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Published on 06/03/2009 at Wed Jun 03 12:02.
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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler showed up to his OTAs this offseason in high spirits. ESPN covered the whole deal. Mr. Cutler thinks that the receivers in the windy city are comparable to Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall. Something I believe just as much as that the before and after ads on this site are the same person. However, I wasn’t at these workouts. According to ESPN, who was there:

The new quarterback even staunchly defended his teammates. When one fan began asking whether a quarterback makes his receivers better or vice versa, Cutler stopped the fan before he had a chance to finish.

“You’re worried about our wide receivers a little bit? Let me put you at ease,” Cutler said, before explaining how the Broncos’ Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal were relative unknowns before their arrival in Denver. “Receiving-wise, we’ve got what we need here. You don’t need to worry about it.”

I had no idea that Jay single-handedly crafted Royal and Marshall into the receivers they are today. When was it that Mr. Cutler turned fresh Eddie into that beautiful route runner? Was it on that game changing 93 yarder that the corner got burnt on? Perhaps all the times he over threw him? There’s not a chance that Jay doesn’t hang Matt Forte out to dry like he did to Peyton Hillis on that third down pass against Kansas.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Jay was never a good quarterback or did nothing for the community in Denver, that’s quite the opposite. Jay Cutler was the host of charity dinners, his own show with Vic Lombardi, and even started up his own foundation for the fight against diabetes. All of these contributions are very respectable. Whereas, this statement below is not.

Then there was the little boy who wanted to know how many touchdowns Cutler plans to throw this season.

“How many do you want?” Cutler responded, knowing his career high is 25.
“Thirty,” the boy said.
“We can probably get you 30,” Cutler said. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.”

Cutler is obviously being facetious, but where’s the politically correct answer? It is my fault for expecting it. He did declare his disdain for Philip Rivers on a nationally broadcasted sports talk show and confidently stated that his arm was superior to John Elway’s. Bears fans should at least take solace that he’s focused on football right now.

“Good city. Good women. I’m single, so I could get in a little bit of trouble.”

Alright then, Bears fans can still take solace that he really delights in his new fans. Uhh… nevermind that. David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune wrote:

I know Cutler already has alienated enough small pockets of fans at various appearances in Chicago to produce a flurry of furious e-mails, such as the one from a guy at Wrigley Field last week who criticized the quarterback for waving off autograph seekers. “His lack of appreciation for fans will be his undoing in Chicago,” Glen. R. wrote me.

Man, who is this guy? The only thing I’m sure of right now is that Jay Cutler does not care what you think of him… unless your name is Josh McDaniels and you wanted to trade him.

I started this post a week or so ago, and attempted to complete it with brief surges of work. The funny thing is when I started this article all I had to cite was the ESPN article, then came the Chicago Tribune blurb, and now even coaching legend Tony Dungy chimes in. According to the Chicago Sun Times:

“I really think Chicago gave up a lot to get a quarterback who they believe is going to be the final piece of the puzzle,” said Dungy. “But I’m not sure he’s won enough to merit that yet. It may turn out to be a great move, but the jury’s out. To me, it was a risky move. But I think one that was done with the idea of beating one team.”

That one team being Packers. Dungy has been spoiled of having Peyton Manning his whole career, but that also means he knows about maturity, character and excellence, something he doesn’t think Cutler possesses.

Asked whether he thinks Cutler is the best quarterback in the NFC North, Dungy said it’s too early to tell.

“We’ll see about the maturity level, that’s what I would question,” said Dungy. “And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver. That would concern me as a coach. That’s my question. I think he can make all the throws. But quarterbacking is much more than making throws.”

Wow, Tony Dungy sounds a lot like what Josh McDaniels was thinking a a few months back. By the way, McDaniels actually referred to Jay as Jay. There is a spatial rift brewing somewhere.

All of this said, I’m bored. How many days till training camp?

I believe Cutler’s arm dazzles and his tongue is like Dylan’s, he spits hot fire. Obviously I’m bias and this is just a blog, so I’m no expert. Bronco Nation, what do you think of Jay Cutler nowadays? 

  • Estes2SD

    Give Orton and a chance and he may just become another Drew Brees. Both Purdue QB’s, that are smart and were coached well in college. It took Brees 4 years until he had a decent season with the Chargers, then after he was sent to the Saints a team and system he could flourish in he has put up numbers that are tops in the league.

