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Published on 04/13/2009 at Mon Apr 13 21:44.
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As draft day approaches, BroncoTalk will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft.  This one is sure to bring quite a few jeers from the Broncotalk faithful but here is USC QB Mark Sanchez. Picked by many experts to be McDaniel’s favorite QB in the draft for his system play and mechanics, Sanchez could end up being the new franchise passer in Denver.

NFL Network’s Inside Look at USC QB Mark Sanchez

NFL Network’s First Draft Segment Featuring Sanchez

Excuse the terrible video quality on this one, but it’s a good overall highlight video of what Sanchez did in 2008 at USC.

  • NathanH


  • broncoNM

    He will be a bust for the niners….But the good news is tyson jackson will be a Pro Bowler for denver.

  • Olen

    How is he under pressure ?

  • WhidbeyBronco


  • mikebirty

    jeer! jeer!
    Unless he can play a 5-technique end and can play both ways like spencer larsen.

  • Ian Henson

    Sorry if someone posted this already, but Denver’s meeting with Stephen McGee (Texas A&M QB) according to He only played in three games last season, because he suffered a torn labrum.

    I think that McGee could go as early as the 2nd round.

  • the decider13

    I don’t think McGee is anywhere near 2nd round, probably closer to 4th. If Tampa passes on Freeman, he will probably fall to the 2nd, pushing Bomar to late 2nd, maybe third, and McGee is some time after that.

    But I really like McGee and would love to see him as a third/fourth round Broncos pick.

  • (dee)

    Seems like a good quarterback, I would only draft him though if a defensive player you like in that round is already gone.

  • (dee)

    Year Team Att Comp Int Pct Yds TD Effic
    2005 Texas A&M 53 24 1 45.3 283 2 98.81

    2006 Texas A&M 313 194 2 62.0 2295 12 134.90

    2007 Texas A&M 364 211 8 58.0 2311 12 117.80

    2008 Texas A&M 85 56 2 65.9 586 2 126.90

    He does seem like a project , maybe a late round pick.

  • jchase8410

    Haha, you guys are so against Sanchez that you made this thread about McGee. That is hilarious.

  • Mr.East

    McGee is very smart apparently.

    In High School…
    “A straight-A student, McGee was Burnet’s best student-athlete and graduated 9th in his senior class of over 250. He graduated high school a semester early.”

    In College…
    “McGee completed his undergraduate coursework in less than four years, receiving a B.B.A. in marketing from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University in August 2007. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Mays.”

  • kerry

    SANCHEZ SUCKS!!! end of story! this guy is a bum and not worth being picked so high. any other draft class this guy would be drafted in the late rounds only to be turned into the janitor at the stadium. that or the peanut guy. forget this bum and fix the defense.

  • Tommy

    Whats with the hate for Sanchez? I watched him play in high school and college, the kid is a stud and is going to be a great NFL QB! If you really are Bronco fans, than I would be changing your tune before Sanchez is on another team picking apart your D for a spot in the playoffs, mark my words!

  • Andpark

    I used to be pro Sanchez I have to admit, but that was before I really_

    1. Got to know Orton
    2. Put my trust into McD
    3. Realized that so many of our starting Defenders last year have not been signed but anyone, as in they could have only started on our terrible Defense last year.

    I guess I was terrified of Orton but he is sounding better and better everyday. Time to buckle down and just get this Defense in order. Orton will do fine.

    BTW tomorrow night is going to be the 2005 Plummer over NE playoff victory on NFL Network, only Bronco playoff win since Elway. I’m going to watch it, I know I need it.

  • roshon2411

    Wow, Mr. East thanks for the report card. What does it have to do with playing QB in the NFL? Joey Harrington was a nerd and could play the piano and how’d that work out?

  • Josh Temple

    I still think Harrington could’ve been a great NFL QB, he was just in a bad situation from day 1. He should’ve been riding bunch learning from some good offensive coaches. The Lions used his career up in 2 years.

  • (dee)


    I agree with you whole as well, I mean ****** is supposedly pretty smart and he can’t throw under 10 ints in a year … Book Smarts doesnt equal Football smarts …

    But if you look at McGee’s INT number’s they are pretty small…

  • roshon2411

    Well, did he volunteer in high school and sing in the glee club?

  • Johnny Leatherhead

    I’ve never really looked at Sanchez too much so the “highlight” reel on NFL Network is the first time I’ve really seen him in bunches.

    The thing that stood out to me right away and was consistent throughout the clips is that he almost never throws a spiral. The ball is always wobbling coming out of his hand. I’m not making an aesthetic argument against him but rather a football argument.

    1- It effects the accuracy of the throw
    2- It effects the velocity of the throw
    3- It makes the ball harder to catch for the WR

    Add it all up against NFL calibre secondary’s and it translates to a whole shwack of int’s in the big leagues.

    = pass on Mark Sanchez (especially in the 1st round)

  • Josh Temple

    JL, I noticed that right away too. Probably means he has smaller hands for a QB, something that gets overlooked a lot.

  • roshon2411

    I don’t if it’s his agent or what, but here in the past week, he’s been moving up the draft boards and in many cases past Stafford as the number one QB. I’m not a fan, but hope he’s available at 12 just for Denver to look to trade out of 12. Trent Dilfer actually said “most people want Sanchez and says he will be a immediately to a great pro and if you take Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Sanchez and say go down to the fast food place and get us a burger, they’re all tossing the keys to Mark because he’s the alpha male that all other alpha males fellow.” I hate Dilfer and think he’s full of crap but thought what he said was hilarious. Sanchez and him must have the same agent. Here’s the link:

  • roshon2411

    sorry follow* not fellow*

  • D from clorado

    I am not a super football genius, but seeing Mark Sanchez in a Broncos uniform is alot better than seeing Orton or cris simms in one. Why take a chance on them and not Sanchez? What has either of them done that is better than what he has? Absolutely nothing! So they’ve started an NFL game. Who cares. Chicago didn’t trust Orton and they never had a good QB! They went back and forth from orton to Griese to Grossman. So what does that tell Denver fans about Orton? That taking a chance on Orton is just as risky as taking one on Sanchez. Denver would have been better gettin Jeff Garcia or even Griese back. I’m just saying bringing Sanchez would be worth a try. as a fan we haven’t even gotten him or maybe not even trying to get him, but i’m more excited about him than having Orton or Simms. Again i know he hasn’t proven anything but neither has Orton or back up chris simms. they are all unproven QB’s ‘two have proven they aren’t worthy to start on or for a team that holds such high expectations for there QB’s because they lack skill and one hasn’t shown promise on an NFL level but hasn’t failed like the other two. Give the kid a try. he has alot more time to do something and develope as a good QB, unlike the other two that proved they don’t belong here and haven’t developed anything but a back-up role. Watch there highlights! I am a super Broncos fan and cannot stand to see any team in our division do better than us with worse players staff and owners!

  • bronco joe


  • Mr.East

    Haha Thanks Joe! I’ll see all of you soon!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    D from colorado
    Sure, give the kid a chance…. oh yeah BTW and the 15+ million dollar a year contract it’ll cost us for that chance….