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Published on 04/13/2009 at Mon Apr 13 10:38.
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From Peter King’s Monday Morning QB column:

I think the Broncos may trade up in the first round, but not for what you think. Not for a quarterback. Maybe for Tyson Jackson, the LSU defensive end who’s the best-available 3-4 defensive end in the draft, or Texas pass-rusher Brian Orakpo. I’m not saying it’s impossible they’ll draft a quarterback, but believe me when I tell you Josh McDaniels likes Kyle Orton a lot.

  • flbronc

    i dont think that jackson will be off the board at 12. if we move up i think it would be to make a play at raji or orapko. i like moving up for either but we sure could use that second third round pick, right?

  • roshon2411

    I agree, Denver needs all the picks they can get.

  • Katch22

    I think Jackson will be there at 18 and just imagine Raji falling to 12. Tell me that would not be sweet!!!

  • SivNiz

    I think a nose tackle and a pass rusher in the 1st round would be ideal. I can’t comment on who would best fit those needs but if we take anything other than D-line and pass rush I’ll be very disappointed

  • Mac Miller

    Love the site fellas. If you mean trading into the top ten to take tyson jackson, then you’re crazy. I could understand trying to upgrade the 18th paired with something for an earlier teen pick but he is not going to be anywhere near worth a top ten salary. I’m scared of Orakpo, i cant handle another Jarvis Moss, however I am very optimistic about his potential as a linebacker in the new system.

    I would like to see denver come up on raji and a stud linebacker, or maybe we find a malcolm jenkins at 18? Its a maybe but i like the idea of him giving us young saftey and corner depth who could make an impact.

    And i just gotta say, Our offensive line is TOO good and our receiving corp is just short of spectacular. If we can establish an all but CONSISTENT running game, Orton or Simms WILL look like stars.

  • LorDog

    I could see moving up for Orapko but I have not seen hardly any mock’s that would suggest needing to move up for Jackson. In fact, it seems as though moving up for Raji would be less of a jump than for Orapko. Am I missing something about Jackson?

  • hercules rockefeller

    True words. Lofty words.

  • Josh Temple

    I think the thing about Jackson is that he is more of a 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DE that you would have to stand up on the outside playing in a 3-4. He’s somebody that can eat offensive bodies to let your linebackers make plays but can still cause a lot of pressure singlehandedly. Orakpo looks like going to be a beast though.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    we need a nose tackle and a good middle that cutler is gone defense should be key…….

  • jcampb72

    No Jackson is overrated and shouldn’t be taken at 12 period.

  • Joe

    Lets trade our 12 for Jacksonville’s eight, Draft Orakpo, get Jackson at 18, or if he is not there, get Vontae Davis, than go draft Ron Brace in the second round. JACKPOT. Than we have a passrusher, a huge guy for NT, if Jackson we will have a great 3-4 DE, or if Davis we will get a very talented CB. Defense is instantly upgraded. And remember all of our leadership we will have with Brian Dawkins? He is the man. I have heard that our MLB, Davis, is quite the vocal person to. We could actually pull this off. Especially if Marshall does not get suspended (knock on wood)

  • jchase8410

    I don’t agree with trading up at all. If Raji somehow falls to 12, we take him there. If not we take Jackson and trade down from 18 to early 2nd round where we pick Brace. The LB corps is fine, and doesn’t need to be addressed so early in the draft. Other than) right now, I would say that the LB positions are arguably the deepest on the roster. Doom, Moss, Bailey, DJW, Larson, Davis, Woodyard. The DL is by far the weakest position, and needs to be addressed early.

  • Joe

    JChase, in the 4-3, we could even use Orakpo as a DE. He could get us sacks. Its a win-win situation

  • ryan

    Dream scenario
    12. Raji
    18. T. Jackson
    Trade 2nd and a 3rd to move up and get Larry English

    With these three picks we have basically drafted a ready to play 3-4 defense.

