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Published on 04/16/2009 at Thu Apr 16 12:26.
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Fan House has the Broncos taking Tyson Jackson at 12 and Brian Cushing at 18.  [FanHouse]

Woody Paige throws up an odd article with a 6-10 prediction for this season.  [Denver Post]

The DC says the runningback class is solid, not spectacular and posts their top 10.  [Boulder Daily Camera]

The post is publishing Mayock’s push for Denver to take Sanchez.  Wait, haven’t we heard this somewhere before?  You’re just now reporting this?  [Denver Post, Broncotalk]

A transcript of Josh McDaniel’s interview with Sports Radio AM 1510 yeasterday.  [Denver Daily News]

Word is we’re looking for a punter in the draft, news to me and Brett Kern.  [PFT]

You can buy tickets for the Bronco Cheerleader Tryouts today.  This is for the guys who bring binoculars to the game but the spotting never leaves the sideline.  [CBS4 Denver]

Jake Plummer is coaching a high school team in Boise this year.  []

Mike Shanahan’s former house in Cherry Creek is up for sale.  Not the new mansion he’s building in Parker.  [Denver Business Journal]

John Madden retired today.  I guess a Tom Jackson joke would be out of order.  [NBC Sports, Broncos Forums]

  • hercules rockefeller

    The TJ joke wasn’t out of order for me.

    Also, Woody Paige is a total clown.

  • Josh Temple

    Nice post Herc.

  • dbroncos

    Oh i was about to say you got it wrong, that it says that the Bengals were interested.

    But i really like Kern.

  • robtink242

    yeah it had to be Kern is one of the leagues best but it wouldn’t be the first time we got rid of someone highly regarded.

  • DC

    Woody’s not a joke, he calls em like he sees em. Did you guys see NFL Network last night, Jamie Dukes said we could lose 9 straight! And that Bowlen got Duped by Mcd. I hope hes wrong because I won’t have any hair left at the end of the season! We need a miracle to win 8+ games. Sad to say we had a playoff ready team until McD ruined our franchise. It will be at least 3 if not more years before we get to the playoffs. Saddest, current, years in Bronco History!

  • DC

    Sorry so pessimistic I just am pissed about the Cutler trade still, but as a true bronco fan I will love my TEAM no matter what. I’m torn because I want Cutler to do well, but I also want a low draft pick. So maybe I’ll root for him next year, even though I doubt it will be low with their cake schedule. I hope our fans have the decency to cheer for Cutler when he comes here. I know I would.

  • hercules rockefeller

    Bowlen did get duped by McD. If he had sat down in his interview and said, “First order of business is to run Jay Cutler out of town” he never would have gotten the job. Period.

    Bowlen had no choice but to back the boy-idiot after it blew up in his face.

  • hercules rockefeller

    thanks, josh

  • milehighs

    I feel broncos got to let go josh mcd.after are 5 and 11 record this daniels has realy screwd up the broncos.its pat bowlens falt.he is old and his brain dont worck.i predict that josh gets fired after dallas game.then mike nolen takes over.

  • roshon2411

    Interesting article talking about the Super Bowl odds for each team. Plus they compare the odds before and after the Cutler trade. Defnitely the lowest i’ve seen in over a decade. Only six teams with worse odds than Denver. But at least we play 4 of those teams. Two of them twice.

  • DC

    Greg (Dallas): Big picture question: Which team is likely to be the first to see the playoffs again: Denver, Oakland, Kansas City? Which will take the longest to see the playoffs?

    Bill Williamson: First: Kansas City … Longest: Denver.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    people are wrong about us… I feel that we may be a major upset dog this year depending how we draft

  • milehighs

    May be Jake Plummer can coach the broncos naxt year when that head coach of the Broncos gats fired.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Damn, Madden gone too? I’ll miss him! One of my very few fave Raiders.

    Gosh guys all the negativity over McD!!
    Don’t u know we’re supposed to be over it and supporting Josh; no matter what he does!?

    I hope woody’s wrong about our record, just like I hope I’m wrong about McD. I’ll support the Broncos even if we take five years to rebuild…
    I still say I’d trade this entire season tho to see Josh fail and start over next year with a new coach! Anybody agree?

