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Published on 04/25/2009 at Sat Apr 25 21:29.
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The Denver Broncos traded into the second round for the second time Saturday, selecting tight end Richard Quinn out of North Carolina 64th overall. The 6’4″, 264 lb. senior is the fifth pick the Broncos made on Saturday and concludes the team’s first day of the draft. Quinn has only caught twelve passes in his career, making him the definition of your “blocking tight end.”

Rrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaacccchhh. Traded two third round picks to get a player projected as a late rounder. I’m actually okay-to-happy with the draft thus far overall, but this definitely ended Saturday on a sour note. Quotes from Quinn after the jump.

On what he brings to the Broncos

“Right now I’m just bringing hard work. I just want to come in and do whatever I can to impact this team. Just go in fired up. I’m a little overwhelmed right now. I’m happy to be there and to go to work. I’m going to bring everything I possibly can for this team to win games.”

On his catching hands and being a productive receiver in the NFL

“I truly do believe that and I am very confident in everything that I do and in my blocking as well and catching the ball.”

On where he thought he might end up and if he was surprised to go in the second round

“Honestly, when the process first came along I thought maybe I would be a free agent and maybe be blessed to have the opportunity to come to a team and try out. It was a big shock and I am thankful for the people who believed in me and God is good, it’s a blessing and I’m just happy to be where I am now.”

On if he had a sense that any other teams were interested in him

“I had quite a few teams that showed interest. I talked to a few and took a couple of trips. I had quite a few teams come to my school and work me out. I had quite a few people come down and talk to me.”

On at what point he thought he may be drafted

“After the combine, I wanted to show everybody what I could do. People didn’t have an idea who I was.”

  • brett

    This pick is baffling. Not only is TE a secondary need, and not only did they sacrifice two picks in order to get him, but he was the 2nd TE taken and would almost certainly have been on the board at both 3rd round picks. He only caught 12 passes his entire career and though he’s a great blocker, isn’t that why the team spent so much money on Daniel Graham two years ago? Combine this pick with them trading away a potential top-10 pick next year and you really have to wonder what McDaniels and Xanders were thinking.

  • MileHigh55

    McD and X man weren’t thinking on this pick how can you trade 2 third round picks for a backup TE that will be holding a clip board behind Graham , Putzier , Scheffler if he doesn’t get traded . This was the worst move the boneheads did on this draft.

    Those 2 third round picks were gonna make me watch the second day of the draft now that they traded them away I don’t have to watch because they just SCREWED up our draft. The third round could have made this draft with two DL players now were screwed.

  • T-Money

    This was super Lame. I hope to god that McD has a plan for this. If not.,,, Well come training camp if you see the news talking about a naked guy that ran onto the field and punched McD in the Face…. that was me.

  • OC Bronco

    WTF? I mean WTF?

  • J

    Somehow I think in the end all will work out for the best. After drafting a TE in the second a trade involving Sheffler might bring us back in the 3rd round.

  • robtink242

    t-money i love the idea.(you can do it with your clothes on)

    So what do we do with Jack Williams, Josh Bell, Jarvis Moss Jr. (Robert Ayers), this guy Daniel Graham Jr. The only draft pick i like was Knoshown but we could have gotten him at 18.

    2 thirds for the lowest second. a first for a second wow.

    I didnt support him through the Cutler saga and I sure as hell dont support him now.

    Good by Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow. Hello late 20 draft pick. I hope you guys are ecstatic about are new coach just as much as i am.

  • flbronc

    since i wasnt able to watch yesterday, i thought that we might have traded scheff to the the 37th… i hope we get more for him than a third if we deal him.

  • Matt

    McDaniel’s must know something that millions of NFL fans don’t… no wait, he’s just an absolute moron.

  • mike

    I agree with brett on this pick, I love getting mareno, and dont really like this draft much so far but dont think it is as drastict as everyone thinks and really hate that Cutlers gone but he chose to leave us. And Mcd did run a record setting offense, that scored points not just got a bunch of yards. I think Dawkins will really help turn defense around this year. Also Jay is great but had great protection, and 2 great recievers, and good tight ends, now we have a Portis type back lets see what orton can do with the offense and how the new defense goes before we hang Mcd

  • Fan from Spain

    I’d love to hear Shanny’s veiws on this Draft… hes probably loughing his head off

  • mikebirty

    Not sure he’d be laughing. Moreno and Smith seem like the exact sort of players we’d have ended up with if he was running the draft.

  • broncobobmeridian

    Maybe Grahams days are numbered?

  • broncobobmeridian

    wonder what grahams cap number is?

  • DLPee

    I have been an avid Bronco fan since ’76 and pretty much agree with mikebirty that the first round was alright (Shannahan may have done the same thing…who knows) but the 2nd round was a major disaster and I clearly join with OC Bronco by saying “WTF”??? What kind of disaster of a coach did Bowlen pick?

    My theory is…Bowlen is a football-idiot. ’nuff said.

  • MScott

    Yep, it’s official. Time to cancel the Sunday Ticket and spend more time with family and friends. Thanks McD and BX, for giving me better perspective on my life.

  • robtink242

    he has to be putting together a power run game. post 8 is right this guys an ass . it relavent he was no where a around when bill and pioli where drafting. anyone notice that keyshown johnson shitted on him when we pick.

  • ryan

    Could have taken DT Roy Miller but instead we are taking a backup TE. McDaniels must know something we all do not because when I look at the roster there are holes to fill. We are by no means in a position to be drafting for depth.

  • Mr.East

    I’m confused about this pick but I understand. This draft sucks and GMs don’t want to sign a lot of players. I’m very happy with Ayers and Moreno, especially with was left on the board. Look for Stephen McGee in the next round.