  • broncoNM

    I really Dont see the broncos trading up…It looks like a really dumb move. Everyone agrees that we wont take a QB….If raji falls to 12 take him….if he is gone take jackson.. .Orakpo is a beast but he is not a perfect fit and has a history of injuries… Jackson will not be a top ten pick…My two best scenario’s is this:
    12 raji
    18 jackson


    12 Jackson
    18 Cushing
    2nd Rd- Brace

    11 days and counting….cant freaking wait!!

  • the expert

    Are you saying 75% of our 2007 draft is wasted, Moss, Crowder, and Thomas ? Shanny made a few mistakes on draft days but he also made some oustanding picks, did he miss that bad ? Are we overeacting on the DL talent, I think the scheme may be at fault. Look the whole talk of Dumer or Moss at LB is a crap shoot at best, they have no previous experience at LB. Name the dlineman on last years super teams. Yeah that is my point, BFD.

    Look at most super winners great LB’s, a certainty with a great MLB. I say Maauluga at 12 then Moreno or Wells at 18 to build at great running game. We havent had a great MLB since Gradishar. Wilson was servicable the only close call to a good MLB. How can you pass on the top 1 or 2 RB in a draft too. If we get those two guys we will be talking playoffs every January for the next 7-10 years.

  • dbroncos

    So is the speculation of Jackson falling to 18 wrong. I realize there is no way to know until draft day but i have seen very few mocks having him going anywhere but 18 to us.

  • Joe H.

    Al Wilson was just serviveable???!!!! What games were you watching?? He was definately one of the best MLB’s when he was playing. He was the leader of our defense!!!! It’s just too bad he got hurt because that was when our defense started going down hill. GO BRONCOS!!! Oh and I think we shouldn’t trade up to get anybody we need all our picks to fix the defense!! 12- Maulaugua(sp?) 18- Jackson

  • Kelly in Carolina

    Yes please use our picks to get the best defensive talent available that fit the requirements of the new scheme…don’t trade up, if anything, trade down and get more solid players! I would trade 12 for a two 2nd round picks or maybe a high 2nd and high 3rd…just get some defense up in there!

  • flbronc

    dbroncs- i think that mel has us taking jackson at 12. he also has us taking everett brown at 18. i think that jackson is there at 18 if we dont take him. although the espn guys seem to think there is a ‘buzz’ about jackson.

  • mikebirty

    i think jacksonville (maybe the bills too) are going to get some calls from the jets and tampa. They need a qb and will want to move ahead of the broncos and 49ers to grab one. Even though neither will probably take a qb.

    Kelly was spot on – stay put and pick the best defensive player with every pick.

    Since we’re doing dream scenarios
    12. BJ
    18. Laurinitis
    2nd gilbert

  • myerda00

    Denver does not trade up. The organization will use this draft to fix the defense, where there is quality at DL and LB. I can see Denver using #12, #18, #48, (#79 or #84) and #114 on defensive best player available. #79 or #84 will be best OG/C or RB available
    Jackson has to be the pick. 3-4 big end because I do not see Raji dropping and it would be a big reach for Maualuga. Rey Maualuga’s Wonderlic 13 result is not, uh, good but Maualuga’s role as middle linebacker means he’s expected to be the defensive signal caller, hum also not good. Plus he reminds me too much of Webster.
    And Ron Brace will NOT be there at #48. Is Parker and Fields enough NT to pick Baker or Scott or Dixon in the later rounds?
    I like Jasper Brinkley SC ILB at #48.
    Word is that San Diego will probable take Jackson at #16.

    Can not wait for mini camp 4/17-19. Then hopefully we will get some ickling as to the direction GMX and McD are going.

  • roshon2411

    Expert, Carolina,

    I agree with both of you. I don’t think Denver’s LB’s are as good as some think and agree with picking the best player available. If it’s a LB, DT, DE, CB, S draft them. If it’s any other position trade down. Except if Wells or Moreno are available at 18 possibly look at one of them. If not pick up Jennings from Liberty in the 4th round. Either way too many holes on both sides of the ball to give up picks. There isn’t a single player in this draft worth it.

