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Published on 04/29/2009 at Wed Apr 29 06:20.
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Draft grades are useless. I don’t believe in grades until a few seasons have passed. However reflecting on who was picked and why is a legitimate idea.

12. Knowshon Moreno

Summary: Some fans out there are calling for Josh McDaniels’ head because this wasn’t Brian Orakpo. I think I’ll stand by McDaniels choice of taking the best running back in the draft who will take pressure off of the quarterback instead of drafting a 4-3 end who is a potential bust (see Vernon Gholston).

Pros: Knowshon Moreno was amazing at Georgia in SEC, end of story. Take a look at some of his film. His forty time may be slow for his position but you can’t knock production. This pick indirectly patches up the quarterback problem. Whoever wins the starting job will have a lot of pressure taken off their shoulders if they have a back who can get the job done. If Moreno lives up to his expectations Brandon Marshall will be seeing a lot less balls thrown his way. Here is a great highlight reel and a him kickin’ it with Herschel Walker. As you can see from the highlight reel that Moreno is capable of doing some amazing things physically.

Cons: The main question is his speed, Moreno did not impress completely at the combine with his forty, but hey, neither did Terrell Davis. Some analysts have stated that he needs to bulk up possibly another 5-10 pounds because of durability concerns. Mike Mayock however thinks he’s the hardest runner since Adrian Peterson.

Good Value: Yes

  • Moreno is the top running back of the draft, so taking him at 12 when he could possibly be taken at 16 was a good choice.

Good Pick: Yes

  • Moreno has the capability to fix all the kinks in Denver’s underachieving offense. Moreno potentially will add T.O.P, touchdowns, and red zone efficiency, all things Denver has lacked for quite some time.

18. Robert Ayers

Summary: If you happen to be Mike Mayock then you love this guy. Most of you have heard that Mayock said “In three years Ayers wil be the best defensive player of this draft.” Mayock is usually spot on, not always, but usually. Denver hopes his streak continues.

Pros: What is insanely impressive about Ayers was his Senior Bowl performance. Michael Oher got bossed around by Ayers, and not only Oher was labeled Ayers chew toy. There wasn’t a single offensive linemen at the Senior Bowl who could stop Ayers, just take a look at this footage. Ayers possesses both kinds of pass rush techniques, that being the speed rush and the bull rush. It was very impressive watching Ayers knock Kraig Urbik flat on his back. If Ayers brings his style of play to the NFL then we’ll have to start calling him “The Boss” because thats exactly what he does to offensive linemen. Mayock called Mike Nolan a very “creative” defensive coordinator, so Ayers makes sense because Denver will have a hybrid package of 3-4 and 4-3, and he has the ability to play both.

Cons: Ayers exploded his senior year, which gave him the one-year wonder label, so there are questions about consistentcy. What posisiton Ayers will end up playing is still in the air, Ayers weights roughly around 272 pounds which puts in him the middle of a 3-4 defensive and and outside linebacker. What irks me is that analyst have been real hard on Denver for taking Ayers, saying he is not a 3-4 outside linebacker. However, if you weight 272 pounds and your name is Shawne Merriman being a 3-4 outside linebacker has worked out pretty well.

Good Value: Possibly

  • Denver possibly could have traded down and still landed Ayers. Ayers stock had been on fire lately so it is hard to say exactly where he would have ended up. I believe that he would have still been available a few picks later, but it is hard and risky to architect a first round draft trade that only skips down a few spots.

Good Pick: Yes

  • Like I said before some analysts will slam Denver for taking Ayers because he’s not a prototypical 3-4 defensive end or outside linebacker. Most of them don’t take into account the 3-4 hybrid Denver will run.

All in all I myself was very pleased with the first round. Denver managed to grab the best running back in the draft as well as defensive player with a huge upside. What do you think? Try to keep it to the first round only please. Air it out!

  • roshon2411

    Seymour’s stats are essentially the same, him and Brady both starting playing in 2001. As for the Browns, if you remember the Browns were a decent team year in and year out back then. A lot of similarites between the teams. When Belichick took over, the Browns were 22-25-1 the three years prior. A couple years removed from an AFC championship apperence. Belichick came in and removed the QB(Kosar) for one who fit his system(Testeverde). Let’s hope the similarities end there. Remember after 5 uneventful years, Belichick was fired and Cleveland moved to Baltimore.

