive line. Would you rather have him draft a bust of defensive linemen or a corner that will compete? That right there was Shanahan’s flaw. Seriously I don’t know what you expect right now. This isn’t Madden, you can’t just create players.

  • Mr.East

    Also Powell scored a 36 on the wonderlic test and he spent all of his rehad time studying the playbook in Denver with the team.

  • kerry


    you have no idea if a D-linemen that McDaniels could have drafted would be a bust. anyone McDaniels drafted this year has as much a chance of being a bust then any D-linemen he could have drafted. and what the hell does a 36 on a test have to do with anything??!! a high wonderlic doesnt mean anything when it comes to stopping the run or getting to the QB!

    and Marcus Thomas has done nothing in two years. and now he has to change positions and learn a new system. that isnt gonna make him better all of a sudden. if Marcus Thomas was so damn good, as some claim he is, then he would have a much bigger impact last year when he became a starter. new system and new position dosnt translate to becoming better right away.

    and im well aware this isnt madden. im well aware i cant “just make up a player”

    and Shanahan’s flaw was not drafting DT’s high at all. he thought he could get away with smaller weak bums. kind of like what this team has now. MCDaniels had 5 picks in the first 2 rounds and used 3 of them on the secondary. the secondary was not the biggest problem. the D-line was and still is.

  • jchase8410

    Perhaps that’s why he is making millions coaching the team, and you are still watching at home there Kerry…because he has no idea how to run a team, and you’re an uber-genious. You really need to get over yourself and realize that better coaching will make players better. Teams with better coaching stay on top because they can take okay guys and make them good. Everyone always makes the same mistake IMO, and ignores the coaching upgrades at every position, namely D-line and LB.

    These new coaches have had consistently good squads over the past decade, and not with the biggest names as far as talent goes. Please note, I said squads and not teams.

    Again, I am not saying that because we have these guys, the D-line is going to dominate and lead the league. I am simply asking that you take a moment to think about how coaching affects the players performance on the field. If you still feel the same, cool, and thanks for considering my point.

    Lastly, what is so bad about Fields? I’m not being a jerk or anything, I just don’t know much about the guy, except he was injured early in the last season I think.

  • T-Money


    I give you a few things… 1. D-Line makes the secondary. You’re right there. 2. New Systems and New coaches is not the formula for players to excel.


    If you want to stand by #2 then you CAN NOT bring up the last 3 years of Bronco Football. 3 coaches. 3 schemes. 3 years.

    When you take Marcus Thomas and play him 33% of the time his rookie season learning the system of the NFL and the defense and you see his potential, then BOOM. Start over. Then you do it all over again. and again. and again. I’ve been saying this for the last 3 years. If you want to be a good Defense then you need good coaching. If you want good coaching you need more than a year of his attributes. You CAN NOT judge a player on anything more than his physicality, his smarts (how fast can he make a decision (which is where the wonder lick comes in) on the football field), and his growth.

    Lastly. You know ZERO. That means nothing…about Mcdaniles system. You can speculate all you want but i promise you that it will only FAINTLY resemble New England. It would be flat out idiotic for him to copy that playbook. Having said that, you have no knowledge of where when or what KM will play again only speculation.

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    I love this blog. But sometimes I feel guilty that part of the reason I enjoy it is because I sort of relish the rampant abuse Kerry manages to bring upon himself nearly every post– I feel like I’m slowing down for an accident or something. He’s like a moth to a flame. And people sure do love to hate’m.
    Also, side-note: nobody seems willing to acknowledge the possibility that BOTH Shanny and McD could be crappy coaches. I’m not saying they are, necessarily, I’m just putting that possibility out there.
    All that aside, hope springs eternal. I’d like to believe in both KM and Marcus Thomas, and I’m trying not to give a shit what evidence there is to the contrary.

  • kerry


    seriously, ive never claimed to be a genius. i just call it like i see it and sometimes im right, and sometimes im wrong. but im right most of the time. and Mcdaniels had nothing to do with building these “Squads” you are referring to. Belichick built all that. and Nolan went on to coach the 49ers, and they sucked every year he was the head man. so dont lose any sleep over my lacking in confidence over a no good former head coach and a guy who has NEVER coached a team.

    you say i know nothing about what MCDaniels may do, well you have no idea either. his playbook may be an almost exact copy of Belichicks. you cant promise me shit. and you have no knowledge of what is or isnt gonna happen.

  • Roy

    As far as I can remember, and based on stats from 06-08, the Pats tried to make Maroney their everydown back. The dude just couldn’t stay healthy. 06 was the passing of the guard, so to speak, between Dillon and Maroney. Dillon only recieved 24 more carries. 07 Maroney took 185 handoffs, played in only 13 games and started 6 thanks to injuries. Last year even Matt Cassel ran more than he did.

    Maroney was drafted to be their #1 guy. He couldn’t be. This leads me to believe that while there will be lots of guys taking handoffs, only 1 or 2 of the rb’s will get most of the work. I would be surprised if one of them was not Moreno.

  • broncoNM

    Cant write off marcus thomas yet…Usually takes D linemen years to adjust and make any kind of impact. He is very athletic and could be really good with the right coaching (Nunnely should be great for thomsas). Is there any possibility of thomas playing DE? I could see the front 3 being thomas, fields, peterson. Thomas and Peterson are big bodies that can move and eat blocks. We all agree the D line needs a lot of help and improvement.
    I think moreno will be groomed to be the featured back but i hope they work him in his rookie year. He may split carries with buckhalter until moreno pulls away. The fact that moreno can catch and block may allow him opportunities early to be the man by week 4 or 5…

  • T-Money


    That’s my point. No one knows. So to play head coach like you always do is irrational and illogical.

  • DC

    When does training camp start?

  • jchase8410

    Kerry…I was specifically talking about Nunnely and Martindale (is that his name?) and the success of their respective squads. I will give you that Nolan was not a good head coach, but if has always been a pretty good defensive coordinator. You can have all the talent in the world, but if they dont have a good scheme to work in, they wont be very good.

  • roshon2411


    I don’t always agree with you, but your right on about McDaniels and Nolan. McDaniels rode the coattails of Belichick and Weis and Nolan did the same with Belichick and Marvin Lewis. It’s funny I hear complaints about how Shannahan was 24-24 the last 3 years. Nolan was 18-37 in San Fran. I don’t see how he can turn around this defense when he couldn’t turn around a team he had full control of…

  • DC

    I’d take Nolan as a D C over Shanny anyday.

  • T-Money

    “Brandon Marshall did not show up for mandatory minicamp today. He is in town and is set to meet with Pat Bowlen later today.” Cbs4

    well shit.

  • CJ

    Brandon Marshalls timing blows