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Published on 03/15/2009 at Sun Mar 15 17:44.
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Per CBS4 Denver (I know, It’s not Adam Schefter) Jay Cutler and Tony Scheffler will not show up to the first team meeting. Early this weekend Josh McDaniels and Cutler sat down and talked face to face but apparently it just made the situation worse. Actually according to Mike Klis (again, not Adam Schefter), both McDaniels and Cutler “exchanged words.” The article quotes Pat Bowlen and further elaborates,

“I’m very disappointed,” Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said Sunday. “I’m disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback.”

Asked to clarify, Bowlen said he is steadfastly supporting his new coach and his disappointment lies in the way Cutler has handled the situation.

Jay Cutler and Tony Scheffler are both represented by agent Bus Cook. 

Monday could be a sad day for Denver fans and a happy one for Bus Cook.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    rcsodak very true but many teams won`t take a chance a problem players…steelers, colts successful franchises true winners don`t deal with problem players….Randy Moss is a rare occurrence..Loser franchises adopt loser attitude players…

  • BroncoinVA9986

    The reports from CBS4 is that Cutler wants a trade…..

    Of course it isn`t ADAM or Jay glasier…but

  • Wilde1

    Fresh from “CBS4 has learned that disgruntled Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is no longer in Denver and is done negotiating with the team. Cutler will not be attending Monday’s voluntary team workout. Sources tell CBS4 he has told the Broncos to trade him.”

  • Richard

    Buzz Crook will get Cutler what he wants. BIG CONTRACTS. What Buzz won’t be able to get Cutler is Divisional Championships, AFC(NFC) championships, or Superbowl Championships. Those require a team orientation and commitment. Neither of those things are cosistant with playing the system and extracting the best contract possible from the current CHUMP team owner.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Amen richard

  • broncoNM

    Most seem to think that Brady Quinn is our best option. I wonder what would it take to get him? If detroit is still the highest bidder i wonder if we could take their draft picks and then turn around and offer cleveland a 2nd rd for Quinn? I know Cleveland picked up Derek Andersons 5mil roster bonus so they are not sold on Quinn. Quinn is no cutler but he could be a good system QB which is what McD is looking for… Quinn could be the next cassel that fits in his system. I think McD thinks he can plug in QB’s like shanny thought he could plug in RB’s. Im not happy but apart of me is just excited to get this saga over with no matter what the end result.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Jay knows that he could have a shit season for McD and does not want to take a chance on losing out on a big payday…so he and his agent are basically dickhead morons pissing in their lunch box, which only gets you a salty and wet sandwich. So good luck with the label of most selfish QB ever…no wonder the Broncos have sucked it up since cuty has been here.

  • Dakota fan

    Wow- who the hell would have thought a month ago that we’d be discussing something this big? The last time I felt this way, I was watching the NFL Network report that Mike Shanahan had been fired.

    But this is a different feeling. When (or if) we ever find out the truth in this whole deal, Jay Cutler will go deaf hearing the boos when he returns to Denver, wherever the hell he ends up.

    Incidentally, NFL Network is running a NFL Replay of the Chargers game at Invesco from last September right now. They keep showing the sidelines with Shanahan, Cutler leading the Broncos.

    What has happened to our team? Good luck McD- you wanted control, you got it. Now go win us a damn super bowl. Anything short of that in the next two years will make me wonder about his hiring.

    But what the hell do I know?

  • Dakota fan

    Incidentally parents of up and coming football players-

    If you want your good, decent children to be rich, hated and abhorred by people from all walks of life, hire Bus Cook as their agent.

    There’s a special suite in the top floor of a hotel in hell for that man. He makes Drew Rosenhaus look like a patron saint.

  • Richard

    broncoNM Brady Quinn is a possibility because he played under Charlie Weis at Notre Dame. Charlie being the OC for NE before McD. Remember Brady was a 6th round choice from Michigan, and Cassell a 7th from USC. Surprises are in store for us.

    P.S. What in the hell is Sheffler thinking? What possible leverage could he possibly have? What a dolt?(not to be confused with those fellows from San Die-ego)

  • (dee)

    Whidbey Bronco

    I have no crow for you, we had a difference of opinion and that was it. It’s funny I have no more anger at this situation anymore, just peace… peace knowing Cutler will soon not be a bronco. For the record I still support McD and I believe Cutler has made a mistake listening to his agent.

    Once again Jay Cutler is not bigger than the Broncos … we will be fine.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I hope you’re right Dee cuz I’ll still bleed Orange & Blue No Matter What

  • (dee)

    Also Scheff is not showing up either? lol … my opinion on that is , whoever does not want to buy into the plan can get out. We tried following Shannys vision and it didnt work… I’m giving McD a chance. Everyone that isnt on board will get moved … People can swear, yell and pout McD isnt going anywhere.

  • (dee)


    Its going to be alright… McDaniels is a smart guy, if we trade Cutler we will get value back … I think Cutler just wanted out because the new front office isnt going to pamper him anymore. Plus we didnt give him a new contract to “show” him our faith in him, Cutler needed the broncos more than we need him.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    two things
    Shanny won two rings…. er IT DID WORK!
    Cutler will get his money elsewhere. I was hoping he needed us to win but how can we win with bs management like this who will play their heart out for this guy?

  • (dee)


    He hasnt worked for the last 10 years, and I was against firing Shanny but there were alot more Shanny haters back then, I think the haters have no become shanny supporters…which doesnt surprise me.


    the same people that hate McD now … will love him at the end of the season.