  • kerry


    sorry but this is where we disagree. no way should we go after Vince Young. he doesnt have the mental fortitude. he would get booed of the field and would refuse to go back in a game lke he did in Tennessee. the guy cant even complete a 5 yard pass when he has to. i mean Young went into Tennessee when they had an excellent defense and couldnt even beat out Kerry Collins. (great first name by the way. lol) Young is a joke. but ill tell you who i would like, Kevin O’Connell from New England. learned the system for a year, had a great college career and has a great arm. id like him.

  • McCaffrey4Life

    I say f it and go for Bradford next year. We aren’t going to win more than 6 games this year, so whats the difference between going 2-14 and 6-10?…nothing except worse draft position.
    We get bradford, sign a couple veteran defenders (like Belichek always does) and we might be ok next year.

  • Mr.East


    Good call on Kevin O’Connel, my brother and I were talking about that the other day.

  • broncoNM

    Dont like the Vince Young idea. Denver has had enough QB drama for awhile…no sense grabbing a nut case that cant throw the ball…
    Moreno will not completely make up the void left by cutler but he will help in a couple of areas. 1) Catching the ball out of the backfield which is a good safety net for any QB especially ours. 2) Red Zone offense where we were horrible.
    Im actually excited to see orton in this system. He avoids mistakes/protects the ball, makes the easy/safe throw, and has tons of talent around him (O line, WRs, RBs). I have no problem with him playing the “dilfer role”…alot of screen passes, crossing routes, and handing the ball off. He should let the WRs and RBs do the work and just get out of the way. Our offense is still very talented and Orton just has to give them the ball. Cutler liked throwing into double coverage and tight windows. IF and i mean IF Orton can grasp this system like matt cassel did than he will be fine. I understand that matt cassel has had years to get this system and he also had randy moss but i think orton is a bright enough guy with enough disapline and experience to make it work. Royal will have “welker like” numbers in this system and will be all over the field…Marshall and moreno will help move the chains and with our O line he will have time to check down 2 or 3 times to the safe pass and move the sticks. We will not be getting 20,30,40 yard chunks down field like with cutler but i really think this offense could be more balanced with better numbers in the red zone (where it counts the most).
    Kerry and East-
    Im just curious why you like kevin O’connell? I watched him a couple of times because he was in the mtn west but he never stood out to me…

  • kerry


    sure i wouldnt mind if Orton played the “Dilfer role” but there is a huge difference, Dilfer had one of the greatest defenses ever assembled. we dont. and i like Kevin O Connell for the same reason why Cassell had success in the New England system, he sat a year and learned the offense. he didnt get thrown into the fire like Orton is getting. since MCDaniels is so huge on the SYSTEM and not proven talent, then O Connell would be good here. already knows the system, has a good arm. and would be able to step in right away and play in this system. i mean Chris Simms is giving Orton competition. that should tell how bad the QB situation is in Denver.

  • James’ Wife

    He looks like the HillBilly cousin your mom makes you take to the prom because he’s home schooled and has NO friends!!

  • jchase8410

    Simms has almost a month’s head start on Orton as far as learning the offense. Also, it has always been an open competition for the quarterback position (after Cutler forced his way out) so there is no reason to say Orton getting pushed by Simms is THAT much of a negative.

  • SC

    i’m glad he’s gone.. i never liked him .. I always had to force myself to like him and just hope he’d turn out good.. he was pretty shitty, just had a strong throwing arm…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    What a joke this site has become. This whole article is naught but pieced together blurbs in wrong context & complete nonsense used to draw a preconceived conclusion that the individual bits do not point to at all.

    I assure you for instance that Dungy would happily choose Cutler over most any QB in the league. He merely points out the risks of relying so much that one very young QB can change everything for a team on the ropes like the Bears. He mutters not a single ill word on Jay but for the rational concern over his part in the McJaygate fiasco which was handled poorly by both sides even by the reckoning of our owner!

    And where are the actual comments by Jay which dis our receivers?

    “You’re worried about our wide receivers a little bit? Let me put you at ease,” Cutler said, before explaining how the Broncos’ Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal were relative unknowns before their arrival in Denver. “Receiving-wise, we’ve got what we need here. You don’t need to worry about it.”

