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Published on 04/03/2009 at Fri Apr 03 07:56.
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John Clayton breaks down the trade.  “When the Bears decided to get into the talks, they were going to go in to win it.”  [ESPN]

Audio of Adam Schefter on with Dave Logan reviewing the deal.  He points out that the Broncos had their eye on Kyle Orton all along.  The Gary Myers link below corroborates this theory.  It’s not in this clip, but Adam said that he would be running down the details of what each front office offered for Cutler.  [850 KOA]

Woody Paige gets some quotes out of Elway on the Cutler trade.  John is saddened by Jay’s departure.  [Denver Post]

Mark Kiszla is doing cartwheels now that Cutler is gone.  Shocker there.  [Denver Post]

Dave Krieger gives us the bitter pill in his “Welcome Back to Mediocrity” post.  [Denver Post]

Peter King has an excellent article detailing how Cutler may not be happy with his decision long term.  He also has an excellent quote.  “You can only cry wolf so many times before you finally get called on it.”  [Sports Illustrated]

Who got the better end of the deal yesterday?  Too early to tell, but “the experts” weigh in on the two videos we posted yesterday.  [Broncotalk]

NFL analyst and writer Gary Myers claims that the Jets were never given the chance to re-up the ante in the bidding for Jay Cutler.  That certainly should raise some eyebrows in Denver.  Gary says the Jets are better for it however.  [New York Daily News]

Total Access had Mike Mayock on to review the draft implications of yesterday’s trade.  []

Dave Logan also had Shannon Sharpe on the show yesterday.  Shannon sums up the situation perfectly IMO.  [850 KOA]

  • Katch22

    The NFL franchise, however, still is here.

    Guess what? This is not Cutler’s team. Never was.

    By demanding a trade, the quarterback made the mistake of thinking he was bigger than the Broncos.

    By sending him packing, McDaniels gave the team back to its rightful owners:

    True-blue lovers of the Broncos, in victory or defeat.
    by Mark Kiszla

    I couldn’t have said it better! We are true BRONCOS FANS not Cutler fans. If you don’t like it go cheer on the Bears!

    Go Broncs!

  • Josh Temple

    I don’t disagree with having to handle the Cutler situation, I thought Peter King summed it up well. However, Kiszla just writes descending opinion to be different for the sake of being different. It’s like those kids in school: I’m going to be a non-conformist and not conform to all you non-conformists.

  • Rob Bronco

    The truth of it is that Cutler wanted out – plain and simple. He wasn’t happy when Shanahan and the other offensive coaches were let go. He demanded a trade, lied to the fans, and drug our team’s honor through the mud. He didn’t care how it impacted the fans or how it made the Broncos organization look. He only cared about one thing – Jay Cutler.

    Obviously Kyle Orton is not the answer to our prayers. But if you look at the entire package, the Broncos did a good job of positioning themselves to rebuild their atrocious defense, which they will desperately need when they face the high powered offenses on the schedule this year. Orton will be consistent. He will do a lot of short and medium passes which is what McDaniels specializes in. They’ve brought on two proven running backs, they have two fantastic receivers in Royal and Marshall, and a steady third down receiver in Stokely. They have Ryan Clady protecting Orton, which will help him A LOT.

    I think the Broncos are going to do a much better job defensively this year, and that will make the game a lot easier to watch. I loved watching Cutler throw the ball 300 yards a game, but it KILLED me to watch the defense give up big runs and deep passes. I got tired of saying, “Yeah, we lost but at least Cutler looked good.” It’s time for our team to find a BALANCE, and I think we can do that with Orton.

  • hercules rockefeller

    Kiszla’s been auditioning for Around the Horn ever since he picked up a crayon.

  • Moose

    Come on guys!

    I don’t know about you guys but I am glad all this drama is over! I agree with Kiszla also! But it is time to quit crying about Mcdaniels and let the guy coach the team. He hasn’t had one practice yet and you goobers are giving up already. I am excited about the future here. One of the best offensive lines in football. tow of the best young receivers in football, nice tight ends and solid backs ewhoever they use as a quarterback is stepping into a ready made situation. I am excited that now they can rebuild the worst defense in Broncos history the way you should and that is through the draft. 5 of the top 84 and 2 #1’s this year and next. Don’t believe for a minute that even with Jay Cutler they were going to win a Super Bowl with that terrible defense. I am also excited that we have on eo f the brightest and most innovative offensive minds in football, a guy who helped take a sixth(Brady) and a seventh(Cassel) and helped turn them into studs, escpecially Cassel. And say what you want about Kyle Orton, while he isn’t Cutler’s physical gifts he has a good arm and as the Bears players themselves say a great locker room leader. Don’t forget also that he played with one of the most inept offensive coaching staffs in football with Lovie Smith and Ron Turner. Let us see what McDaniel can do with him and see what Orton can do with him. None other than Mike Ditka and Ron Jaworski have said that Orton is underrated and has the tools to be an excellent quarterback in the NFL. Well now he has the tools in front of him. I find all this exciting as hell. Wake up Bronco fans and support your team or for you guys crying about losing Cutler go root for the sorry ass Bears. By the way who is Cutler going to throw to Devin Hester and a bad offensive line? Go Broncos!!!!!!