    Also if Jay Cutler leaves, thats fine…. but know this Jay Cutler will never win a Superbowl … so his loss doesn’t really affect me. Ok I’m done.

  • Tom9798

    I posted this blog a week ago . . . and my worst fear is becoming more real . . .

    “There is the possibility that Jay Cutler decided in his heart that he no longer wanted to be part of the Bronco organization when Shannahan was fired . . . period.

    He was extremely unhappy with Pat Bowlen and felt betrayed that this man could have fired his coach . . .

    He did not know McD or Xanders at the time . . . and it didn’t matter . . . after they came on the scene . . . his decision clarified . . .

    He has not answered Pat Bowlen’s phone calls for one reason . . . he does not like Pat Bowlen and no longer wants to work for the man.”

    In two different blogs . . . I also intimated that Jay will end up in Tampa Bay . . . which is were Bus Cook wanted him in the first place . . . and probably would have gone down . . . if Belichick hadn’t decided to twist the stiletto in McD’s back and trade Cassel to K.C. . . . leaving the Broncos to take it on the face . . . and Jay still not wanting to play for Pat Bowlen . . . regardless who the coach was . . .

  • Stav

    i guess I’m just a little numb to all this now. We’ve all been screaming about needing Bowlen to speak up and squash this situation, and I guess he has but not in the result we wanted. Obviously Cutler wants out, his hearts not in it anymore (or atleast in Denver), and obviously things can only get worse. A trade, sure, just banish him to Detroit and see how he likes being sacked 50+ a year. Give me your #1, and #3. It just seems like there was something unsaid blocking any chance of reconciliation. Obviously, this is a business but this got way too personal. Time for the re-building process. The main problem here is that this is a business and people lie all the time, if McD tells Cutler that we didn’t initiate trade talks then that’s all Cutler has to work on. He took this too personal but this is a direct quote from Cutler on the last meeting:

    “He admitted he wanted Matt Cassel because he said he has raised him up from the ground as a quarterback. He said he wasn’t sorry about it. He made it clear that he could still entertain trading me because, as he put it, he’ll do whatever he feels is in the best interest of the organization.”

    WTF?!?!? Is this how you win back the trust and repair the relationship of your 25 YR OLD PRO BOWL QUARTERBACK? Could Cutler be lying with this quote, for some reason I doubt it as he went public with this quickly. Sorry guys, as much as Cutler has acted like a child in this, I’m pinning this on McAsshole. Where is the equal value in entertaining a trade for Cutler? This is about ego folks, nothing more and nothing less. Unless Tom Brady, Philip Rivers (ugh, I have to puke when writing that), Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning is coming back on the other end of a trade, how could this not be a step back for the offense?

    Hell, there still always a chance that this could work out (10% chance), but if you were your company’s A1 top employee, and you were having productive meetings with your new boss, then in one weekend everything looked like he went behind your back to replace you with an inferior alternative, would you be pissed? We’re only human, so is Cutler, and for that, I’m siding with him here. Just happy I held off buying that authentic #6 jersey. Welcome to mediocrity Bronco fans. And please no one scream for Bowlen to fire McA-hole, its just not going to happen, he is going to get the minimum of two years to try and make this work, and Bowlen would be a laughing stock if he fired McD right now. Don’t expect ownership to side with players over their handpicked head coaches, it just doesn’t work that way even if the HC looks like he has no clue what he’s doing.

    I’m spent – here we come 7-9!!!!

  • Kristen Clason

    I AM VERY UPSET!!! This is complete CRAP!!!! I hate this new coach already!!!! I liked him at first but this did it for me, I dont know if I can be a dedicated Bronco fan after I see what this dumb ass of a new coach is doing!!! I love the Broncos but this new coach needs to back off a little. I am totally surprised Bowlen hasnt stepped in and stopped this bull shit!!!! If McDaniels reads this THE WHOLE STATE AND ALL DEDICATED BRONCO FANS NEED A PERSONAL APOLIGY!!!!!

  • Awesome, Austin

    Kristen if you happen to read this…an employee needs to get on board no matter what (unless it is unethical) baby Jay is under contract, buck up and play. I do not think this is McD’s fault at all; cuty choose this path from the time McD got hired and cuty has caused all this drama.

  • Rusty Mason

    This situation reeks! If you ask me, any player who’s been through everything a starting quarterback in the NFL must go through, and still has that whiners DNA that Cuttles has, isn’t cut out for the position or the league either one! Sure, he’s got a great arm. But so does every other guy at that position. It really comes down to who you’ve got around you. Anybody else starting to think that maybe P Rivers had Cuttle-me figured out from the start? This is bad for Bronco football. Bad for Denver, and bad for Denver fans. The benchmarks been set really high here in Denver. Morton, Elway, even Plummer…they all played hard, but they also played….with heart! They loved Denver, and NEVER disrespected the fans, or it’s coaches. This dispute all comes down to the almighty dollar….and I for one would have played this game in Denver, for FREE! Given the chance. Let him go….we’re better off in the long run. Brady, Anderson, Simms, Clemmens, who knows? We’d be better off with any of them after this cancer. Winning isn’t about Quarterbacks, it’s about team, and about team play. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Coaches, and oh yeah! TRADITION> Cuttles was never a true Denver Icon. Elway hangs his head in shame for the way this guy has treated us all. I for one, pray every day for one more seasons worth of miracle from greatest player ever, and the greatest leader ever. We miss ya John!