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Published on 04/14/2009 at Tue Apr 14 14:25.
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Rod Smith will be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall a Fame Tonight, and a look back.  [Denver Post]

Alex Neth scouts his top 5 defensive back prospects for the Broncos.  Rashad Johnson is listed #1.  []

Video of Josina Anderson’s interview with B.J. Raji the night before his steroid allegations came out.  [My Fox Colorado]

Jim Armstrong says that McDaniels needs to connect with his players now that the saga is over.  [Denver Post]

As many have posted in our comments already, Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee is scheduled to work out with the Broncos tomorrow.  []

Bill Williamson feels the Chiefs need to bring back the Thomas/Taylor Dolphins duo.  [ESPN Hashmarks]

In case you missed it, NFL Network is releasing the regular season schedule tonight at 5pm Mountain. will also post the schedule live.  []

ESPN ranks “A True Test for Cutler Early” (against the Raven’s or Steeler’s Defense) #4 in their top five schedule wishes.  [ESPN Hashmarks]

  • robtink242

    There are plenty of QB’s this team can acquire through the draft and through trades that can be system QB’s.

    Chase Daniel
    John Parker Wilson
    Stephen McGee
    Colt Bernnan (WSH)
    Matt Flynn (GB)
    Troy Smith (Bal.)

    All of these QB’s can be mold into good system QB with their big arms. that wont cause the Broncos anything higher than a 4th round pick.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Rod Smith! Wow, what a player! On & off the field, especially in the locker room, most excellent!