  • jchase8410


    I will take this opportunity to once saun explain how the 3-4 works the 3 defensive linemen have a specific purpose. That is to occupy the offensive linemen and open up lanes for the Linebackers to make plays. They have to have good size and strength that demands double team blocking. That way the OL doesn’t have the ability to get to the 2nd level (LBs) freely.

    The last two superbowl champions have had stellar DLs. The Giants who generally play in a 4-3 defense have arguable the best DL in the NFL,

    As far as Orakpo being able to play the 3-4 DE position, there is no way. He doesn’t have the size. He is a hell of a pass rusher, but in a 3-4 defense he is strictly a rush LB like Merriman, Ware.

    Shanny may not have missed that bad, though I would argue he did, but the guys he drafted on DL were specifically for the 4-3 base. There may be a few who can transition into the role of a backup DE, LB.

    My point is, any great defense, or offense for that matter starts up front in the trenches. You have to control the point of attack, and if you can do that, your Linebackers and defensive backs can make plays.

  • kerry

    The Expert?? thats your name? the Expert? ok Ron Burgundy. you staring in a mirror telling everyone to come see how good you look too? PFFFFTTT. and you call yourself “the expert” yet say Al Wilson is servicable??!!??! dude Al Wilson was a top 5 LB in the NFL for years! that is undeniable. change your name until you actuall know what you are talking about.


    well said about the D-line. for some reason most keep thinking a LB is just gonna solve all the problems. it all starts up front!! PERIOD!! and i agree that Shanahan missed WAY BADLY on his defensive draft picks. none of the guys in Moss, Crowder or Thomas can start on this 3-4 defense.

    for example the 70’s Steelers wouldnt have won anything without that D-line of Greene, White and Greenwood and that other guy i cant name. t

    he 90’s Cowboys has Leon Lett and Charles Haley on that D-line.

    the Ravens had Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams.

    the Bucs had Warren Sapp, Simeon Rice.

    this past year the Steelers had Hampton, Smith and Keisel.

    the Giants had Strahan, Umenyiora and Tuck.

    i could go on but the bottomline is it all starts up front. end of story bottomline.

  • stav

    There’s no need for us to trade up at all, the point of all these picks is to install/upgrade the porous defense. Even at #12 there will be quality/value available at the DL position. You have to look at the needs of the teams ahead of us in the draft. This could very well be (in no particular order):

    Stafford, Monroe, J. Smith, A. Smith, Curry, Orakpo, Crabtree, Sanchez, Jenkins, Raji, maybe Macklin, maybe Ayers or Jackson

    To say that Orakpo and Raji will be gone before 10 is an obvious fact, but Jackson should be there. And if he’s not? That could easily mean that someone has slipped down to us. Why bother to move up when we can/have to address several needs? Especially when there will be a player available at #12 that will still have an impact in 2009-2010 and start for us. If Raji is gone, and we get Tyson Jackson or Robert Ayers, if Jackson is also gone, it’ll be interesting to see if we go LB or DL, like Ron Brace, at #18 and just address the LB position with the third pick, maybe a Clint Sintim of Virginia who played in the 3-4.

  • flbronc

    im trying to think of scenarios that we could trade down… the only way i can see it hapening is if sanchez is there at 12 and someone wants him prior to the skins picking… id gladly make the trade with someone like nyj for an additional pick (most likely their third?)- mainly because im not totally sold on jackson (if we dont take him at 12 he may be there at 18 as well).

  • roshon2411


    Don’t mind Kerry “I think i’m Mell Kiper”. He just regurgitates anything he reads fromthe so-called draft experts. Go back and look at his post back in December. He said Raji wouldn’t go till mid-second and wouldn’t waste the 12th pick on him. He also loved Maualuga, thought he had great potential and would have love Denver to pick him up if they couldn’t get Vilma. My how things have changed in 4 months. PFFFFFTT

    Then he goes out on a limb and throws out the DL’s for Super Bowl winning teams. When defensively all those teams were rock solid in every position. Maybe thats why they got to the Super Bowl. How’d the teams do with Sam Adams other than B-more? Seahawks, Bills, Bengals? Fat guys are fat guys in the 3-4. PFFFFTTT

    Denver can draft all D-line again and hope this time they don’t turn out to be Moss, Crowder, or Thomas. PFFFTTT

  • jchase8410


    I have been reading every post on here everyday since November. As far as I have read, Kerry has always hated maualuga, and has been pushing Raji as our first pick since the season ended. I have debated with him at length about Maualuga’s potential, and he has always held firm that Rey is his least favorite pick at 12. He was pushing Raji before the senior bowl, before the Combine, and before path to the draft.