    They certainly were relative unknowns but Jay’s not even quoted in that regard! And most definitely there are no quotes from Jay stating anything along the lines of how he “single handedly crafted” our WRs into what they now are ….East’s quotes not Jays!

    In my opinion Mr East should not be posting stories on this site. He is too bitter. One could only wonder why. I’d love to explore this with him face to face rather than from behind the bravery boosting keyboard.

    Dee! Money & the rest of you regulars… Goodness gracious you embarrass yourselves! All riled up with no content whatsoever presented except that you’re pissed Jay left and we’re left with struggling, average QBs!!!

    If the so-called fans represented here were truly a cross section of Bronco fans I’d be embarrassed to be one! I’m certainly embarrassed by the group that would allow East to compile this pile of utter drivel.

    What a damn shame!

    Go Broncos.

    BTW most of you here are Raiders fans I think but just haven’t figured it out yet.

  • Hoosierbronc

    Let’s lay off the Hoosier hating. The proof will be in the pudding. Cutler will do OK in Chi Town, but who cares…What’s more interesting is the new era unfolding in Denver. Is McDaniel’s a boob or a savior? Will we be better or worse? The jury is still out. I’m willing to wait and see, however I’ll be a Bronco Fan forever.

  • broncoNM

    Your right. The only reason dilfer has a super bowl ring is because of their defense that year. Orton is not a QB that will take a team on his back and win a game (which is why he fits the dilfer mold). For him to have success he will need to understand this system and will need to rely on the talent around him. I hoping that Orton understands that. Im not sold on Orton but if he can grasp this system and protects the ball he is good enough with the talent around him to get results. Our O line will help him a lot.

  • roshon2411

    Yeah I figure Vince wouldn’t be a crowd pleaser. I only suggested it because thats how dire I think the QB situation is in Denver now. My thinking is if McD is such a whiz at bringing QB’s along, then take the raw talent that Young has and develop him. I think in many cases, people are to quick to judge. Cutler, Young, and Leinart all have less than three years starting experience in the league. Now of course, i say only if you can get him cheap(4th rounder or lower).

    East, yeah I rip on Orton because he couldn’t be Grossman out but Young losing his job to Collins isn’t the same. First Young got hurt last year, then Collins rattled off the winning streak and got them to the playoffs. Plus Collins has had a decent career, not HOF of course but he’s been to 2 NFC championship games, 1 SB, and of course last year plus almost 40,000 yds passing and couple of Pro Bowls. Besides isn’t Orton battling it out with Chris Simms? Wasn’t he the 3rd string QB last year behind Young, and Collins?

    Good article here, including a couple of quotes from former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist .

  • (dee)


    How wrong you are about me again , I’m upset that Cutler left? When did I imply that ?

    What frustrates me about you is that you that you feel Im upset about him leaving, but the stuff that comes out about this ass-clown only reaffirms my opinion that we made the correct decision getting rid of him.

    You were upset about him leaving, and still get upset when anyone bashes him.

    Why is he even an topic anymore? Why are there posts about him… guys have left or been traded from the Broncos and I’ve never had any ill will towards him, but this guy is a prick… oh and he’s also a loser … Phillip Rivers (prick + winner ) > Jay Cutler (prick + loser).

  • Mr.East


    That’s really the pot calling the kettle black saying I’m bitter. This is a blog not, remember that. I’m writing an article, which I stated biasly, cause I can, about how different people have said Jay Cutler is immature. If you don’t like what’s on this site then don’t read it, it’s simple as that.

    As far as my quotes, I quoted ESPN, I didn’t create anything myself, so you can take it up with them if you have a problem.

    It’s getting really tedious having to hear that you hate me with everything I post. It’s like you love to hate me. It’s the offseason Whidbey, there’s not much going on to talk about. What would you have? Enjoy J. Kenneth K’s post, it’s great and hilarious.

    At least you have to admit that the picture is funny, give me that.

  • Thomas

    dee, I totally agree. I was too afraid to admit it before but Jay is just as big of a prick as Rivers. Anyone else remember the Dolphins game last year when Cutler had a tantrum and threw his helmet on the field after the pass interference call on Marshall? That’s the part of Jay Cutler that most Bears fans seem to be ignoring just as us Broncos fans did when Jay was on our team.

