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Published on 05/02/2009 at Sat May 02 09:50.
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There was speculation as to what number Knowshon Moreno would wear for the Broncos being that his number 24 at Georgia is held by fellow Bulldog Champ Bailey.  That has been all put to rest as Moreno will be the first Bronco to don Darrent William’s #27 since his tragic death back on the first day of 2007.  The number had been held from use out of repect to Williams and the events of his tragic death.

Moreno has already shown a great amount of character in going about the request.  Rather than lobby the Broncos, Knowshon placed a call to the Williams family to see if they would allow him to bring the number out of hiatus.  Darrent’s mother Rosalind, after speaking with Moreno and coming to an agreement that the new Bronco halfback would spend time at the Darrent Williams teen center said she was more than happy to allow the rookie to take her fallen son’s number. Moreno has already started wearing the 27 during the Broncos latest mini camp.

A classy way for the guy to start his career here in Denver, it’s already helped endear himself to many of the fans.  I like the gesture and hopefully this brings the right kind of attitude to the locker room and team moving forward.

  • Tom9798

    Joe . . . . lol . . . . any incentives for landscaping? . . . T

  • Joe


    haha oh yeah..I forget to mention that his contract can take a dramatic boost to 400 dollors if he does not let my lawn mower juke him out and get past him….wait, i’m confindent that he can handle my lawn mower. But my weedwacker…….

    Anways, I’m watching the 2005 championship game….And man, this shit is depressing…

  • Tom9798

    Joe . . . he could never handle the weedwacker! . . . 05′ was bad . . . . but nothing will ever be as bad as 96′ . . . the 13-3 Bronco’s have home field advantage throughout the playoffs . . .

    The 9-7 Jacksonville Jaguars come to Mile High, Mark Brunell carves up our sencondary . . . and beat us 30-27 . . . . still the most staggering blow in our history . . .

    and what hurt’s even more . . . is that we could have won three Superbowls in a row! . . .

    I will never forget that loss . . . and I still have that crappy feeling everytime we play the Jaguars . . . . T

  • Joe


    Good point! That really does suck!!! But just watchin’ that 05′ game pissed me off. We could have went to the Super Bowl!!But Foxworth sucked ass, along with Jake Plummer (That game).

  • DC

    I heard we are going all orange. OH YEAH!

  • T-Money
  • DC

    I personally hate the old AFL jerseyz. They are retardid.

  • Estes2SD

    New Post? Or do we have to keep on talking about the #27 jersey for another week?

    I thought denverbroncos . com was bad about not posting new interesting material. I found this site a couple months ago and was thrilled because of the coverage on the whole Cutler situation and the draft. Now after I reccomend it to other bronco fans across this great nation it seems as though the editors and taken a vacation.

  • steve

    i predict the broncos will go 16-0.

    dont ask why, its complicated

  • Kawike

    I hope you’re right steve. As ridiculous as I think that prediction is, I hope you’re right.

  • Stav

    I just heard on the radio that Vegas has Denver going 7-9 this year, but the comment the oddsmaker threw in was that you never know how good a team is going to be, and that the 2009 schedule is the real basis of the 7-9 prediction. Of course he had to throw in that you could of factored in 1 to 1.5 more wins if some jerk hadn’t pushed and got a trade out of town. I think we’re going to surprise a few people and either end up at .500 or a game over.

  • Mr.East


    We’ve all been swamped this week. Don’t worry I have something cooking up for tomorrow and I should be more free in the future to add more content.

  • Kyle

    Finals week. Bare with me :/

  • DC

    I hear that Kyle.

  • SanDiegoBronco55

    hahaha yea dude i got finals week this week too…But thats why I need new posts to give a distraction from studying and doing all the other shit that comes with it.

  • Asswass

    Ohhhh you can’t mess with Champ Bailey’s 24.

  • Knowshon Fan

    Moreno is a hard working class act and Denver is lucky to have him. I think he has the potential to be the offensive rookie of the year.

  • Estes2SD

    Thanks for the feedback and good luck on the Finals…..

  • T-Money

    Kyle you could through up a Create a caption probably real quick and that would keep people entertained for a while. Just a thought. Just took my last final today.

  • mr. me

    yo BT, ya’ll need some more writers or some’n i keep come’n to broncotalk and the cover still is:


    there’s gotta be some’n u can post about
    just so all the BT loyal readers dont get bored here’s some vids i seen on another site:

  • herc rock

    Wah, wah, wah, where’s my free entertainment?

    Nice grammar.

  • MiamiMike

    Did I miss something in regards to Bronco Talk not updating the site. The last update was May 2nd? Please tell me there are no issues. I enjoy this site very much but a few times I have notices articles are not updated as on other sites.

  • MiamiMike

    I apologize I just saw comment and answer prior to my comment. I really enjoy this site so much and have told many people about it.

    (just worried) lol

  • robtink242


  • jchase8410


    You know how people tend to be more influenced by a single negative act than 10 positive ones. Its just human nature man. I know most people saying that are simply refering to the game against the colts where Reggie Wayne made DWill look silly. That performance sticks out in my mind, but he also made his share of great plays and then some. He was a great up and coming star CB in his 2nd season, sad, that kid had a lot of football left in him.

  • jchase8410

    Hey BroncoTalk staff

    When are you going to put in un-compensated hours to make all of us happy. Our free time is WAY More valuable than your time. You MUST entertain us!!!

  • robtink242

    yeah i hear you jchase8410

  • Roy

    If anyone alse has been on PFT recently, you are probably as surprised as I am….they are reporting we just signed….RB Darius Walker.


  • Oface9701

    Hows everyone feeling about Moreno now? Lol haha. What a joke. He gets hurt when the wind blows.They should strip him of that number and save it for someone with some heart. But you got manning now to compliment decker Thomas and mcgahee. Gotta be optimistic. Good luck.