  • Mac Miller

    Jake is actually coaching in Sandpoint. I wish he was coaching my Boise High Braves. His little cousin is actually the all star quaterback

  • Josh Temple

    Bill Williamson is an idiot for the remark. Yes, I would put the Chiefs ahead of this until we see what our draft talent does on the field this year, but certainly not the Raiders.

  • DC

    You guys should take off the Cutler/Shanny pictures that are part of the title. It makes me want to vomit.

  • broncoNM

    saw 2 mock drafts today:
    1st rd:
    12- Raji, DT
    18- Robert Ayers, OLB
    2nd rd:
    48- Patrick Chung, S
    3rd rd:
    79- DJ Moore, CB
    84- Stephen McGee, QB

    thefootball expert
    1st rd:
    12- Tyson Jackson,DE
    18- Aaron Maybin,DE/OLB
    2nd rd:
    48- Ron Brace, DT
    3rd rd:
    79- Gerald McGrath, ILB
    84- Pat White, QB
    Both mocks have us going all defense in the first 3 rounds except for our second 3rd rd pick…Both have us taking a QB. This is the right direction i would like to see our draft go…I would even rather wait till the 4th or 5th rd for a QB but im ok with taking a shot at a QB as long as our first 4 picks are defensive players. I would rather take a CB or LB with our #84 pick…but if McD has an eye on a QB and he is there at pick 84 than i say go for it.

  • Mike T

    I’ve followed Denver teams since Saban coached the Broncs and Spence Haywood was a rookie phenom for the Denver Rockets. With that said, I bow to the very much informed commentors on this site. We all feel the pain of losing a franchise qb.
    My question is a simple one.
    Is a franchise signal caller of such paramont importance, the Broncos should do whatever it takes to obtain one in this draft. And, is there such a commodity to be found within this draft?
    Anyway, thanks and keep the good commentary coming

  • (dee)


    I dont agree, I want to keep McD.

    On A side note, the more I read people bashing the Denver Broncos on the internet, magazines, and newspapers(the few that are left) it pisses me off more. I guess I’ll have to grin and bare it, but the notion that ****** was the only good player we had last year really makes me mad. It totally discounts all the efforts of guys like (Clady, Royal, Marshall, Hillis, Larsen, Woodyard, etc)

    I dont have any ill-will for ****** I hope he is successful, I like everyone want to move past this..but its awfully difficult when I read a mock and read that the Denver Broncos are the dumbest team in America for trading ******. I guess again I’ll have grin and bare it.

    As will Pat Bowlen , McD, and the other members of the Broncos. Grin and bare it for now … and make them eat their words at the end of the season.

  • (dee)

    I read a interesting quote from an article yesterday … I forget which one. Basically the writer stated that McD has no intention of a losing season this year, his theory was that if 8-8 couldn’t save Shanahan’s job then how is McD safe going 5-11.

    I just don’t think Bowlen is interested in rebuilding with a rookie coach, he could have rebuilt with Shanahan. I know people will say Shanny had his time and the message was getting old, I just dont see it.

  • flbronc

    dee- have to disagree with post 20…. i think that bowlen is willing to rebuild with a rookie coach, otherwise he wouldnt have hired him. i hope that he had enough sense to know that the minute he fired shanny that he would be rebuilding. almost everybody he interviewed was a rookie coach… now do i think he wants the rebuilding process to last 5 years, no. but i do think that we have mcd for at least three years- if he”s still at 5-11 after that, then i think he’s gone.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Dee, Of course Cutler wasn’t our only good player! I still Love our core base of young talent. Especially if BM get’s his head right. I’m as mad at losing Shanny as anything. Bowlen screwed up. We might be the dumbest team in America right now!
    But i’ll do my best to grin & bear it. (feel free to bare what u like tho lol)
    I also hope to eat my words, tho I haven’t gone so far as to predict we have a losing season… we may win with Josh.
    You say 5-11 gets him fired? I believe at this point I’d prefer that!
    But then 11-5…? wow would that be nice!
    You know, about the record Shanny would have given us last year without so many injuries!

  • alm034

    I’ve heard the Stephen McGee talk heating up since the visit. Let’s not forget that McDaniels comes from the land of misdirection and concealment. I suspect that the plan is to indeed draft a later round quarterback, but one that the team hasn’t had any direct contact with a la Cutler and the Broncos in 2006.