  • kerry


    yeah im a huge CU fan. but i do watch alot of football outside of the big XII. im not saying Moreno cant be good, im saying im holding all reservations until i see the guy in an NFL game. sure he can be good or he can be the next Ron Dayne. all hype and nothing else. Ayers is more then likely gonna bulk up and play DE so his presence wont be felt in getting to the QB .and i worry about the one year wonder thing with Ayers. basically this is a 6-10 year with high hopes for next year. McDaniels is full of shit if he thinks this isnt a transition/rebuilding year. in fact he made it more of a rebuilding year by trading Cutler. things have not gotten better. one position gets stronger while weakening another. that isnt getting better.

  • robtink242

    i totally agree with you im not a firm believer in McD. he made Matt Cassell play productive with the easiest schedule out of all 32 teams. I hear you about the Ron Dayne thing but i do believe knowshon is different.

  • kerry

    you said it, “the easiest schedule out of 32 teams” thats gonna be a huge factor this year whether McDaniels admits it or not. plus when you have Randy Moss and Wes Welker to go to that helps also. but a huge thing that alot are overlooking is the fact that Cassel sat the bench and learned for a while. Orton is basically gonna be learning on the fly because of how complex this system supposedly is. i think Orton CAN be good, but this year he isnt gonna take us to 11-5 like Cassell did the Pats. Knowshow maybe different. very possible. but i still dont think he is gonna be the pounder that some think. i think 13-18 carries a game with several balls being thrown to him on the swing pass or the 5 yard check down. Hillis should be the short yardage guy along with Buckhalter. also Marshall and Royal’s catches and yardage are gonna drop off because Orton cant make the deep throws or thread the needle like Cutler can. this is gonna be a dink and dunk season. 4 yard passes here, 7 yard passes there. but if we win then who cares right? lol

  • OC Bronco

    Does anyone believe that we aren’t rebuilding? We need to temper our expectations for ’09 and not because of our draft (which I loved). You don’t go from stinking to great in 1 offseason. The only 2 areas of strength last year were our o-line and starting receivers. Everything and everyone else was horrible to above average, incl the player. We were not good last year don’t be fooled by the fact we almost made the playoffs. Please.

    Our QB play will be average this year and you can’t expect anything else. As Kerry said Orton has a chance but needs to learn the system. It’s very complex and will take time. I’m betting that the player’s season won’t be any better. We’ll see how good he really is. I’ll be rooting against him regardless.

  • kerry

    OC Bronco:

    actually there are alot of people who think we are not rebuilding at all. many of my friends believe we are contenders now. which is ridiculous to say the least. and our “almost in the playoffs” year least year is a mirage. if the Chargers werent so horrible then we wouldnt have gotten close to any playoffs at all. so yeah i agree that expectations needs to be evaluated.

    but you know what is the most horrible thing about knowing your team is gonna be bad? knowing you dont have that high draft pick next year because it got traded fo a 5’9 CB who isnt even gonna be a starter this year. alot of talent next year in guys like Terrence Cody, Brandon Spikes, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Eric Berry. those guys will likely be top ten picks and we wont be near the top 10 because we wont have that pick.

  • robtink242

    Kerry please dont talk about next years draft. the only way i ease off McD is if these players are studs. But next years draft will be so much better. i want brandon spikes on this team. From what i realize McD loves the SEC. which isn’t bad but more than likely we draft WR.

  • kerry

    a WR?? um why? Marshall and Eddie Royal and Jabbar Gaffney along with McKinney?? but you say WR? um ok sure. talk about drafting a spot we definetly dont need.

  • robtink242

    I’m sorry that was sarcasm. i really want Brandon Spikes

  • kerry

    oh. lol. yeah i want Brandon Spikes also. or NT Terrence Cody. the safety Eric Berry out of Tennessee is a monster who would be great.

  • Mr.East


    I know you want Taylor Mays… just kidding.

  • kerry

    PFFFTTTT!! Taylor Mays is so overrated its not even funny. kind of like Rey Maualuga. lol