  • (dee)

    Sanchez could be an interesting pickup, I’m curious to see how Orton will do. I will say Orton does seem like a very hard working guy and with little if any ego.

  • (dee)

    Will there be a livechat during the press conference here? I guess not?

  • kerry

    yes live chat!!

  • Kyle

    No, I wasn’t planning on it, sorry… can’t really pull myself away from work.

    Plus folks, I’m an effing pissed off mess about this.

  • kerry

    kyle you arent the only one. im with you on that

  • broncoNM

    the shcefter interview is interesting…Orton is who we wanted all along concerning with trades? We could have gotten 2 firsts rd pk and campbell? There are reports that brady quinn was in the mix too? If McD had his eye on Orton and he thinks he is coachable and he can get the most out of him…i say that sounds good… lets do it. Im satisfied with the value of the trade. I would like to hear all the offers that were on the table… Must have been crazy. I dont like the idea of drafting Sanchez lets get some talent and depth on defense and see what Orton can do.

  • (dee)

    I loved the press conference that McD just had… he emphasized two points throughout the entire session. TEAM and WINNING. I have faith in this guy and in the Press conference he didnt come across as a rookie coach struggling with the rigors of the NFL.

    Looking at McD I see the fire and desire to win and win now…. I love it.

  • (dee)

    Uh oh …. Cutler may already having issues in Chicago? Oh no! …maybe they’ll just fire Ron Turner to please him…

  • Katch22

    I don’t think a QB in the draft will happen for us untill the mid to later rounds. If we trade up to get Sanchez I’m going to be really disappointed.

  • Hansen

    Amazing how many people are blasting Orton. He had no offense in Chicago. No, he does not have Cutler’s arm (not even Elway had that strong of an arm, right?? *wink*) But he is a talented QB who has heart and has been to the playoffs right? I give you this – last 3 games of the season and we go 0-3. All we needed was ONE victory. No go.

    What if Orton plays within his abilities, within the system, with some good receivers, with a great OL and wins? Winning is all that matters. Now if somehow we end up with a stud QB that replaces him, cool! Whatever improves the team. Give it some time. I can understand everyones feelings because we have embarked on uncharted territory after years of Shanny and the status quo. And Cutler was fun to watch. That fumble against SD was especially fun. (Thank you Ed – our real record last season was 7-9).

    Give it time. If in 1-2 years we are cellar dwellers at 2-14 I will lead the charge against Dr. Frankenstein myself, but until then think of the potential.

    In conclusion, I emplore my fellow Bronco Fans to continue wasting company time and post your thoughts.

  • daveb

    I don’t agree with the NFL Network’s take that Denver drafts a QB this year (maybe next year, but not this year). I think this was McD’s pick and he sticks with him and drafts some D…he better!

  • DB

    I agree, I don’t think we should take any offensive player in the draft the first two rounds. Orton, in my opinon can get the job done with Mcdaniels by his side. Plus, the tools we have around Orton can be dangerous. This year is going to be fun to watch! and i think we are a better team already then we were last year…BAR NONE!!!!!

  • ToddB

    Do you think that Kyle Orton will be trade bait with the Cleveland Browns to get the QB that Denver really wanted out of a deal ( Brady Quinn). I think that Quinn would be a better fit in the long run. What do you think?

  • Hansen

    Exactly, Defense first. That too will assist Orton and the offense. Out of 10 picks (assuming we keep all of them) you would think we can hit on 3 starters, and solidify the depth chart. This is a good thing.

  • mikebirty

    Kyle – you can’t be an “effing pissed off mess” we need you to make us feel better. Hey at least we’re not a Raiders Fan eh?

  • Andy

    “He points out that the Broncos had their eye on Kyle Orton all along”.

    Huh? We did? I wouldnt have thought that. Oh well, what do I know.

  • troyn

    what disturbs me the most about this whole situation is it has caused me to lose faith in the Broncos as an organization and especially in Pat Bowlen. The signs were there a long time ago that Bowlen was just a rich kid playing with daddy’s money, the fur coat, the trophy wife, etc. But he always seemed to make good judgment calls and never seemed to meddle with the team. Now, in an effort to “take back his team” with the firing of an all time great coach, he allows a rookie head coach and gm to create a situation where we end up losing a franchise QB. The only time he steps in is when he announces that cutler would be on the block. He never took back his team, all he did was hand it’s control to a lesser coach. Krieger hit it right with the return to mediocrity while Kizla cries about the qb being bigger than the team. The great ones (read Elway) are bigger than the team. The reason I have always argued that made Elway the all time best QB was his ability to make things happen when things broke down, even when surrounded by a lackluster cast. He carried three mediocre teams to the super bowl. I don’t believe system guys like montana or brady could do that. Cutler has those qualities and although he is petulant at times, he will mature with age. Age won’t turn a kyle orton into a rocket armed superstar, it will just make him older.

  • OC Bronco

    Love Peter King’s article. makes sense of the whole situation and places the blame on “the player.” yet says how fuking sad it is because of how great “the player” would have been in McD’s system.

    I still think Bowlen should have gotten involved sooner but cutler is a douche bag. But I sure liked that douche bag lining up behing wiegmann. Regardless of whose fault it is we will not be as good of a team in my opinion without a great qb. Orton is not. cutler could have been. But he wasn’t there yet either.