  • mikebirty

    McGee, Bomar or maybe Terrance Taylor? Or have we given up on the idea of drafting D-Line?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Alienate & then trade Cutler
    Not a single pick at our greatest need …defensive tackle
    A first for a second! (Ours, not Chicago’s)
    two thirds for a very late 2nd round blocking tight end…
    Belicheck’s plan will be complete as soon as we trade Champ & Clady for late rounders with which we’ll draft wheelchair bound punters.

    If the Raiders wouldn’t have gone all Al Davis, we’d be hearing every commentator trashing our EVERY decision since the season ended. …Instead now only every other one does!

    For the record, I do like some of the players we picked up (in free agency too). But many are questionable & outside Robert Ayers, every single pick was either not a position of need or far too early for the price…

    What the hell do we do now?
    Call for Coach & GM’s head over & over?
    Support them through bad & worse?
    I sat through four superbowl losses to the very end
    I sat through the loss to Jacksonville at home in the first round
    I’ll never quit on our team (I’ve considered it! I can’t)
    But this sick feeling in my stomach is one that’s going to last for years!

    T-Money if you’re willing, I’ll be the first contributor to your legal fund. I think we can make a good case for temporary insanity.

    If this keeps up it won’t be temporary.

  • daveh838

    why did we select a running back and not any defensive personnal.

  • milehighs`

    I told all of you.Mc. daniels is a.Owe what the hell im tierd of talking about Mc D.

    I realy like the runing back that the broncos got though.

  • milehighs`

    I like the players we got but not the TE .That was crazzy what we paid for.ITs like two little kids driving the school bus and cant see over the stiring

  • Jason

    The Broncos received a 2nd and a 4th for the two 3rd round picks. He’s likely gonna trade Shefler as the system he employs does not use a pass catching TE so the 12 REC is an irrelevant stat. A blocking TE who can occasionally sneak out for a short catch is more his MO.

    Again, you don’t know what he’s doing. Be patient; let him show himself for a genius or idiot. We don’t know what he sees. Also, he has a bevy contributors to the personnel discussions; he’s not flying solo here.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m shocked too; however, I know I have no idea what he is looking at in minicamp or what his plan is. Is he making some rookie mistakes? More than likely. Are his decisions as bad as we, who don’t really know anything, think? Doubtful.

    Give him a chance. He’s building a team we’re not used to seeing. We have Elvis and Jarvis who are now OLBs DJ and (dude from the Browns) as ILBs. Hopefully we put Marcus in as a 5 technique DE with Peterson. All we need then is a DT and we have some of DTs to choose from.

  • steve

    im all for McD finding players to fit his system. The only thing im wondering about this pick is why he had to trade our 3rd rounders for him. This kid was supposed to go late rounds. Why not just draft him in the third??

  • steve

    btw, i really hope we take rhett bomar in this round (its the fourth round right now)

  • Fan from Spain

    Check out a cool highlight video on Moreno, I’m glad we picked him instead of a possible SD pick.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Let’s stop saying McD knows so much from his experience. He has none as the decision maker. NONE.

    Jason, I’m sorry I think he showed himself the idiot yesterday. What scares me is that we’re going to wonder what if for years.

    BTW NE’s system uses the TE quite a lot when the situation calls for and when they have a good receiving TE. It’s funny when people grab a notion like that from some commentator and then run with it. I find it more likely that Grahm’s future here will end after this season.

  • Kelly in Carolina

    McD is obviously trying to build a team that can run the ball down people’s throats. You don’t trade two 3rd round picks for a TE in the second round, especially when you already have a good blocking TE, unless you have a total strategy built around running the ball successfully out of a double tight end formation.

    This could be very surprising. Everyone thinks that McD is a 4 WR set pass happy coach, and yet this draft shows us he is committed to building a solid run game. When we have a winning record and Moreno is stacking up 100 yards games and giving the defense a chance to rest, it might be better than having Ragi AND Jackson on a 3-4 line.

    And unless Thomas can play the NT, we will probably be staying with more of a 4-3, but I like the idea of a hybrid defense. Those new DBs are going to excel under the tutelage of Champ and Dawkins. We’ll all be happy about those selections when Hill or Goodman gets burnt or injured and a solid player comes in off the bench and makes a couple of pics!

    I know everyone likes to think of themselves as the expert, and that just because McD isn’t doing it the way you’d do it, give him a frickin break. If you were the head coach and everyone was calling for your head before you even played a preseason game, you’d just feel like screw those people, they don’t understand what I’m trying to implement here. So let’s at least, as loyal fans, give this guy a chance to show his stuff, and if he fails, well, then let’s hear the avalanche of slurs. Maybe then you can go get yourself a nice coaching job and move up the ranks and show your genius. Until then shut the hell up and let this guy build the team the way he sees fit to build it!

    Go Broncos!

  • ryan

    This is what makes me sick to my stomach. We could have traded one of those 3rd round picks to the Titans for a 2nd in 2010 and STILL picked future backup TE Quinn with the other 3rd round pick.

    I was hoping the apple did not fall far from the tree but it seems McDaniels did not inherit the savvy of his former team.

  • rcsodak

    I love this pick. Just another step toward the SB!

  • DB

    I’m hoping Chicago just sucks this next coming up season, so we can get a good first rounder and draft a stud LB. This pick just shows that they are deffinatly thinking about our future. Daniel Graham is getting old, and Scheffler isn’t really “fit” with our new system. This guy is a blocking TE to go along with our offense.

  • azbronco

    As a 4 decade fan, I have confidence in the new coaching staff and thought they drafted smartly. Proving Cutler wrong in the short term and hopefully the naysayers in the future. Reading some of the comments of the bloggers on this site, I’m thinking Bowlen could have saved a boatload of money just by hiring them instead of McDaniels. Go Broncos

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