    Pricks suck. But I’d take a winner who happens to be a prick over a spoiled prick who can’t even win games.

  • Thomas

    and to Whibdey – drop the Holier than thou attitude. You’re no better of a fan than anyone else here just because you’re an opinionated – trying to take shots at everyone on this site. Go follow the bears or something because we don’t want you here.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I believe I already said it all.

    Thomas, now you’re talking about his nuts?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    oh yeah, East.
    Yes on the picture, funny.
    Yes on the hating you. Not funny.
    Dee… then y are you so upset with him? You’d rather he stayed? You might want to run your smack in the mirror.

  • kerry


    whats the matter man? this site not doing enough pieces about how amazing the Broncos are when they really arent that good at all? are you upset that guys like East and Kyle arent writing fluff pieces about the players? does it bother you that this site isnt dedicated to drooling all over every single move the Broncos make? because if thats what you want, slink on over to the MHR. over there its like a Broncos cult. everybody agrees with everybody else on every single move McDaniels and the Broncos make. McDaniels could burn down an orphanage full of retards on christmas eve and everybody on the MHR would agree with it.

    the guys that post stories are here do a good job. so lay off. thats why i like it here because it isnt the drooling, slobbering, Broncos and McDaniels do everything right love fest that you and most Bronco drones would love to read.

    go to the MHR for that bullshit. quit your whining.

  • Mr.East

    “McDaniels could burn down an orphanage full of retards on christmas eve and everybody on the MHR would agree with it. ”

    Hahaha wow. What an example!

  • kerry

    well East i had to be abrasive with my example. because thats how it is over there on the MHR. its a cult. something goes wrong they will all drink poison and have a mass suicide.

  • herc rock

    I can’t believe you guys deleted my comment.

  • Kyle

    Comments Policy

    It’s getting kind of wild out here in the BT comments. Just remember, no insulting other commenters in any way, and it’s fair game. Love ya herc.

    Moderating this site is becoming more time-consuming than writing for it. Can’t we all just… get along?

  • Kyle

    (I’ve deleted about 10 comments from this post so far…)

  • herc rock

    Actually, I knew why you deleted it.

    I remember back in the day when couldn’t even swear in the BT comment section. Those were heady days.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Kerry, shush.
    You’re as bad as East except way funnier!
    But talk about whining! Goodness gracious Penelope, you’ve been known to snivel with the best of them!
    So true about MHR Though.
    And you sound like them too when you expect me to go along with the Cutler bashing!

    They specialize in a hating Bears player of all things!

    Let’s stick to the Broncos?

  • jchase8410


    There’s no winning with you. If you are going to cry about Mr. East’s posts, and pretend that you are a better fan than everyone else, start your own blog and post your own piece…


    Its funny, Whidbey comments at MHR all the time, and he says the same things about their articles over there. Its kind of funny that he can’t see that Cutler DIDN’T WANT TO BE A BRONCO after Shanny got the boot. It was handled badly by both sides, but I agree with Mark Schlereth, Cutler is “the biggest spoiled baby in franchise history”

    I enjoy the articles here, it’s the comment section that is starting to remind me of the DPO.

  • kerry

    well i hate the MHR!!! its nothing but people agreeing with everything that everybody else says. bunch of drones. god damn cultists. if McDaniels drafted a kicker and then a punter with our 2 first round picks the lemmings would be spinning it on how great the idea was and about how nobody has ever been so bold. (yet Al Davis has done both in drafting Ray Guy and Sebastian Janikowski in the first round, but not the same year) its just the Bronco drones all sucking on the same proverbial kool-aid filled tit. ugh. im glad there is conflict and debate here. otherwise id hate it here.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Kerry, for the most part you’re totally right about MHR. Koolaid drunk as can be. when I see folks here acting like they do it really pisses me off! I DO go there to get my news tho, who has time to do the horse tracks every day? Gotta admit, great source of info.

    Since my last post will surely be deleted (sorry Kyle) Jchase – of Course I realize Jay didn’t want to be a Bronco. I blame McD. I also don’t think just because he;s a Bear now every lemming (ty kerry) needs to jump on the bashing him like he suddenly stopped being the guy we ALL loved last year.