  • Broncos1667

    Jeff Garcia will be the starting quaterback and Orton will be a great back up.

  • (dee)

    Broncotalk Staff

    Any thoughts on having a live blog during the first round of the draft? Could be exciting and it’d be cool discussing the picks with other Denver fans.

  • mikebirty

    (dee) they live bloged the draft last year, it was great fun. Everyone was in love with hillis before the ink had dried on the pick. And kyle was continuously posting “oh yeah” when clady was picked.

    There better be one this year!

  • (dee)


    Ya I only started coming to the site around this past fall, so I missed the last one. I hope they have one this year, I would definately be in for it.

    But I can imagine what the reaction would be if they drafted Sanchez lol

  • Kyle

    Oh yes, there will be live blog…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    and Sanchez will get no “Oh Yeahs”
    Clady… what a great pick! & Royal. Nice draft last year.
    We can only hope to do as well eh?

  • (dee)


    I might give an “oh no , followed by a well McD’s knows best” lol , but I seriously doubt it will happen, I dont buy into the “experts” that the Broncos must and will draft a Qb in round 1.

  • robtink242

    i agree not this year next year its a must to obtain a franchise QB.

  • DC

    Guys Check This, its a Jake Plummer interview about Jay Cutler–Plummer-on-Cutler-trade.html

  • robtink242


    We all need life lesson sometime we don’t know how good we have it until it’s gone. Like Plummer said I wish Jay all the best but it’s time to move on. I hope the next QB to come in can appreciate Denver as much as Plummer. I regret us drafting him if we stuck it out with Plummer or some vets long enough to draft a Matt Ryan or a Stafford things would be a lot different.

  • broncoNM

    Broncos set up a private workout with mark sanchez for next tues. Sure hope this is a smoke screen.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    stick with baring it and the “oh no”

  • DC

    Rob- Dude, we would have to have been the worst in the league to pick Matt Ryan or Stafford.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Probably right rob….patience is a virtue

  • robtink242

    thats true i guess trading would be the only true scenario in that case.

  • Joe

    If we draft Sanchez this year, I will be very,very pissed off!

  • milehighs

    who cares!i hope we draft sanchez best qb in the draft .he will be better then cris simms.should have stuck with cutler.

  • milehighs

    o-16 move over lions here comes the broncos.

  • robtink242

    we are not going 0- abd anything. This team is going to shock a lot of haters.

  • T-Money

    I’m with (DEE). Always have been. Without Negitive Ron to set things straight, you are second best. Boy I would love to see Ron take a shot at milhighs. That would make for some good comedy.

  • T-Money

    Here’s a nice update video from Mini Camp~

  • milehighs

    All right I won’t bash the Broncos no more.I’m over the Cutler deal.It took a wile to get over the lost of a grate qb.Change is hard some times.Go Broncos!

    Dee and T-Money are always cring.So stop you wont have to hear my crap no more.

  • T-Money


    We’re not crying. We are just optimistic and excited for season. We are also realistic. McD IS the head coach of the Denver Broncos and frankly i think it’s a good thing. Given that he still has to prove himself he is an approach to football that most people dont which can be a good thing with the 2K10 Broncos.

    We also look beyond the cover of the book and look at the talent that this team posses and the firepower that can propel this team (with a defense) deep into the playoffs.

    Optimism is generally a good thing. You should try it every now and again. Who knows…You might like it.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    didn’t understand much of that T… Maybe the Kool Aid drunks you up a bit too?

  • (dee)


    Who the hell are you? Can you please learn to spell first before posting stuff against me or anyone else here at the site. It seems you’re the only one crying over ****** being gone. Seriously get over it man… I’m starting to think you’re so upset about ****** leaving for reasons other than football (not that there is anything wrong with that, you know what I’m taking about Mileshigh)

    Also if you’re going to reply to my post, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE SPELL CHECK before you post.

    Now I’m going to go back to ignoring you as you are one of the most insignificant posters on this site.

    (Note: Milehighs, if you dont understand any of the words I used during the post, is a great reference. Goodluck in life. )

  • WhidbeyBronco

    uh oh.
    gnow u wint ant ensultet hem!