    We don’t always agree, but you are way off base in what you’re saying.

  • roshon2411

    Hated Maualuga really? I’m way off base? Well here ya go… he never mentions Raji and thinks Maualuga could be a top five pick.

    9 kerry { 12.30.08 at Tue Dec 30 11:44 }) ahhh draft talk. my favorite. but before i begin let me get some things out of the way before the dunderheads come in screaming. Julius Peppers, Nnamdi Asomugha are gonna be franchised. that has already been stated. so they wont be available in free agency. the Titans are already negotiating with Haynesworth so he more then likely wont be available. now that that is out of the way….let me begin.

    I like Rey Maualuga alot. great potential. but if anyone remembers Shanahan wanted Johnathan Vilma BADLY this past offseason. Vilma is gonna be a free agent this offseason. (if the Saints resign him they forfeit their 1st round pick, so dont bet on the Saints resigning him) so look for Shanahan to get Vilma thus not drafting Maualuga (i prefer Maualuga)

    Saftey is a need. but not as much as some think. Taylor Mays is a good one but has high bust potential like Micheal Huff had. Mays will run a 4.35-4.40 so look for Al Davis to draft him just on 40 time alone. William Moore has good size to go with speed. but doesnt warrent the 12th pick. perhaps a trade down to get Moore and a mid round pick would be ideal. keep an eye on Patrick Chung also to be drafted in the second round.

    DE is a HUGE need. a great pass rush will make an average secondary great. now there really isnt a DE that is ELITE in this draft. guys like Brian Orakpo, Georgie Selvie are good but not great. my pick for the draft if a DE was taken would be Senderick Marks out of Auburn. he moved to DT this year but played DE before. he is 291 pounds. a 291 pound DE would be ideal to rush as well as stop the run.

    DT is also a need. Haynesworth wont be available in free agency and yet again there isnt a real clear cut elite DT. that is unless Terrence Cody declares for the draft. this guy is 6′7, 365 pounds. not very polished but a huge body in the middle. but Shanahan doesnt like big DT’s so dont look for him to be a bronco.

    CB needs to be addressed but in the later rounds. so ill skip that.

    OL- again upgraded later in the draft.

    QB. no



    RB-yes. a franchise RB is needed. its time for Shanahan to drop his ego of thinking he can turn bums into stars. Beanie Wells and Knowshown Moreno maybe available at the 12 pick. a franchise back would instantly take the pressure off Jay Cutler from having to throw the ball 45 times a game.

    but all in all until the combine rools around its impossible to say who will actually be available at the 12 pick. Maualuga could have a stellar combine and be gone in the top 5. same with Taylor Mays and Terrence Cody.

  • roshon2411

    Here’s his comments about Raji. Once again he just says whatever he reads from other mock draft experts… nothing original…

    11 kerry { 12.30.08 at Tue Dec 30 11:54 }) MIABronco:

    i checked on BJ Raji. looks good. i dont watch Youtube videos though because they dont tell you anything about conedrills or Shuttle times. Raji isnt even projected to go until the mid second round. so why waste the 12th pick on this guy?? and Carlton Powell barely is 300 pounds and coming off a major Achilles injury. he wont be a factor at all in the upcoming season. Shanahan has to stop with these smaller DT’s. they dont work!!

  • jchase8410

    Point taken Roshon. Although those were predictions before Shanahan was fired, and the 3-4 defense was going to be implemented. I didn’t remember that post until I started reading it.