    Get off bashing him and I’ll quit defending him! Why start a new post when that topic keeps getting opened here! !#$%%$#!

  • jchase8410

    I admit that I loved having JC as a bronco, and I spent the better part of soap opera defending him as well. I turned on him when he showed us what many feared all along, his selfish me first attitude that is derimental to the team. We were all hoping that a guy who, “kinda sucks, but my dad says you’ll be good someday” would save the broncos from mediocrity, but the FACT is, he wasn’t that guy. He doesn’t have the mental fortitude to take his game from really good to greatness. Maybe he will mature into that great QB that he has the physical ability to become, but it won’t be as a bronco, and I blame HIM. McD extended the olive branch, said everything Jay wanted to hear, “Jay is our QB, period” JC virtually spit in his face. It was Bowlen’s decision to pull the trigger on the trade, he mAde the statement, so blame McD all you want, and defend your boyfriend, by take a look at the reality of what happened first.

    Where do you get the gall to come on someone else’s blog, and attack their person based on their take of MSM article. Then when they defend themselves you have the audacity to challenge how “tough they are without the keyboard.” It seems to me that you either have little mans complex, or are compensating for other shortcomings. What a lame-brain.

  • John Bena


    That is just laughable. I am far from drinking the Kool-Aid. I just don;t choose to hate on something just to hate it, or believe everything the MSM tells me just because it feeds my negativity. Am I anxiously awaiting what this season will bring? Hell Yes! I have no idea what is going to happen, neither do you. But, if I choose to look at the positive side, instead of the negative, that is not drinking the kool-aid. But I am not going to be negative, just to be negative.

    I won’t pollute BT any further. To each his/her own. There is plenty of debate, where I start to get annoyed is when I get the feeling that people want the Broncos to fail, WANT McDaniels to fail just to prove their arguments right. That same thing happened during the Plummer/Cutler days. If you hope/wish/want the Broncos to fail that isn’t being a fan.

    There is a difference between being CRITICAL and being NEGATIVE. I choose to be critical. Some, especially in the MSM, choose to be negative.

    I’d imagine Kyle would prefer you stay on topic instead of bashing other Broncos sites just as I would advise my readers to not bash BT or anywhere else.

    John Bena

  • jchase8410

    And Kerry

    Having said that, I am not a lemming who thinks McD can do no wrong. I am simply giving him a chance to prove himself great or terrible. Probably somwhere in the middle, though. Am I on the 13-3 baby! Like most at MHR, no, but I’m also not buying 3-13 either. Again, I’m assuming somwhere in the middle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see is go 10-6, or 6-10. I refuse to make predictions on the record before training camp at the very least.

    All this negativity is making my head spin. Everybody knows more than everybody else around here, which I agree does make for interesting debate. Everyone in their own mind seems to have the top-shelf football IQ, which I find hysterically funny. Some of the ridiculous accusations, and character bashing I can only shake my head at. The “debates” are quickly escalating into full blown arguments, and nobody is listening objectively to other people’s opinions at that point. Let’s all take a deep breath, and calm the F down

  • Ian Henson


    Know that we’ve had a relationship for awhile, but welcome officially to the boards. I did drink the kool-aid, I’ve literally noded my head as the quite observer for months. I’m in New York and though Chicago wishes that they were this far, their media behaves as if they were and I’ve seen Cutler literally come apart at the seams.

    I don’t wish harm (character nor physical) on any man and if you’ve listened to our podcasts, you’ll know that the greatest day in my life will be when Denver faces Chicago in the Super Bowl.

    With that said, of course people want the Broncos to fail, then they’ll be right… I’ve always prided myself in standing alone and being wrong, being right when it counts and this is what j- school is about. Blogging, you do it from the love and you do it because you believe… You know all of this and this is why you have such a great site.

    Very privalleaged to have you around these parts my man, please don’t make yourself scarce. I also cannot wait to whoop your ass in the Denver Broncos Bloggers Fantasy Football League next year…

    – Ian

  • steve


    great idea to get stafford next year, one problem tho; WE TRADED OUR FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK FOR ALPHONSO SMITH. I hope smith is good. Did i say good, i mean GREAT, as in Champ Bailey II, cuz if hes not, our draft pick will be a top 10-er and we’ll all be talking about not trading our first round pick.

    I love the broncos, and dont know what to expect this year. I think we have potential, lots of potential. I have REALLY HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR MORENO, I THINK HE’LL BE GREAT. LIKE, ONLY SLIGHTLY LESS GREAT THAN PETERSON. If we can get mccoy or someone good next year this franchise could turn around fast.

  • steve

    a few things i forgot to say that i wanted to,

    f**k jay cutler. hes gone, i hope he tears his acl every consecutive season from here on out. no joke, theres hate in my heart.

    also cheers on b-marsh not getting suspended (yet). i hope he gets motivated and has a monster year, like a screw-you-jay type of year. heres my good-case (not best case) preview. This is just personal opinion, so dont chew me out too much

    we finish 9-7, second in the division. Some highlights. Marshall has 110 recs for 1400 and 12 tds. royal has 110 recs for 1000 and 8 tds. Moreno has 1400 yds and 15 total tds. Champ comes back from the vacation he was on last year, has 8-10 picks. dawkins has 5-10 bonejarring hits. etc. this all COULD happen. Heres hoping it does!!!

  • steve

    even better 9-7 and WIN THE DIVISION AND THE SUPERBOWL! thats a little nuts i know

  • kerry

    John Bena:

    wow. im so notorious that you come over here to defend your little site. HAHAHA. but here is the thing, ALOT of people bash your site. because you show no objectivity. its all fairy tales and non sense. i prefer the people that, call is as they see it, not try to dream up these fantasy scenarios about this team being good when in fact they arent. kind of like the last three years they havent been good. but im not gonna change the way i post because you happen not to agree with it. and ive been posting here for a while and quite a few people agree with many things i talk about. some even agree your site is a joke. im just the only one who is so abrasive with my views. try not to lose any sleep over it ok.

  • John Bena


    Garbage is garbage, and yes, insult my integrity, and I will defend myself, anywhere.

    You make a lot of claims, but provide me 1 example of what you are talking about. If anything, I am more objective because I look at BOTH SIDES. People like you look at only the angle YOU CHOOSE.

    Notorious? I think not, but who is losing sleep? Me, or the people going to someone ELSE’s website to talk bad about mine. Feel free to stay away. With “FANS” like you, who needs enemies….

  • Kyle

    We love the MHR and think John and company do a terrific job. If any of our readers don’t feel the same, that’s their prerogative, but please don’t use BT as a vessel to post your opinion on a different Broncos fan website.

    Comments are meant to discuss the topic at hand; please stay on-topic and remain respectful of other commenters.

  • Mr.East

    What have I done?

  • herc rock

    Holy schnikies! What happened over here?

  • kerry

    ok Kyle. out of respect to you and your site ill stop with the bashing of the Bronco cult report, i mean MHR. apparently it gets people so riled up that they have to go to their respective site and write some long diatribe about the “Cultism” speak of.

    John Bena:

    after hearing of the article you worte on your site about “Realism Vs Kool-aid” something or other, i just had to cruise over there and read it, and i have to say, it is some of the most hilarious stuff ive ever read.

    then i read where you posted “there is no moderator, im the judge, jury and executioner” PFFFTTTTTT. dude get over yourself. lol. only on the internet could you be such a thing.


    what happened was i said something naughty about another site then everboyd got riled up. but you can blame me. its ok. lol.

  • Ian Henson


    John’s good people. His site is full of people that are good as well, we’re all cheering the same team. If the revolution every comes, I’d assume we’d all have each others backs.

    Love you man, you’ll never hear me say a bad thing about you, but there comes a time– where the most that you can do is nothing at all.

    This is that time.

    Much love,

  • John Bena

    Thanks, Ian, Thanks Kyle.

  • (dee)


    You lose the badass image by adding in all “lol” after your comments. Unless you are really laughing out loud after you type in the comments…

  • kerry


    who is trying to be a badass? not me. never tried to put forth that perception. stating my opinion with more ferocity then most isnt me trying to be a badass. but hey whatever you say. PFFFTTTT

  • (dee)

    whatever say kerry, whatever you say. PFFFFFFTTTTTT

  • zemkarlos

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